Mega Color Blindness Test

Optical illusion tests were always my favorite! If you remember, few years ago, when this site only started, we posted our original blindness test. Most of you had no problem seeing the “hidden” numbers, but there were few among us that were color blind, and could in no way see the blended symbols. Color blindness is common disability, and shouldn’t be laughed at. For today i bring you another one of those, created by Ariel. Using this picture below, you can test members of your family or friends and coworkers to see if they are colorblind. Ask them to read the text, and if they don’t see it immediately, they are unfortunatelly colorblind. Believe it or nor, some people really don’t see a difference. I’m not exactly sure will this work if you print it out, but you can try this as well.

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  1. Nice blue bubbles…

    Ok, seriously.
    Ican see 15% very nice.

    Probably there are no netherlands people colour blinded…

  2. Ummm….. pretty lame dude. It’s not even an optical illusion. This is just a test to see if you are color blind. I’m not seeing the point of posting this. It’s the same test every kid takes in grade school.

  3. I’m very slightly colourblind, I have trouble determining very light colours from one another and I often see things in different colours to other people. I can tell there are words in this though, but I can’t quite read them.

  4. I am colour blind so i couldn’t see what the thing said but i found a glitch in it for those of you who are colour blind. Just look at your screen from an angle and eventualy you will be able to see it, it won’t be easy to see but you will be able to see it.

  5. well… i do see a difference. however, it is so collerfull i cannot read it to good.

    i am already tested for coller-blindnes. however, i got an disability my brains can’t filter any impulses. so i am getting a kind of overload when looking at this picture.

    feels weird, overloaded brains….

  6. I used to think that if you COULD see the numbers, etc. that YOU were the one who was color blind. I know I’m not color blind and all I have ever seen are dots all over the place. It wasn’t until I went into the Air Force that found out that if you couldn’t see the numbers you were color blind. I wonder what the World really looks like? It still looks pretty good to me. BTY, I scored 4 out of 100. Not good.

  7. Nah, I just see a bunch of dots.

    But then I already knew I was color blind. ;-)

    Not really an illusion though?

    I’ve seen ones where the color blind person sees something different to the normal color vision person. They’re pretty cool.

  8. 1st comment???? :)

    These are always cool and i am luckily not color blind.
    i am pretty sure it says:
    See no

    am i right???


  9. I´m the 1st of this day
    I really like so much this blog
    Thanks fr this moment in each day.

    greattings from México.
    Jonathan Chávez

  10. I am not colour blind, but seeing disabled in another way. So it was hard work for me to read the letters, but I managed! I am proud of me now! ;)
    Thanks for posting this, even though it’s not really an optical illusion, I think…
    Oh, and is this supposed to be an advertisement for the washing agent “Ariel, color active”? Did they really use this as ad?

  11. Color blindness is much more common in males than females. This is because the gene for the color sensing “cone” cells is on the x chromosome. A faulty gene on the x chromosome can be overridden by a good gene on the second x chromosome in a female. But men only have a single x chromosome and there is no corresponding gene on the y chromosome. So a single bad gene is automatically expressed in the male, but the female must have 2 bad genes to be color blind.

    Incidentally, many mammals have no color vision, or a single type of cone – making their vision monochromatic. Most other mammals have only 2 types of cones, making them red-green color blind. Humans and some other closely related primates have three types of cones and “trichromatic” color vision (red, green, blue). The peak response of human color receptors varies, even amongst individuals with ‘normal’ color vision. Some birds have 4 types of cones, and thus see an even greater spectrum of colors than any of us. And some animals can see into the infrared or ultraviolet spectra.

    More info here:

  12. i had problems seeing the last word but i got it with a couple minutesof staring at it and squinting… and im not color blind just half way blind period…. all though funny thing is is i can read it better without my glasses on… thats wierd lol

  13. i can see lots of variety in colour and can see the dark areas that make up the words.
    but i can’t read those words at all.
    ive always known i was slightly colour blind

    anyone wanna put down what it says to see if i can read it then???

  14. It would be even better if they could spell COLOUR properly. I am sure the English have been speaking English longer than Americans.

  15. Hé, pretty cool. I’m color blind myself for these colors, I’m from the Netherlands by the way, but if I put this picture in negative(yellow becomes purple, and orange becomes bleu) than I can read what it says!

  16. Color blind is a term for those who see color differently from most of us. To tell if one’s color vision is abnormal, you must use a strict method to diagnosize this. The above picture exhibits midium wavelength characters so that it is intended to tell whether one has difficulty distingushing green vs. red, for which the brightness of green and red patches should be equal – equiluminant color. To have equiluminant colors, your monitor Gamma setting must be calibrated at least so that green and red dots are different only in chromaticity. Considering that most computer monitors are not calibrated this way, and individual sensitivities to equiluminance are different, “labeling” yourself as a color blind on the basis of inaccurate monitor color Gamma is not right.

