Mexico Eclipse Illusion

Before describing today’s illusion, I just want to inform you that I’m aware that Mac and PC widgets stopped working, but Michael Tughan already fixed them. I uploaded new versions, and I’ll publish the link in day or two, when widgets get approved by Apple and Yahoo. I also added some Harry Potter ring tones in the sidebar, can you find them?

Ben Gundry and Juank both submitted this awesome optical illusion photographed in Mexico. Ben said: “Here is a very topical illusion that was a front page photo last week in Mexico. It shows last weeks lunar eclipse appearing to be held by one of Mexico’s most famous landmarks and symbols El Ángel, (The Angle of Independence).”

Juank added, “Today August 28, there has been an eclipse here in México that was visible from all of the country. It began after 1 a.m and concluded around 6 a.m. I live in the capital where we have a monument called “El Angel de la Independencia” (The Angel of Independence) which is the sculpture of a winged victory made of bronze and covered with gold. In her right hand the Angel holds a laurel crown. In one of the pictures I’m sending you, it seems that the Angel is holding a red moon... little bit creepy. In the other picture, there is the same effect but with a clear and shiny full moon. I hope you like the photos, taken from a local newspaper web site.”

24 Replies to “Mexico Eclipse Illusion”

  1. the one where the angel is holding the red moon seems a lot more natural than the other image. i both of them nonetheless. keep the optical illusions coming.

  2. The red eclipsed moon is being held in the statue’s upraised hand. Not hard. But good :) That’s exactly the kind of reason I come here.

  3. how do you not get it, its a sculpure of an angel, and there´´s a moon behind it, so it seems like the angel is holding it

    Good illuusion!

  4. it was a lunar eclipse in mexico and the red circle on the first picture where a ball is resting on a hand is the lunar eclipse.

    the second one is just the same with a normal moon (not lunar eclipse)

  5. she’s not holding anything. the picture was taken at an angle so that it looks like she’s holding the moon. It’s pretty cool actually.

  6. its just a foto taken when an eclipse ocurred in MEXICO last august 28.

    With the right angle it seems that the angel is holding the red moon.

    BTW: VIVA MEXICO CABRONES, jeje, im Mexican.

  7. A couple of people are saying they don’t get it, so here’s the story… The red ball on the statue isn’t really part of the statue.
    It’s the moon on a lunar eclipse, and the shot was taken to make it look like the statue is actually holding the moon. get it now?

  8. For those of you who are saying you don’t understand, there’s nothing tricky going on…. there was a lunar eclipse the other night (thats why the moon looks red) and at the angle the photographer was at, it appeared as though the moon were on top of the statue.

    I think its pretty cool.

  9. I love the ad on the right that says, "this ain't your momma's store!"………………….but yea COOL illusion, it fool me at first but then i got.
    I love this site <3

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