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    1. @scott

      You idiot. You say that they have too much free time while you wile time away on the internet. Drawing and doing designs like this is much less a waste of time than doing this. I realize i’m being a hypocrite, however, it seems stupid to me to even comment something like that when you are the one staring at a computer screen and wasting much more time than they are.

  1. I hate it when people write “somebody had too much free time…” just because you use your free time getting friendly with your right hand doesent mean that humanity should stop producing art. A significant part of human progress is due to the fact that people “waste” their free time on creating/inventing/expressing themselves. This illusion is pretty cool it is one of the better building mural ones I’ve seen. It’s too bad about the grafitti at the bottom.

  2. I disagree with ZegreS, I think that if you have a enough money and time to make something like that you ought to use it for some think more productive. It’s still pretty cool.

  3. Its brilliant ideas like these that give me a small ray of hope that art wont end up as a scribble on a piece of paper that represents ‘the way in which people sabotage their own relationships through bad oral hygiene contrasted against the lesser known dark side of a donut’…i await that day with fear…

  4. Damn, He didn’t say they wasted their time

    Very nice illusion though, i used to have stuff like that in a town i used to live in.

  5. wll dis mayb dere hobbie nd dey myt lyk doin al dis paintin on da wall nd stuff so u cnt really sy dey hve too mch free tym dey myt evn gt paid fr dis sht.
    bt its stll coooool tho.
    O nd Red it ain painted on anyfng its called MAGIC!!!!!!

    1. I agree, can’t we just talk about the illusion? One of the best murals I’v seen on this site, great job!

  6. I think that people *commenting on blogs* saying “some people just have WAY too much free time” *must* be being ironic… even if they don’t realise it.

  7. Building on left is out further than the one on the right and there is no space between them, mural is on the side of building to the left. Bob, cool your Asperger’s

  8. I got that when looking at the first pic! YAY! I kind of agree with scott, but then again, I wish I had that kind of time and talent with art.

  9. “wll dis mayb dere hobbie nd dey myt lyk doin al dis paintin on da wall nd stuff so u cnt really sy dey hve too mch free tym dey myt evn gt paid fr dis sht.
    bt its stll coooool tho.
    O nd Red it ain painted on anyfng its called MAGIC!!!!!!”

    HOLY CRAP BOB. Speak English.

  10. They actually have something like this in disneyland (or was it disney world, which-ever is in Florida).
    For shauzia, huh?, and all the other people who dont get it, what the camera is actually taking a picture of is flat, not 3D like a real city.

    BTW: The pic. may actually be taken in the disney-place in Florida which means he may not have painted it instead he just went on vacation.

  11. are you serious …free time? This is someones job or passion its not that they have free time, they use their time to do what they love to do…

  12. Hey, what a nice surprise, it’s Madrid, I think it’s at Montera street, near the 0 Km point at the “Puerta del Sol”. I’ve walked and enjoyed this painting many times! In Spain is said: “The world is a handkerchief” (you may laugh but its true), meaning that we are all neighbours despite of the distance. May be you are abroad, at New York, or at London, anywhere, but for a moment we have been together in this small corner of Madrid. Greetings for everybody!
    P.D.: Once upon a time there was a caveman with much free time, so he discovered fire, and another one discovered iron, and another one discovered steel, another enjoyed learning to build silly things with wood… Should I carry on? Creativity is a good way to use spare time, history and progress demonstrates it, and is possibly as better as jumping and shouting when your team scores a goal, or heating a sofa watching an empty of content tv… Respect.

  13. I think I would end up trying to walk between the buildings to get to the other side and end up smacking into the wall.

  14. Really?!?! We get none of them here where I am…. All the way here people have no taste for any form of art whatsoever. If somebody puts up something like that, somebody’s bound to put graffiti over it in no time.

  15. This is so awesome! In Quebec, Canada they take people who get caught doing graffitti, and send them to art school to do this for a living, so screw you “some people just have way too much free time” I think it’s beautiful, and people need beauty to go on living, or else everything is the same pale grey. I’m also going to Madrid on a school trip in a about a month, so I can’t wait to go see this in person. It’s so great that someone shared this with us.

  16. WOW! it’s painted onto the building! and the first picture is actually a paintong of the sky but it’s painted onto the roof!

    btw peoplec who sit here writing huge paragraphs of how people have to much time are the people with too much time!

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