  17. I can see the different colors and can make out some words. I’m pretty sure it say “Ariel Color Test Some See No Difference”, but I’m not sure.

  18. Quick Fact,
    Only boys can be colour blind the red-green one, for some reason of which i cant remember its impossible for girls to be colour blind with that.

  19. At first I saw the green dots but I couldn’t read them and I thought there was something wrong and I could barely make out the words. But then I stepped back a bit and it was easy peasy lemon squeesy! So those people who think they’re colorblind but aren’t sure you could try taking a step back.

  20. advertisement for women

    from wiki:About 5–8 percent of males, but less than 1 percent of females, are color blind in some way or another

  21. Actually, I just took this into Photoshop and used the sponge tool on it.
    Granted, at first glance, in black and white, there is virtually no way to see the letters.
    Close attention, though, does show that the letters that were once green do carry a distinctive pattern to them and a bit of blackness such that the letters are slightly distinctive against the grayed-out warm colors.

  22. unfortunately, i don’t see a bloody thing.

    however, i already knew i had a red/green deficiency and was mostly colorblind.

  23. MY colour vision deficiency is called Dichromatic Protanopia.

    This means of the three photo-sensitive cells, colour decriptive triggers on a retina (essentially red, blue and green), I am wholly missing the red channel.

    As a result in this picture I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but random dots.

    In actually welcome Moillusions raising awareness of colourblindness, I appreciate it’s not an optical illusion per se, but it reminds us that everyone occupies a different perceptual space. Some more so than others.

    As to how we ‘see’ at all – now that’s a real illusion worth looking into!

  24. did you know that most colourblind people are men, there’re almost no women who are colourblind. This is because the gen for seeing colour is on the X-chromosome, and men have only one, so when one doesn’t work, they have no back-up an women do.
    btw. ccol site

  25. If you’re colour blind, do you just see red or something? I couldn’t see it at first but I stepped further away from my laptop and it was really clear (except I couldn’t read “difference”!) great thing mate! :)

  26. If you take it through photoshop and change the hue you will be able to see it clearly. I’m red/green colorblind myself :)

  27. i think that is cool =)
    and it says: ariel color activ some see no difference
    i think this kind of thing was used for pilot training so that when ur high up in a plane u dont mistake things for something else

  28. This looks like a varient of the “Ishihara” color blindness test given in schools and most workplaces. I was diagnosed as ‘colorblind’ in school because of this test. When I joined the Fire Dept they gave another type of test and … I passed with no color deficiency. This is the only color blindness test I can’t pass – I’m told a have a pyschological aversion to the test (I don’t process dots well – not colors).

  29. Anonymous March 21, 2009 at 9:21 am- as a response to that, i’m american and i spell words with a “u”. colour, favourite, etc. don’t go hatin’ americans for our language. don’t forget our government is based on that of the British. Our speech is so as well. don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  30. There is a doctor in Maryland who guarantees 100% that you can pass the test with his color correction system. Check out his website http:/ . Color vision correction changed my life as I know have my dream job. I personally thinks its discrimination against color blind people. People who wear contacts lenses can’t pass a regular eye test without their lenses. So I why should be any different for color blindness!

  31. I saw:
    See No

    Then I relooked, and the first said Ariel… So I didn’t look carefully!

  32. Ariel
    see no

    cindy is wrong! and Haley cannot see look at it properly i dont have color blind but i can see it or we can see it

  33. I could see all the words but I had a harder time deciding whether the last last one was different or difference.

    1. Yep, works at some low level colour blindeness. I can read the “fuck the colour blind” using that trick, but in this one one I see nothing besides the shadows of where the text is.

  34. I am colorblind i cannot see it .. THOU if you are like me and would like to see it get yourself some old atyle 3d classes the red blue ones and look thru the red lense it appears clear as

  35. Color is American and Colour is British. Anyone that slates another person for how they spell it is a Racist cunt. Two different countries with two different spellings. Deal with it.

  36. Doesn’t matter what it says. . the point is whether or not you CAN see it, if you can see it be lucky you are not colour blind and you can see the differences in the dots.. quit arguing about how to spell colour/color

  37. I have trouble seeing the last word, it just looks like green mush to me… unless i tilt my laptop screen forward a touch, then i can see it all perfectly.

    Sooooo, I think it’s my lappy screen, not my actual eyesight. :|

  38. nothin but alot of dots…….i see red green yellow and orange dots but no words. i have what is called a red green deficiency. i can see red and green but only about three shades of each.. when there are probably 50. i did not know until i was 40 that i had a form of color blindness. i used to get in alot of accidents,ran alot of red lights, had quite a few rear end collisions i now am much more careful driving because while i can see red it’s just another color to me. it does not stand out like for most. can i see 3-D ? “NO”

  39. Colour blind, yes coloUr blind, and got these cool iRo glasses for a birthday. without them just dots with them on I can read every word! heaps good.

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