Mad Scientist’s Soccer Team Illusion


Hy people! I was away for few days, thus no illusion has been posted since Friday. I’m back to update the site, and share this funny-looking illusion with you. The Mad Scientist in this animated gif composed a paranormal soccer team. There are 11 players available, but when the gif changes there are only 10. Where has the extra man disappeared? If I’m right, this optical illusion is a modification from original “Extra Man” illusion, as well as similar to Leprechauns Illusion.

Just to clear some things, optical illusion Facebook application, that some of you have added to their facebook profile, pulls the latest illusion from this blog, and displays it on your Facebook profile. Sometimes I miss updating illusions on this site, so it may happen that you get same illusion two days in a row. Please bear with me, as I’m trying to post them daily.

  • Anonymous

    woah. woah. woah. im good at these but i have no clueee how this is done! and im an artist. wtfrig

  • Anonymous

    ive figured it out the man on the very bottom left doesn’t get fully completed when it switches. if you look the top of his head is flat.

    the top half of the image is scooted to the right

  • Anonymous

    I believeyou got the numbers wrong. I counted 11 and then 12, not 10 and 11 as you stated the illusion is. Just to let you know! A fun one though!

  • Anonymous

    hah yeah ive seen this before

    basically, each of the men give a little part of themselves and they make the a new soccer player. see how some players feet dont exactly match up correct at the second fram? and alot of the players seem a bit smaller during the second frame? well thats because body parts were switched around, taking a tiny tiny bit off each one to form another figure.

  • Anonymous

    well goooooooooooooooooood bring back the naked illusions tho :P

  • Lily

    I think I like the other one better, but this one is harder to figure out, so yay! (first)

  • Trigger

    i have been trying to figure out how this works for a while now, still cannot

  • Leo

    Actually it goes from 12-11, sweet illusion tho

  • djzbambam

    I looked at this for 5 minutes and can’t figure out how it works. I consider myself to be an intelligent person, but seriously, this is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    thats crazy, but how does it work? im so confused

  • Anonymous

    There is 11 players and then 12
    i have no idea

  • Anonymous

    Aaa, its so confusing. I cant figure it out

  • Anonymous

    My brain hurts…@_@

  • Anonymous

    i saw 12 people in this picture when it switched!
    not 10!
    am i mistaken or does someone see 12 people also when it changes

  • Anonymous

    hmm… i have it as far as when the picture is flipped the bodies are missing parts such that when you paste them together it creates an entire person. as to how the new body is formed whole- so far i am stumped. any help?

  • Anonymous

    OOH got it!!

    if you take the split to create a top and a bottom to each player, then when they are flipped the far left player does not get a top even though he loses one. the extra player comes because the tops of the right group are able to start from the second left player. Also the far right player in the first view loses his bottom but we dont notice it. these two plus the discrepancies in bodies noted in my previous comment allow us to perceive a twelfth player.

    good one.

  • Anonymous

    You got it wrong: At start, there are 11. When it changes, there are 12, not 10. Cool illusion!

  • Katie

    there are twelve when it changes, not ten!

  • Keith

    The bottom of the blue guys feet makes the base for an extra guy

  • Bennett

    How come these illusions are always so poorly drawn? I mean, I dont want to bag them but they look really…um…scrappy.

  • Sandy

    There are 11 and 12 players, not 10 and 11 like you stated. (re count it) Just thought you should know!

  • Anonymous

    Actually there are 12 players at first and then it switches to 13.

  • Anonymous

    I see where it changes, but i can’t figure out how..

  • kretes

    Count players again!

  • Anonymous

    it goes from 11 – 12 if i’m not mistaken

  • Maggie <3

    Actually, there are 12 players the second time. At first, this seems like a creative illusion, but when you look closely, you see the hair of someone makes shows for another person. It was a good illusion before I looked closer though.

  • Anonymous

    i think that this illusion is amazing, but has anyone ever found a website that has the solution to it because i really want to know how it works

  • Julie

    Very cool illusion, but I can’t figure out where the extra guy went!

  • Chris

    hmmm, well someone cant count! as he has 12! and then after he has 13! really, vurdlak, try and do the illusion yourself before posting, would dave a lot of confusion.

    nonetheless. good illusion, and i still dont get how its done, i got the first illusion bout this , but not this… hmmm

  • Anonymous

    Okay so I’m being really thick probably, but can someone explain this one to me PLEASE !

  • Anonymous

    There are actually 11 players & whent the gif moves it becomes 12.
    Its not 10 becoming to 11 instead.

  • S2483S

    I found 11 people, and then it switched and there were 12.

  • Sylon

    That was taken from The Murderous Maths Fan site! The mad scientist is Professor Fiendish…

  • Anonymous




  • Scorpion

    I will say that it is the bestest illusion gif and I never saw like this before. How the cutting image works its falwless and amazing one.

  • Anonymous

    i ahve been seing this illusion since i was a little kid, and i never understood it then, and i still don’t.

  • Anonymous

    you can put a version to print. It´s fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    regarding the count discrepancy, is states “players” Not people. with the coach included, it is 11 and 12 instead of 10 and 11. Really cool illusion. Makes my head hurt this monday morning….

