Miniature Sun for Your Pocket


This is really beautiful picture which I just received in my mailbox. The girl is holding a sun on her palm, just like it was a marble. Amazing! I always loved those illusions that simply looked nice, regardless the illusion level. More similar can be found in flickr category, as well as in relative sizes category. It all started when a user submitted our first 2 relative sizes illusions: man holding a sun, and man holding Taj-Mahal. Also check “Eat this!” illusion!

  • Anonymous

    Thats really nice!!

  • Anonymous

    What a gorgeous picture

  • chick

    A really beautiful picture.

  • ClintJCL

    There is a Tiamat song called “A Pocket-Sized Song” that completely springs to mind when viewing this picture!

  • Squeee

    Did you see the question mark???

  • Danny

    That is such a pretty picture.
    -puts as desktop background-

  • Anonymous

    nice photo bad illusion

  • aGent Lemon

    A Lovely Good Night Kiss

  • Anonymous

    person who saw the question mark –> your clever!!!
    i wouldnt have seen it unless they mentioned it…

  • Cornelius

    Is this where the popular song “Pocket Full of Sunshine” got its inspiration?

  • squishy

    wow das koo

  • Luke

    yeah i do c a question mark

  • Omg there’s a ?mark on the sun! Kool

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