Lock and Key Puzzle

This is an awesome puzzle. I just found it on the net, and apparently it’s very tough, but not unsolvable. You should find a way to get the lock unlocked, and take the key that is locked by it. Only solution I found, is to buy two of these, hoping that both locks can be unlocked with the same key. Other than that, I’m stuck. Can you help me solve this? This is the newest addition to our Toys category. Some of you asked, why is that category named like this: Well, even though it is consisted of puzzles, toys and DIY (do-it-yourself) articles, somehow I decided “Toys” name would suit it the best. You can check it out, and tell me your opinion, I have just updated all the links, and you should find dozen of more cool articles there. But first, let’s solve this puzzle below. Maybe this what we see is instead optical illusion, and maybe the solution is not as hard as we think. I really don’t know. Enjoy!

Update: This lock is called Danlock, and I just wrote second post about it. Check it here.

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  1. There’s a lot of puzzles like these that look impossible but are very deceiving. The lock probably just pulls out.

  2. seems quite easy. the broken key gives the “illusion” that it is useless, but really its quite helpful. shove the 1st half of the broken key down the lock, then the second half to follow, slowly turn it and the lock is free………i think.

  3. take the lock and key combo to the hardware store. Have a copy made of the intact key. use it to unlock. Throw the broken key in the recycle bin.

  4. I would stick the broken key into the lock. All the teeth are on it and the remaining piece has enough of a stem to it to still turn the lock. Then open it, take off the good key and throw the whole useless thing away – the price of a good time! :-)

    Xan Shui

  5. This is simple. Put the broke peice in the lock. Push it all the way in with the peice you turn. There is still enough of the trun shaft to open the lock. The only problem is you will have an open lock with a peice stuck in it.

  6. I think you should put the broken piece in the lock and then stick the rest of the key in behind it and try to unlock it. If it unlock you would have lost half of the broken key in the lock but at least you go the key off the lock with out cutting the key off.

  7. Put the broken end of the key into the lock, and then insert the other half behind it and you should be able to turn it to open it. I had a broken key like this at my last job so I know it would work.

  8. You should be able to insert the broken key bits into the lock and undo it the padlock. I have done this in reality, although not with this particular product

  9. Presumably the puzzle is that the you’ve got to get the first key out and you have another key but it’s broken?

  10. If you do have the broken key, you could push the long piece of key into the lock, shove it right in then push the head of the broken key into the lock after it and then turn.

  11. you can still use the key. now you just have a big key chain. and i agree with the guy above, just break the top part off, then take it to walmart and get a new key made (technology these days… crazy, just crazy).

  12. but if you put the broken part of the key in lock, you can’t take it out anymore… then you can throw the lock in garbage…


  13. There are three keys. There is a hole in the pouch that make it look like one is broken. One key is sticking in and the other is sticking out.

  14. I think the lock is actually open, that’s the illusion. you can’t the see the far end of it; it’s open! just slide the key off!

  15. I think alot of you are missing a key point: there is absolutely nothing important that the lock is being used for except for the key to the lock itself. Instead of getting the key crafted again why not use the money towards another lock??? Possibly a combination lock?

  16. It sounds like this is a puzzle, which means there is a trick somewhere. So “take it to the locksmith and get a new key cut” is not the answer. Similarly, any answer that can only work once is not correct.

    My guess is that we can’t figure it out solely from the picture.
    Some possible solutions:
    1) The key on the lock can be removed without unlocking the lock. In other words, the key can be slipped off through a hidden break.
    2) The lock has an alternate way of unlocking. Hidden switch or something like that.
    3) The keyhole only requires the short part of the key to open the lock. Don’t shove the other part into the lock or you will lose it.

  17. There really is no problem here. You still have full access to the key that is on the lock. Pick up the lock and attached key, and go open whatever you’re after.

  18. Did anyone else happen to notice that the teeth on the broken key are different than the teeth on the locked key? That being the case, which key will actually unlock the lock?