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it :\ even after reading all these comments and tips! aw geez….where’s the coffee?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this illusion before in grade school. The same thing was done with money: lining up x number of $20 bills, cutting them, and taping them together differently to make x + 1 bills. (It’s the reason why US bills have to have serial numbers match on both sides of the bill.) Each player is cut in a certain way so that each gives a little “piece” of themselves to form a new player.

  • Anonymous


  • Katie

    If you look carefully, you’ll see that in the first part, asking if he has 11 players, the players are all relatively tall. in the second part, asking if theres an extra one, the players are all much shorter. some players switch half their bodies to form a whole new body.

    great illusion!

  • Anonymous

    the mad scientist switches covers one of the players when is on the right side, he doesnt cover when he is on the left side

  • Anonymous

    this was very intriguing haha i found the answer LOL my frds been on this site for 5hrs….ILLUSIONS ARE AWESOME!

    hEY dANAE

  • Anonymous




    HI DEVIKA!!!

  • Anonymous

    well, i didn’t figure out the illusion, but there are 11 and then 12 men instead of 11 and then 10. a man didn’t disappear, a new one appeared. pretty cool, though.

  • Hin Kwan

    It’s 11 players + 1 coach then 12 players + 1 coach.

    The man in blue shirt I think should not be counted as a player.

  • richie

    yea when the image shifts over, it uses little parts of the other players to create the illusion that there are more players. its cool tho

  • Anonymous

    Iv got it!! and i mean completly not like what everyone else is saying…well it took me awhile but i noticed there was one guy who didnt get a part but gave up a part in the most lower left…well i kept following the parts basically where i would follow where the part goes then wait on the body until it got its orginal parts back then i followed its part that it trades…

    think of the players as the number 10 for 10 diferent parts

    the first gives up 1 so hes still 9 which still appears as a full person. the next person have 11 parts then gives up 2 parts and so on and so forth. each person then gets more and then gives more so that they always equal 9 which still looks like they are full well then this all adds up until finally they gather a whole body…well i guess this is mostly like what people said but this explains what they mean…sorry but the big wall o’ text but i got excited for figuring this out

  • Jorris

    In my opinion the ‘original image’ contains the 12 players and then parts are rearanged so you get 11 somewhat larger players.

    What you _could_ do if you have some time left, is save the gif or capture 2 screenshots, open the 2 states in a picture editor (i used paint and it worked OK).

    Next erase the teacher and the 2 players that apear in full in the top half in both images, the shoes are not that important.

    Now cut up the 2 image in 2 tops and 2 bottoms, the way the gif does it.

    You can use colors, lines or whatever to show where to bodyparts go, so you see some players grow larger as the lose a whole player.

    Good luck! (If i had some decent webspace I’d post a link to my worked out files, it’s still quite complicated but fun to sort out)

  • Anonymous

    Football (known in the US only as soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. I think that only in the US that is not true. Being so, anyone in the world (but Americans) know since they are kids that a footbal team is comprised of 11 players.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t line up right…hmm…

  • Anonymous

    umm.. theirs twlve after it switches….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve figured it out! The guy with the black shirt at the top right loses part of his shoe and moves over to the left side. He only moves over, he doesn’t put his top half over another bottom half. At the same time, the coach puts on his shoe. The guy with the black shirt is the extra guy that makes you count 12 players instead of 11. Also, the guy at the bottom left loses his hair and doesn’t gain a new one. But I don’t think that does anything to change the number of players.

  • Anonymous

    I took the image with most players and pasted it into Graphic Converter on my Mac. I then selected each man in turn starting at left with the one with the lowest feet and working upwards through the feet position heights. Each man was then pasted into a new image plane separated by a fixed distance – lowest on the left – the ‘Prof.’ on the right.

    Now if I select the upper half of this new image from just above the left man’s head and just below the ‘Profs.’ feet and slide it one man position to the left it all becomes clear.

    I have the image but I am not sure how to post it. It is only 700 * 150 pixels.

    A very clever sequence – easier to unscramble than to conceive and build in the first place.

    Bob J.

  • Anonymous

    Its because the player (top middle on the first screen top left on the second screen) uses the mad scientist feet! He doesn’t replace another players feet but the mad scientists!!!

    take that you devils!

  • Anonymous

    i kno how it works the persons feet gets cut off and then the lay takes it watch the kid on the opposite side of the lady his feet look weird

  • Sergio

    It’s quite simple, in the end: you start with 11 “long” guys and end up with 12 “short” guys. Only you don’t notice because only a little bit from the original 11 is missing. The giveaway in all these illusions is that in the configuration with one extra guy (or banknote, or leprechaun, call it what you will) one of the guys is missing a top, and one is missing a bottom. All the others are missing a different part in the middle, but small enought not to be noticeable.

  • Anonymous

    The guy in the blue suit changes his head position!

  • Anonymous

    Watch the coach… he is replaced by another player when it switches to twelve

  • Anonymous

    Essentially, one guy loses half of his legs and gains a little black line from the professor’s shoes to replace them and he looks OK. (In the original picture, he’s the 6th from the right, counting all players).

