Margaret Thatcher Optical Illusion

Here is another after-image optical illusion. This photo-negative of Margaret Thatcher hides a dark and scary secret. Are you sure you want to know it? If so, look at the image for 30 seconds, and then quickly turn your eyes towards some white surface (wall, piece of paper or something else). Look at it for few seconds, and the image of Margaret Thatcher will accur. The secret lyes inside this new magical image. Can you see the vampire? More afterimage optical illusions: “Jesus”, “Glowing Bulb”, “USA Flag”, “Batman”….

47 Replies to “Margaret Thatcher Optical Illusion”

    1. The vampire is that you know when vampires take pictures, or look in a mirror, they don’t appear? For me, I stared or 30 seconds, and it didn’t appear. I get what she/he is saying.

  1. nope its definatly the queen, and i didnt c no vampire either, pretty cool tho, but be carefull with scary affter affect illusions, even when u close ur eyes, u still c it!!!

  2. i think this is supposed to have said the Queen!

    and i dont think the Queen would take too lightly to being called Margaret Thatcher!!

  3. omg that is sooooooooo scary and freaky and scary!!!! i saw the vampire and now it is in my head since we have white walls and carpets and ceilings!!

  4. Holy…I didn’t see a vampy, nor THE QUEEN/MARGARET THATCHER or whoever.

    But I saw a woman with black hair and the facial features of Marylin Monroe :p

    That’s what was creepy.

  5. First of all: who’s Margrat Thatcher?

    Second of all: I didn’t see the vampire, but I did see the woman. Pretty cool.

  6. It didn’t work for me. Am I supposed to let my eyes zone out on the image? Or am I supposed to keep refocusing them? Becuase I can’t stare for 30 consecutive seconds without my eyes zoning out…

    1. I didn’t see a vampire but I saw the Mona Lisa and a weird looking guy with a mustache and he looked like he lived in the 1800’s and I also saw young Micheal Jackson. That must mean I’m weird too.

  7. You dozy yank twat, getting Margaret Thatcher and the Queen mixed up is like mixing up JFK and George Bush.

    GO 2 SKOOL.

  8. Ok people even if it is the queen the illusion is still tthere we get it is supposed to be the queen there still is the vampire sheesh

  9. i made this one and its me! its just like this illusion


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