Love & Hate Optical Illusion

So simple, yet so effective! If anyone knows where I can buy this kind of T-Shirts, please post it under comments. As you see this girls wears a shirt that says “Hate”, making her pretty dangerous girl, but not many know her secret. Infact, she is really not so bad – when you read the message on her t-shirt in other direction, you will see her tender side comes out. Enjoy!

64 Replies to “Love & Hate Optical Illusion”

  1. the shirts cool, but cudn’t they have chosen a better model? shelooks like this guy i kno, the thick eyebrows and uhg hair…

    1. its obviosly a girl i know im a girl and i have eyebrows like that,im dark like that and my hair is acctually shorter than that

  2. i have a friend that back in the day when we skated cause that all we did back in the day had a tee that when fliped would say fcker you and when norm said skater… girls is madd cute tho

  3. Pfftt….to those people dissin the girl….that’s just wrong, and she isn’t ugly…i really like this pic, it’s kool, and i like the tee alot.. ~Kat

  4. It took me a while to find the letters on the shirt…I think the chick on the right is cute, the one on the left…not so much.

  5. you guys must “really” be morons, because 1) It’s the same person! and 2) She looks like a man! Let me put it to you this way. I AM gay, and I would soooo do “him” lmao Even her arms are manly. She’s not even wearing makeup! If she were, you could tell her cheek bones would be thinner. The brows need waxed BADLY and if you look, it looks as if she has an adam’s apple. And the neck bones are very pronounced… If anything, SHE’s the mirrorgram! LMAO but yeah cute shirt… I wonder if you could get one that says love and then hate in the mirror?

  6. Definitely NOT a man. Why do drag queens think they look so convincing? She/he could possibly be that fabulous middlesex XXY however, she is most likely a woman, maybe a hot lesbian.
    Now, go get some real porn people.

  7. jesus shut up about the girl and enjoy the dam illusion. I bet she’s sitting at her computer somewhere, and thinking “man these people are dumbasses”

  8. to ty
    if you are a guy i think you are a total ******* for saying that girls can only be preety if they wear make up. it is really tight that people think girls have to wear make up and boys can go round looking as ugly as they want

    cool t-shirt

  9. I COULDN’T agree with Demitri anymore… They could atleast get someone decent.? Her hair, her eye brows… she’s really ugly..

  10. umm…isnt this an illusion site? why are ppl even talking about the girl?? everyone has a different taste….geez

    cool shirt

  11. Everybody has their right to a personal opinion, but let’s not be nasty about it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and you should respect that.

    Also, to ty, it’s absolutely arrogant to say that women are ugly without makeup. I very rarely wear makeup, and to be completely honest, I think I look just as beautiful without it. I’ve also been told the same thing by many people. I’m sorry I don’t believe in wasting my day away in front of a mirror applying several pounds of synthetic ingredients that have more than likely been tested on helpless, innocent animals. Secondly, how do her arms look manly at all? They are barely even visible in the picture! And from what I can tell, they look very thin and feminine.

    People like you piss me off.

  12. oh my god you guys! this illusion is about the shirt! (which is pretty cool) not the girl who is wearing it. im not a lesbian but she isnt ugly!

    that is such an awesome shirt. where can you get it again?

  13. i think she looks weird but i love her haircut…bizarro face tho. but im pretty ugly 2, so, whos to be talking.

    p.s. i still rock!

  14. Oh the internet makes me despair. There is a cool illusion, which could lead to some really interesting conversations or comments about how it works, who thought it up, what it means, etc. etc.; yet instead we have a list of anonymous illiterates criticising the model!

    I think some of those so quick to call others ugly should at least have the decency to submit pictures of themselves for similar scrutiny. Or, infinitely preferably, grow the fuck up and stop getting off on chucking ill-formed insults at a perfectly nice-looking girl.

    Back to the shirt: how cool is that! I’d love to know who created the illusion in the first place. But now nobody will tell me because no-one will have read through my rant :-)

    1. Heehee, your funny man. I totally agree with you. There are a few links above your comment.

  15. The shirt is awesome!
    As for the model, I don’t see what all the hotness factor is! In my humble opinion, I think she’s kinda plain haha.
    That is unless 12 year old bodies and no hair and makeup is in style. In which case I definitely wish I was in the 6th grade now.

  16. And I think Will is right, not many people would read through his ‘rant’ so he called it but I did and he is correct with what he said.

  17. if u go 2 the site and look 4 the shirt she is wearing–it has 2 b a childrens size since they dont make that shirt in adult sizes in the same color


  19. I want this t… why feel the need to take time out of your day to be a bitchy douche people. If you don’t find someone attractive thats your prerogative but shut up. Ty, just cause you like barbie doesn’t mean everyone should look like one.

    1. Try the opposite, shirt should read “Love” on her and “Hate” in the mirror…that’s the reality of 99% of females. Mask = love, No mask = hate.

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