    The Fourth player from the left loses most of his guts and gets chucked straight onto a pair of legs so he looks OK.

    Finally, the third player from the left loses most of his head and gets a little bit of black lines to make him look OK, the 7th player from the left donates that little bit, and he gets reimbursed for his hair by the guy on the far left (who doesn’t get his hair replaced).

    All of these references refer to the picture in which there are only 11 players (not when there becomes 12 players).

    As annoying an answer as it is, there really is no creating any new player, it’s just that a few of them are chopped up a bit so their parts can look OK elsewhere. To try it, copy the images, and mark each of the body parts with a particular color dot and then do the transformation and you can see who gets who’s body parts.

  • Anonymous

    i get it know a whole person moves from the other side:D

  • Anonymous

    I have 1 thing to say……………………………………………………………….COOL!!!

  • #66

    Most of you got it wrong. Some of you think they got it right but didn’t. Some got it but couldn’t really explained it… #60 got it right but doesn’t tell you how to do it.
    My indepth explaination (I even tell you how to make your own ^^)

    Original frame: 11 players + 1 coach
    Modified frame: 12 players + 1 coach

    Where is the extra player?
    At the top middle left. In the original frame there’s a blank spot then a player.

    Every player are giving a bit of themselves to form the extra one. Some have noticed that the player are “smaller” in the second frame and that on the bottom left loses a part of his head but doesn’t get one back… Well that’s only the start! If you folow where it goes, then wait on that player for its original piece to come back then follow where his top goes and so on, you’ll notice that every time the piece thats moving is getting bigger and in the end you will find the spot where one appears.

    Simply by the way they are positioned. To create a drawing/picture like this you have to start by cuting the paper first. Cut in half horizontally and anywhere vertically on the top half. Position the first guy anywhere at the bottom half with a little piece of his head being on the top half. Invert the 2 top pieces of paper and now draw a new guy from the head top (his feet level should be higher). Put the paper bacj in it’s original state then complete the head a little taller. Move the paper again and draw the bottom from where the piece is and so on…

    Took me some time to figure it out, but I couldn’t sleep without finding how this was possible :)


  • Anonymous

    the guy on the very right goes to the middle and the guy right next to the scientist takes his spot so those two lines stay the same(total two) the two next to the guy at the right move to the two lines at the left adding 1 to each row so they go from 2 to 3 each. one from the line with 3 in the first part is taking and in the second part 2 are added on the left

  • Anonymous

    look at the referees feet someone is made from that

  • illusionspoiler

    look. the person drew a line.
    he put 12 people on the line, each getting a little higher as hew went to the right. the he carefully placed them in a rectangle and made the two cuts. look it up in google.(1213 solution)

  • Suicidal ‘Ling

    MM ;D
    my favourite cartoon book organisation of math w00ts

  • alexandra

    HEY the big guys head changes directions

  • Jez

    I’ve been staring at it so long my eyes are starting to hurt. I still can’t figure it out and everyone’s explanation dosen’t make sense. :(

  • anonymous

    I FIGURED IT OUT!!! The Bottom of coach’s feet turn into a player’s feet, that player`s body goes to another players set of feet, those feet then go to another body, so on so forth, until a whole player (minus a small amount of hair)goes to an empty space! If you think about it, it makes sense. if you have time, watch where each part goes.

  • ghhghg

    It’s as simple as this:

    The guy on the far left lost his head, and the guy with the black shirt split his feet into two sets.

  • thats cool

  • Crazy Colors

    wierd i still dont get it but cool

  • help! its godzilla!

  • The Speaker

    I counted 12 and then when it switched, i counted 13….. O-o

  • Anna

    its the same illusion as the ‘leprachaun’

  • someone

    WRONG!!!!! There are 12 after the switch!!!

  • damian ganegoda

    hi, correct, /damian/sri lanka

  • How does that work?!

  • Ryan

    Imagine if the guy furthest left loses a part of his body but not a little bit of hair only and the guy furthest north loses part of his legs but not a little bit of his shoes only, you will see where the extra one comes from.

  • Illusion Answer girl

    Ok, the black shirted boy is lifted off his feet and has ‘new’ feet that he stands with when he switches to the left.

  • even after many people have explained this, i am so confused about how this works…

  • Isidore

    Everyone tells there’s a new player formed from tiny pieces of previous players. Which player is new??

  • superboy123

    I saw A boy that is whole when changing its place

  • frank

    you say 11 becomes 10, but i’m counting 11 and 12

  • Rebecca

    i also saw another face but i could not understand why the face was shown so i ignored it

  • Rebecca

    it says that there are 11 players but when the mad scientist moves to the other side it is 12 so how possible is it 10

  • Alice

    I understand one guys hair is moved (all the way to the left) and is put on another face, so he keeps his face still,and it creates another head, i think!

  • Anonymous

    One guy’s hair is taken, then he doesn’t get it back. One guy loses the bottom of his shoes, and doesn’t get it back. Although this doesn’t make one person, when they’re given to the right people they become the two halves of the extra person.

  • Melissa


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