Massive Oliver Kahn WC2006 Billboard

The world is preparing itself for the biggest event this year, WC2006 Germany, that starts in just few days. The openning event is friday, I believe! So back here at Mighty Optical Illusions, we decided to give you something occasional and related to this massive event. What better than Giant goalkeeper Oliver Kahn Illusion? Following set of images is taken in Berlin, where this giant billboard was built and installed. Jump inside this post for full set, and enjoy! Thanks LBC for providing these! Be sure to check his website for some high quality wallpapers of Oliver Kahn and other football motivated wallpapers.

18 Replies to “Massive Oliver Kahn WC2006 Billboard”

  1. Just imagine having your own face, gi-normous, over the city like that! At least you can see it from the aeroplane above.

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