Magnum Light Optical Illusion

magnum_light_minHehe, probably not as misleading as those Sexy Feet, Paper Breast or The Lamp Optical Illusion were, but still what we have here is one awesome poster created  by Miko for their popular ice cream brand Magnum.

Be honest, what’s the first thing you see when you observe the picture on your right? Is it something sexy by any chance?

If you like this kind of illusions, be sure to check the tags I added at the bottom of this post. There are much more similar ones included! Oh, and don’t worry – I was careful enough to make them safe for all ages! I remind you of my policy, that there is no explicit material on this site, and there will never be anything I consider unsafe.

Still, you should be aware that us Europeans are a little more liberal when it comes to drawing a line between explicit and safe content, though ;)

47 Replies to “Magnum Light Optical Illusion”

  1. Here in Brazil, it’s not Miko, the name of the company is Kibon, but the ice cream is the same Magnum…
    Never saw this picture though…

  2. I had to look three times for I could see the ass.

    Further, I don’t get it. Why would someone post the number of his post? And what makes you think it’s right? All these comments have to be approved before they get posted.
    Or is it the thrill of being right? I don’t get it.

  3. Annnnn????…i still dont get it..please someone give a clue cause i see absolutly anything???!!!..i dont even know how this pic was chosed to be on top site….really, it isnt obvious as you can tell ( i dont f+n knows waht iam supposed to see)…and iam probably one of the best persons lookin at ilusions…i see them straigh way..but wtf???….cant see wahts going on here????!!!…pair of legs??…an as+???…you guys insane??…cant f+n see anything…any help would be apreciated.

  4. IT’S A BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why would you see the poster, and then buy the ice cream?? Who wants to think about butts, while thinking of a butt?! I think it’s wrong!

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