Lonely Planet’s 45 Cities

If you liked Virgin’s Find 75 Bands also known as “Flex Your Music Muscle“, you’ll probably love Lonely Planet’s “Cities” as well. The approach is little different this time; your assignment is to spot 45 cities in the wallpaper below. Some are directly mentioned, while others will give you a headache. There are 45 cities represented in this picture, now go on and find them all! Click on the image for higher res, and start finding them. When you’re done, there are few more search games for you to try. Just check the icons below this poster!

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  1. What the hell!? Are the comments related to the picture because 45 cities does not equal 50-60-70 points or whatever the hell you are all saying!
    Anyway the ones I saws at first glance are
    1) Athens, Greece – guy on right is wearing traditional uniform
    2) Petra – the temple top right
    3) ??? Italy – Statue of David
    4) Dubrovnick – sign in middle
    5) Kasmir – sign on left
    6) Konya- Turkish whirling devishes guy (in the white dress thing on the left)
    7) Venice – red and white stripped pole)
    8) London – oxford st sign
    9) Cairo – sphin in the bottom right corner
    10) Eagle – supposed to to be American but where? Washington DC perhaps?
    11) Ashbury
    12) Haigh
    13) Woman in tradtional dress on the right is too vague, but somewhere in Japan, Kyoto perhaps?
    14) stripper – Amsterdam?

    1. isn’t this about cities? numbers 11 &12 on your list should be San Francisco. the corner of Haight and Ashbury was very popular in the ’60s with the hippies, remember?

  2. I’m only positive on one – San Francisco. That’s because I live there. That makes me feel culturally stupid. x___x I feel like I just let myself down.

  3. All you guys who are saying 66 and 70, etc. – THERE ARE ONLY 45 CITIES.

    And if you watch Seinfeld, you’d know that Tom’s Restaurant is in New York City.

  4. Most obvious, Haight&Ashbury is in SF.
    Rue St-Denis, well I live half a block from it at H2L 2K8.

    There are too many vague references here which could mean anywhere in a country, and some cities which have more than one representation.

    The white cross on blue shirt: is it Edinburgh, Glasgow, etc.

    London: Oxford street, the street sign with post code NW8, pub fare (pub fare could be any English speaking city).

    The chick on the bike with what looks like a baguette: Paris, or any other French place?

    Hence the people who can get like 100 points

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