Magician and Cat Optical Illusion

Today is Thursday, and good morning to you all.  The alarm went off this morning, and it was probably hard to get out of bed, but you did it, and we congratulate you on your dedication to your job! Some of you have interesting jobs, but today’s optical illusion shows a man with a very interesting job because he is a magician. This magician and his cat want to show you how powerful they are because you can clearly see the cat is floating thanks to the power of this talented man.  How cool would it be to have the job as a magician with all that really cool power?

Magician and cat optical illusion picture

Want to see another optical illusion that is all about powerful hands? Check out these animals that are made out of the human hand! What do you think of these cool handprints that have animals in them?  Isn’t it amazing what can be turned into works of art, even handprints? We know today is Thursday, and you all are slowly running out of steam, but don’t worry, tomorrow is Friday, and your work week is almost over!  We wish you all a very happy day and we will have more optical illusions tomorrow.

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