Malcolm X and Mother Theresa Illusion

Found these two interesting art creations recently, and was little puzzled who do they represent. I had my doubts that the second one represents Mother Theresa, but was completely unaware who is the person pictured in the first example. Only later did I realize I could actually see the answers in the name of the picture files themselves! I understand the logic connecting Mother Theresa and multiple crosses, but can someone explain me the connection between Malcolm X and the moon and the stars? Muslim religion? Would like to know more, and hope you won’t find me completely uneducated because of it!

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    1. Malcolm X was NOT the founder of the Nation of Islam. Elijah Muhammad was. Later, Malcolm became a “mainstream” Muslim, after he made the Haj to Mecca.

  1. i do not know much of Malcom X’s movement but i do know that the crescent moon and star together is not just the logo for his group but it is a sacred symbol to Islam

  2. The moon and star is to Islam what the cross is to Christianity and the six pointed star is to Judaism. Look at the Pakistani and Turkish flags, for example, the ISNA logo, and almost any Islamic thing.

  3. Malcolm X never promoted the supremacy of African-Americans, he simply believed that African-Americans were equal to any other culture. Whether that be Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, or any other ethnic background. Malcolm X’s rhetoric may have sounded Pro-African-American, but what would one expect to hear after the injustices that were done to his ancestors over hundreds of years. Before Malcolm X was murdered he had realized the words supremacy and segregation, were an insult to God; he was planning to have people of any ethnic background join him and his people in knowing Islam.

  4. this topic was in my history class today!
    the symbol of the soviet(associated with stalin) is sickle and hammer with a small star at the top.
    illusion doesn’t exactly look like that or like Stalin

    anyways, why is mother Teresa made of christian crosses?

  5. Malcolm X was NOT the founder of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm Little (later to become Malcolm X) was only 5 years old when the Nation was founded by Wallace Dodd Fard who was also known as Master Fard Muhammad.

  6. Anonymous, you are quite incorrect. Malcom X was a member of the Nation Of Islam when Elijah Mohammed (who founded the organization) was the leader. He was the heir apparent to Elijah Mohammed and was murdered by two blacks with machine guns. Believed to be the story, but unproven, is that Louis Farrakhan was responsible for the assassination to make way for him (Farrakhan) to take over the leadership.

    And THAT kids is today’s history lesson.

  7. The Malcom X portrait is made up of the Islamic Star & Moon and the continent of Africa – representing is advocacy for the rights of African Americans. He wasn't a founder of Nation of Islam – he became a member while in prison.

  8. Malcolm X was a member of the Nation of Islam, but he was assassinated for leaving it and become a mainstream Muslim after going for the hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca. There, he first saw in practice and realized that men really could be equal regardless of skin color. He came back and spoke out against NOI’s teachings that were contrary to Islam. Malcolm X was a great orator and part of a great movement to move away from racism and hatred and from the NOI sect to Islam.

    As for the crescent moon and star, it is a symbol associated with Islam in general. The crescent moon is appropriate because the Muslims follow a purely lunar calendar for demarcation of religious dates. That is, a month begins when a moon is first visible as a tiny crescent after a new moon, and ends when the next crescent is born. There is no particular reason for the star. It is commonly found as a Muslim symbol on some flags, etc., but in truth it has no particular religious significance as a symbol.

  9. Oh by the way, Malcolm X was NOT the founder of Nation of Islam, nor was he its leader. Please look it up in Wikipedia if you are interested in true facts.

  10. malcolm x kind of looks like obama or abraham lincoln

    but the mother teresa one looks exactly like her

    but even if the first one doesn’t look like malcolm x these are still pretty cool

    and i love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. HOw do u know it was Malcolm X?

    Anyway so the symbols like the cross, represents thier religon…………

    the first onez like barak obama,crrent us president

  12. Where can I find software for creating this kind of image?
    there’s tons of such images about in various forms – advertising billboards, jigsaws etc
    it’s hard to believe their creators do it totally from scratch – rather they have a library of symbols, etc which they apply to a real photograph and then fiddle about till it looks right

    am I correct? or is there more to it than this?

  13. This picture is not Malcom X, this is a picture of Iósif Visariónovich Dzhugashvili, Known as Joseph Stalin, form URSS.

  14. I’m gonna disagree with everyone on the first picture. Both Stalin and Marx were big men; my “guess” wasn’t. He also had a goatee. Another COmmunist, though: Lenin. Look up some pictures of him on the Internet. And by the way…Wikipedia is half fact and half opinion. Don’t get too dependent on it. I could add to an article and totally lie, yet many would then take my lie as a “fact” because it was on Wiki. Be careful who, and what, you believe. Be smart…do your OWN research.

  15. am assuming Malcom X is either african or something to do with africa seeing as the picture is made up partly by the african continent

  16. im sorta concerned about the lack of recognizing religious mega symbols, such as the crescent moon. Gotta jab at the guy who thought it was soviet.

  17. Malcolm X became a Muslim while in prison, as he himself claimed when he got out, and it was in the news, and I remember those years well. I have studied Islam, more than most people even know about their own countries.

    What I am about to say here ISNOT racism, since Islam has no boundaries, and it ISNOT religious discrimination for ISLAM ISNOT a religion,it’s demands, motives, methods do not fit into the definition of RELIGION. Read On and learn.

