27 Replies to “Man Holding a Taj-Mahal Illusion”

  1. i am an indian, and i’ve bin 2 taj mahal, like, a hundred times. there u get all local photographers who u giv ten bucks and they’ll click photos such as these. i hav a dozen of them at home rite now. so its no big deal, really. only non-indians mite find it amusing, tho.

    1. ya same here i indian and i took a pic just like this. i only visited the taj mahal once tho. and its really cool. but this can b done wen u go there

  2. Send me your picture with 5 bucks and i will put taj mahal on your head with photoshop or paintshop pro, you can take it home. :)

  3. Well, shots like theese are always a bit amusing, at least in the beginning (if you’re involved). Not very impressive though, but fun none the less.
    I really don’t think it has to do with what country you’re born in maddy ;)

  4. look im an indian ,and dont put this photo again because if i knw that each and every indian had this types of photos(holding taj mahal) at just rs 50(means 1 us dollor)ok?

  5. It’s not just you Indians that have seen this before. I reckon everyone who’s either a) been a tourist anywhere, or b) lives near any notable landmark has seen this before. Go a couple hundred yards from the leaning tower of Pisa or Eiffel Tower and they’re all doing this.

  6. So easy.. He is standing in front of a Taj-Mahal. He just has his hand out to make it look like he is holding it. The truth is he is standing far away from it.

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