  19. What is with all you people. Do you not read the posts before you make a post. On almost every illosion I see on this great site,
    people are posting exacly the same solutions or comments. It really gets anoying because other people might think that you just stole the idea from one of the other posts.

  20. Glue the broken key back together, open the lock with it, this allows you to to open it without having a broken key stuck in it.

  21. the key attached to the lock is too new. There must be some thin superglue inside the lock to take out, fix the key then turn the lock. There might be another lock hole

  22. (A) If you actually needed to get the key off the lock (say the lock were actually a rather large cage instead of something portable),
    (B) if you wanted the lock to be usable after you got the key off, and
    (C) if you did not have access to a third key (as other posts suggest you might), here’s what you could do…

    (1) Make a small incision in the side of the key, down to the point of the bolt.
    (2) Pry open the incision with needle nose pliers to form a chasm.
    (3) Remove the lock through that chasm.
    (4) Use the pliers again to bend the key metal back to its original form.
    (5) Use a drop of solder to seal the original incision in the key.
    (6) Walk away with both key and lock intact.

    Problem solved! :-D

  23. Duh ppl, the number on the broken key gives the pin setting of the lock, once that is know … with a lockpick kit … it’s cake

  24. props to post 23 who saw the illusion and thus the answer!
    read it, say “Oh cool!”, and move on with your lives

  25. Buy a hacksaw, cut the lock into a thousand tiny pieces, eat three of them, hug a tree, and then it will be solved.

  26. It appears that the top half of the “broken” key does not belong to the second half of the key below it. It looks like the toothed part of the key is only part of a key sticking out of a hole in the bag. If you were to put the broken half’s together the key would be too short to operate the lock.

  27. First of all, we are presented this picture as a puzzle. So solutions which involve a trip to your local hardware store for a duplicate key, boltcutter, cutting torch…etc are obviously not going to be the answer. We also must assume that there is a specific reason we need to get the key from the lock.

    A zoomed in [paste into photoshop] look revealed that the key on the lock does not have the same tooth patern as the [apparent] broken key laying on the bag. Therefore, one would surmise that the key on the bag is intended for the lock, and the key on the lock is intended for another lock not present in the picture. I propose that one scenario in which we need to remove the key from the lock is that the keyhole this key fits in belongs to a door with a recessed hole small enough that disallows the key entry into the door because the padlock is too large to fit. If it helps, this should set the stage for ‘why’ we need to solve the puzzle.

    A few obvious solutions (like those mentioned above such as inserting both pieces of the key in the lock, or simply twisting the key on the lock until it breaks free, are all viable solutions. However, in the spirit of puzzle solving, destruction of any part of the puzzle (the lock no longer functioning…a deformed key) do not seem to be the answer by not fitting the spirit of the problem. One tends to shy away from the obvious answers anyway because what kind of puzzle would it be if it were that easy?

    The idea that I see as most plausible is the one that suggests that the puzzle combines a puzzle with an optical illusion…creating a solution of the picture containing TWO fully functioning keys; both partially hidden in the fabric of the bag in such a way as to present it as a single key. The zoomed in inspection of the image did not reveal any clues to discredit this idea.

    Interesting puzzle. It would be nice if someone encountered the actual solution, and could link to it.

    Off the subject, I have two questions.
    1) Why does anyone make such a big about being the first post? Especially when repeatedly posters attempt to claim it….the 4th or 5th post down….

    2} Does anyone actually read any (or all) of the posts above them?

  28. OMG pick the lock with a bobby pin or something just pick the lock. that’s how u get in to locked rooms when u dont have a key.DUH!

  29. the key is not broken. the ridges on the broken part dont seem to match the key thats on the lock. so the piece we see with the ridges is apart of another key. so then that would mean there are 3 keys total. open the bag take out the other keys & then unlock the lock.