    I have studied many religions, and Islam I fail to see any connection to anything other than pure racism and hatred, It is anti-black, anti Christian, and anti-atheist. You must study the Quran, Hadith’s, and Surrah’s and you will easily see it is an un-ending demand of it’s followers to kill all with every stratagem of war who fit in any of those groups. It pass my high IQ to every degree to ponder how any black can even think to follow it.

    Malcom X is a clear match to that picture, goatee and all, including if you look carefully you see North America along with Africa. He was an extremist, a racist against White Americans, in reality any white he hated. Like Hitler, part of his blood was his hatred, being also of some white relatives. He deserves NO notoriety for the hatred and anti-white racism he spread around most of the world. He did start the Nation of Islam, and later denounced it and became a Sunni Muslim, because of his problem getting along with anyone for any period of time, and failing to see there is no difference other than a black or a white turban, and all books and beliefs are the same, but they run around killing each other because VENGEANCE is far more important to them forgiveness. For this I feel in full knowledge of how Islam works, he was killed by previous Muslim acquaintances be cause it is a demand of death if you leave one Islamic group for any reason.

    If you know nothing about the Quran and don’t have the time to learn, a book called Prophet of Doom can be listenend to in mp3 format online or downloaded FREELY (you can find it easily on google or any other) because of how important it is for all to know their enemy.

    PS For the Evo freaks, remember the second law of Thermodynamics, “ALL things living or inert, move from Order to Disorder”. Meaing Evolution is impossible, and it was Scientists who discovered and proved this law, not theologists.

    Isn’t it wonderful this Mystical Babylon, a giant city that is not a city, encompasses the entire earth, and if it goes down, it can all go down in one hour, and ALL commerce will stop….

    There is too much evidance the God of the bible exists, and no evidance He does not. It is so simple just to accept Him, and if He is not real, you haven’t lost anything, but if He is, guess what…… Hell is eternal.

    I have seen it written by those who claim to know but do not, that every religion says you go to Hell if you don’t follow them, hey it’s easy to learn the truth, and only God the creator has that otpion, not Islam, it’s a place of rivers of wine, which they can’t have while on earth, and many virgins, but virgin whats? God made things very clear if you don’t try to read into, or out of context. The choice is yours, to join those who failed by hatred, or accept the offer of Christ.

    I also find it interesting that those who are atheist, don’t know the bible other than sensless merizations without the context of what they know, and all seem to know what being a Christian is. To bad they fail to see the ignorance in that alone.

    Sort of like the scam for HHO, which is H2O, just said in a way it trips up some of you to fall for it, and Hydrogem is not EXPLOSIVE, as is OXYGEN and GASOLINE which must be together to EXPLODE, HYDROGEN is IMPLOSIVE, it’s the opposite, will not run an engine built for EXPLOSIVES…. FURTHERMORE… Use a little more sense, if you burn of the HYDROGEN how is it going to make STEAM for Exhaust??????????????? STEAM requires 2 HYDROGEN atoms and 1 OXYGEN atom to EXIST….. After the IMPLOSION of Hydrogen, the resulting fireball and mushroom cloud consumes all available oxygen, thus leaving no atoms to generate steam……..

    I hope this is enough to make everyone wake up and smell the facts…..

    Currently I am in Washington state, but Monday we are back on the road and by Thursday I should be speaking over 1000 miles south of here. We are here for a funeral this weekend, a victim of greed, a young mother. She died by a decision made by those who say Islam is good.

    Finally, are any of you a Muslim and black?

    Muhammad says your head is like an ugly black raisin, I know you can’t agree, I don’t, and do you consider your selves UN-trustworthy? Again Muhammad claims you cannot be trusted if you are black. Well I have a lot of black friends, all of which are smart enough to see that, and they deny ISLAM.

  18. I also see multiple africa’s in the malcom x picture!!!

    plus whoever made the comment about islam at 8:22am ,anonymous,
    is a racist who fails to relize it and doesn’t know the term “I’m black and I’m proud!!”

  19. I hate it when people start saying about evolution.. And I hate it when Christians say about other religions! Mixing everything together.. And what about Christianity being anti-women? Anyway, of course it’s not Stalin in the first picture.. The communist symbol is NOT a moon.. It’s a hammer and a sickle, symbols of the working class..


    Bas says:
    March 26, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    The originals:

    Malcom X: (second photo)

    Mother Theresa:

  20. the picture was created by an artist by the name of kamau Mshale its funny i am his wife and was searching on line for pic of Malcolm and was suprisd to see this article about his work. if you want to check out more of his work you can go to http://[email protected]

  21. Malcolm x isnt the founder of the nation of Islam but the person who brought in most of its supporters due to his very well structured oral skills, the founder was a man called Elijah Mohammed who later was exposed by Malcolm x as a dirty old man who had sex with 6 different teenage girls at the age of 70 and had 8 kids with them…

    ahh good ol GCSE histoy =)

  22. The second represents the Algerian flag with the moon and its star in the African continent..
    But the person is not recognizable.

  23. according to wikipedia:
    “Malcolm X (play /ˈmælkəm ˈɛks/; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), born Malcolm Little and also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz[1] (Arabic: الحاجّ مالك الشباز‎), was an African American Muslim minister and human rights activist…”

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