M.C. Escher In Origami

So technically this papercraft version of M.C. Escher’s Relativity drawing is not actually origami, but kirigami, whereby paper is made into art through the use of cutting and folding rather than exclusively folding. But let’s be honest, while practically everyone has heard of origami, most people think of it as any type of art involving paper. And it seems no one has really heard of kirigami. So, I stand by my headline here.

Anyway, we’ve seen this same Escher work in LEGO before, but there’s just something about the delicate nature of paper that makes the interpretation of the same original Escher work appear so much more fragile and delicate than the toy brick version. In a way, it’s kind of like hearing a song covered by two different bands who specialize in two different genres. You can recognize that they started out with the same influence, but the end result is drastically different.

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  1. i have heard of kirigami but didn’t know what it is. i think most companies that make origami books don’t know what kirigami because they have lots of directions that involve cutting.

  2. Beautifully done, but too clear and logical: it looks perfectly attuned with space, because it has to be.

    What’s perhaps more interesting is the face in the middle!

    [img]/Users/normanjackson/Desktop/Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 21.28.59.png[/img]

  3. This kind of technique of turning a 2D piece of paper into a 3D architectural design is called: Origamic Architecture. This name was created by the well known Japanese architect called Massahiro Chatani, who unfortunately died from cancer 2 years ago. He was the genius that requested his students in the academy to learn this AMAZING ability of transforming 2D into 3D architectural design. There are some other geniuses all over the world who understand how to design buildings to be transformed, and most of the planning is done nowadays on computers.

  4. It’s not even remotely “origami” but it is very neat. Some prefer to call art origami only if it involves only folding (no cuts). Most accept some cuts but only in the sense that ears can perhaps be clipped to the right shape or a large flap may be slit to turn it into two ears. This is more like sculpture with paper.

  5. its not two different things…………………the-…………they put………..the put the camera i-in two dif–……………………………..two different u-um…………………..angles……………HA! fail………..but its still cool………..but you can tell and the third one, they cut off the top, possibly mainly to show u the whole, but we all know the most popular reason……..;)

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