Mirage Over East China Shore

A high clarity mirage of a modern city appears off the shore of Penglai City in eastern China’s Province Shandong. This event occured on Sunday, and can be explained like this: a mirage is formed when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the temperature of sea water, which refracts rays of sunlight to create reflections of the landscape in the sky. If you like Mirages, there’s a Mirage Toy I reviewed previously.

Mists rising on the shore created an in-depth image of a city, with modern tall buildings, wide city streets including cars as well as crowds of people all clearly visible. The city of Penglai had been soaked by two days of rain before the rare weather phenomenon occurred. In Penglai, on the tip of Shandong Peninsula, many mirages have been recorded throughout the history. Because of that city is also known as a dwelling place of the gods.

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  1. That’s mean nobody comments this, and I think it’s cool!!!! I think mirages are a phenomenon. While I’m driving it’s like rivers ahead but once ur there nothing except the road ur on…

  2. Ok people you have obviously not researched this subject at all. It is true it really did happen and the funny thing is that the mirage didn’t depict the skyline of Penglai it is a completely different city in the mirage. This brings up many other questions but it is truly a marvel. There was no photo shopping it is a very well documented event with over 300,000 witnesses try to refute that. If anyone has any ideas to how this phenomenon please write back. My personal belief after research is that it is a neighboring city that was being reflected off the damp atomsphere and projected on the fog over the bay. Please if anyone else posts anything at least google it and read you sound like an idiot when you post stuff without prior knowledge.

  3. If that’s really a “Fata Morgana”, I agree with jaze123’2 theory…but I don’t know very well “fog with sun” phonomenons, in my town there is only “fog with clouds”, so I sincerely don’t know…:)

  4. Alright, this is something my uncle once told me about. When you search for the city of Penglai on google maps you can see that across from it over the bit of water is another city called Changdao. Normally this city would be beyond the horizon, but because of the mist and the effect of the sunlight, the light is refracted in such a way that you can actually see it from Penglai when the weather conditions are right.

    This can happen in many places. The one where my uncle showed/taught me about it was in the south of france.

  5. lemme explain: the mirage you see looks like a city, correct? Well…a city of that image DOESN’T EXIST. it is a historical phenomenon that if you don’t believe, LOOK IT UP.

  6. This type of a mirage is called a Fata Morgana. It also happens in Spring / Early Summer on Lake Michigan where Chicago’s skyline, which is not usually visible, becomes visible, above the lake. It is due to a temperature inversion. Cold surface with warmer air aloft. Opposite of the other mirage of “water on the dry roadway,” which is hot surface and cooler air above.

  7. So many people are saying ‘huh’ or ‘I don’t get it’. I didn’t realize that sort of stupidity existed in the world where someone didn’t know what a mirage was, especially after it was explained to them. Unbelievable. Others are screaming it’s a fake, but they probably say that for every picture shown to them without doing the research on it or without actually having the education/training to recognize a true photo manipulation. I’ve lost my faith in humanity. Too much stupid for me. Ugh.

  8. wow, first time ive actually seen a mirage in a photograph. no wonder people get tricked in the desert because of these things. They’re more real looking than ive expected.
    and i cant believe it, ive been on this website just for a few days and everywhere i turn there are idiots yelling photoshop. sigh.

  9. The truth of the matter is that this IS photoshopped. A true mirage cannot be captured by a camera because it is a trick of not only the eye, but the mind. This picture may illustrate what some think they saw, but it is NOT an actual picture of a mirage. There is no such thing and cannot be.

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