M. C. Escher’s Escalator Illusion

Whoah! Never expected that Lima’s illusion would trigger so many reactions (over 400 in less than 24 hours)! Unfortunately, not that many of you guessed it right. It seems that even I was tricked by it. My guess was that the hand is in front of the object, with bars painted on it to make it appear as it was positioned behind the structure.

Anyhow, the real solution was kindly provided by Joao Lima: “The trick is very simple. The wall is very thin and on the other side there is the same structure, where the shadow is a projection behind the wall. I mean, the spot light is behind the wall so there is no reason to look for the hand shadow.

This illusory object was created by an artist called Joana Corona, and can be seen at the exposition at Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba – Brazil.” In the mean time, check this animated .gif file showing Escher’s Relativity in action! Whoever incorporated the escalator surely did a great job, and completely understands M.C. Escher and his work!

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  1. Its crazy that this should be posted today because yesterday i was looking around at Escher’s illusion and Penrose Staircase too, trying to replicate it in minecraft:P! haha

    i also found a VERY VERY cool video relating to all of this… it is definitely worth a watch, as it is extremely clever (particularly near the end with the cameras ;)! )
    DEFINITELY worht a watch guys =D!

  2. this is the best illusion I have ever seen. It is like a animation of some dreams I have had in past. there should be a address to contact to get a all souls eve reading if a illusion is dream like

  3. I don’t get it… It jus looks as though this guy has messed up the original illusion, doesn’t look like anything weird/wrong at all.

  4. Isn’t that from one of his paintings? The Relativity? And then they added a gif picture of a man going down that and Photoshopped it? But still it’s pretty cool, though. M.C. Escher is great at making things like this. :)

  5. and completely understands M.C. Escher and his work!
    No! He did not, because another Person or animal should walk down the escalator in the opposite way.

  6. LOL! I didnt even read anything I just looked and saw a dude falling down steps!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Please forgive me if i was being stupid.Im only 11)

  7. don’t like this one because it is dumb there’s a horrible painting as wall and the guy being eaten by the stairs is dumb and creepy

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