  30. who to say that the key on the lock is for the lock you may jst have to use the key with the lock attached or cut the lock off

  31. Its realy easy there are 3 keys 1 is stuk with the lock, another one is broken and there is other in the bag, but the bag is not broken and has half key in because in that case you would see the shadow of the top part of the borken key.

  32. Post #23 looks good. click on image to get a bigger photo then zoom right in. Looks like there is indeed a key poking through a hole and there is a broken piece of key laid on top to make it look like the two halves of one broken key.

    But how to get that good key key out of the bag through such a small hole…?????

    Any ideas?

  33. Poster #23 has the correct answer…the “broken” key is not broken…it is sticking out of the bag. Look carefully at the fold of cloth that appears to separate the two “pieces” of the “broken” key.

  34. There is no way the hole in the key is big enough for the lock to fit through, therefore there’s a break in the lock and the key is sitting in the break. Maybe the broken key is what’s supposed to give us that clue.

    Also, one can’t just assume the key on the lock is the key FOR the lock, therefore even though the key FOR the lock might be broken, you can still use the key on the lock (assuming the hole in the key really IS big enough for the lock to fit through like that)

  35. FIRST:
    If you’ll notice, the Broken key cannot possibly fit in the keyway of the lock. They don’t match.

    The top of the key around the lock is cut and can be twisted off.

    Take the number off of key and have one cut.

  36. The lock is made in Israel. Now we know that this cannot be true because everything they have of any value is made in the US. So my conclusion is that the lock doesn’t really exist and the whole thing is an illusion not meant to be thought about very much

  37. duhhh you qould go to get a duplicat of it but MAKE SURE NOT TO MAKE A DUPLICATE OF THE BROKEN ONE! there not the same key broken one = triangle bumps….. locked kew = wiered bumps…..

  38. The assumption is the broken key is used on this lock. Look closer, the teeth are different. The real (second) key is in the bag.

  39. The broken key serial number starts with a D, while the key on the lock starts with an N. The real second key is still in the bag.

  40. This is a puzzle, not just an ordiary lock. I have seen this one before. The keys dont have anything to do with openng the lock. It is very imaginative.

  41. the best, quickest, and least expensive way by far is take pair side cutters (wire cutters ) cut the key were it goes threw lock at the narrowest point, snip once then bend tab over. there by opening lock without going to store at all and no broken key is left in lock .. was easyyyy

  42. well im cuban and dominican lol so since im ghetto, i wudd juszt like superglu the key togethr nnd open tha lock then throw it awayyyy my brain hurts just thinkin bout it………………………..

  43. lol … i would say that if u put the broken bit in and use the other to turn will …

    Render the Lock Useless.

    Now you have a broken part of the key in the lock u cant get out.

  44. y is every1 so ridiculously dense?
    can u not tel that bcos the hooped part of the padlok is faced away 4rm us it is obvious that it isnt lokd and infact u can just slide the key off!

    sorry 2 ruin it but i just had to

  45. Hey,
    just the put the long end of the broken key in the lock first, just as you would if it was not broken, then put the broken key handle (with the number code on it) and turn it, they should both turn together, then it should unlock.

  46. I think the guy above who talked about the spirit of this puzzle had the best approach.
    Yes there could be another intact key poking through a hole in the bag – I mean why is the bag there anyway?
    The fact that it doesn’t match the other key doesn’t mean that this one won’t fit the lock.
    Failing that perhaps if you pushed the broken end in to the lock followed by the top part of the key you could still turn the lock using the small part of the top half that is inside the lock.

  47. If you stick the bottom portion of the key into the lock you can use a screwdriver or something else to turn it.

  48. “Hole in The Bag” is a red herring solution.

    !) Insert broken end into lock and then insert remaining end and open.

    2) Remove large end of key.

    3) Hold open the lock and slam bottom of lock on a flat, smooth surface. That will extend the inside keypart to the opening by inertia.

    4) Snap the lock shut so that the cyliders are reset to locked position.

    5) Smartly Snap the lock down again on the edge of table but this time so that the broken end and keyhole are not obstructed.

