MIT Illusion of Many Albert Einsteins

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This optical illusion set is located at the MIT museum in Cambridge, and is consisted of eight portraits. The whole set was created by Aude Oliva, Ph.D. The small thumbnail on the left gives you idea what you would see when you’re far away from it – Looks like 8 different portraits, right? Well, as you assumed it’s just another optical illusion. To experience the effect, you have to look at each portrait from smaller distance. I enlarged the photos for you the see them easier (or you can open the left photo in full-size).

You can see them all magically turn to Albert Einstein. The expanded image changes as you get closer. You see It’s JUST Einstein. You can try again, by expanding the image and stepping backward! How did this work? Our eyes see the details when we get closer, and this changes our perception of the image! Jump inside this article to see all the close-ups (8 of them), and if all this still isn’t enough, I linked some words to similar hybrid optical illusions. This should be enough for some time. Also, please take a second to vote for this story on Digg.

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  1. after looking at the pictures for a while i think i have figured out what they might have done to make this. if you look closely (i find looking at the daniel radcliffe picture easiest) it looks like there is just a blurred picture of daniel radcliffe BEHIND a picture of einstein. the picture of einstein is simply made more transparent, so from far away you cant see it and you can only see the picture of daniel behind it, which hasnt been made more transparent. if you look at the other pictures you will see that his jacket will look different in all the pictures, sometimes with lots of white where the tie is, and sometimes with almost no white at all. that is because the people in the pictures behind him are wearing different clothes.

  2. This is so cool! I really like Albert Einstein, and I have been interested in him for about eleven years. I also am interested in optical illusions, so this just made my day! I hope that all of you respect Mr. Einstein for the great man that he is! Does anyone know any other good optical illusions?

  3. the two at the top right are george bernard shaw and salvador dali. the bottom left portraits are sean connery and john lennon(?). someone has already named daniel radcliffe and marilyn monroe but who is the woman jsut next to the real einstein?

  4. after looking at this photo for a while, im starting to think that it is completely photoshopped. maybe im wrong, but my friend has photoshop and he does stuff like this everyday. i cant believe how obvious this is and no one else notices it except me. one of the photos is einstein and the other is celeberaties. am i the only one thats not stpuid?

  5. Daniel Radcliffe, Marilyn Monroe, ?, ?, Dr. Phil, ? (but someone mentioned John Lennon), Kate Winslet or Madonna, Einstein.

  6. I recognize Sean Connery, Sigmund Freud, John Lennon, Salvador Dali, and Marilyn Monroe in 5 of the photos, and one other seems to just be a photo of Albert Einstein, but I’m not sure who the other two are — possibly Daniel Radcliffe and Kate Winslet.

  7. These pictures reveal the secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile.The different types of photo receptors in your Retina perceive either soft/fuzzy shades or sharp contrasts depending on focal length and angle.That’s why Leonardo’s famous painting appears to smile when you look away.

  8. i tried to figuer out how this person did this art!first i steped away from my pc then i got closer and then i went to go get my mom and her husband!her husband was like WOW! i told him what i tried to do and he couldnt figuer it out! XD

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