    6) Out pops the broken tip!

  49. first of all.. the whole key doesnt go in it, you could use the bottom of the broken key and put it in there, and turn it with the top of the broken half, it never says you have to be able to take the other half of the key out.

  50. provided the locked key is the correct key for the lock, simply remove i.e. break, cut, etc..the toothed end from the lock, slide it into the key hole and with the grip end of the original broken key, used to turn it open, however the puzzle can only be preformed once and some how i doubt this is the solution.

  51. If you notice closely both of those keys are different since the one on the lock has a bigger hole and the broken has a smaller hole, then it only shows one view on the right side of the lock and key on the lock, i believe that the lock isnt locked at all and it is an “Optical Illusion”, but thats just me.

  52. Some comments from DanLock designer follow.

    – DanLock is indeed a mechanical puzzle, not just a visual trick or visual illusion as suggested by some people.

    – It was designed to look as an impossible object but is it solvable.

    – No external tools whatsoever should be used to solve the puzzle, not even the small metal ring provided with the lock, whose only purpose is to keep the small parts of the broken key from getting lost. The bag should not be used either (just in case you had it in mind). Only the lock and the two keys provided with it.

    – I don’t want to spoil it out, so no solution hints are provided

    – Some serious attempts were made by readers to solve DanLock just by thinking and by logical reasoning. It is virtually impossible to figure out the full and precise solution without playing with the puzzle itself and without actually trying it.

    – You are invied to visit DanLock’s web site http://www.geocities.com/danpuzzles/danlock

  53. i would take a small file or hack saw that is small and cut the key that is on the lock at the top of key head with with the file or saw and cut a gap wide enough to clear the lock shaft then take that key to the hardware store and make a new one that ay the key body is not hurt and can still be duplicated thats what i would do

  54. the key thats attached to the lock is cut ever so slightly and placed on the key thtas how they did it!

  55. Attention i have got it!!!!!
    you take the broken key and put it into the lock, then you turn the lock until it opens. the key is likely to break, so you use a magnet to pull the part of the key that is stuck in the lock out.

  56. maybe if the material on the bag is thin enough and you put the broken key in the bag and hold it tight enough so that the key can keep its original form then it will unlock the padlock without leaving the broken piece inside

  57. i think the question is: why to open this lock? if you get it opened, you you will be able to get the key… and with the key… ??? what to do with the key? the lock is opened^^

    i think this picture is just to make you think about it, not to solve a puzzle or whatever…

  58. DanLock is an original puzzle lock designed by Dan Feldman, Israel. It comes with two keys: one key is attached to the shackle and the other one is broken… It is your job to open the lock, and then to get it back to its original state.

  59. Hey guys, let’s be more creative:
    What if all the locks & keys are the same ?
    In that case the solution is to buy 2 pieces of the puzzle and there you are.

  60. Hey, what’s wrong with having more than one key for a lock? most locks come with that…..the the key doesnt have to be broken, it could be two keys, one outside the bag sticking inside, the the other one vice versa. O.o

  61. Guess what—- THE LOCK IS ALREADY OPEN -,- thats easy. Its just looks like it is shut, but it isnt properly locked.

  62. The key isnt broken, there’s one key in the pouch and the end of it is sticking out, and the rest of the key on the outside is sticking into the inside of the pouch. Look really closely…. there’s 3 keys not just 2

    1. it doesnt quite show in the picture, but the top half of the key (cut end) has a small hole in it. i seen it on the website http://www.grand-illusions.com/acatalog/Puzzle_Lock.html
      All one would have to do is simple put a thread through the hole, put piece with string into lock and insert key and turn. you will then be able to pull top of key back out using the string… me a genius :p

  63. I have just purchased and recieved this puzzel from Dan. I have a sealed envelope with the solution in it. This is a multi layered puzzel. Yes the keys are different. It is very easy to open the lock, but from there is where it gets hard. The key ring and bag are not part of the puzzel or its solution. It said so in my instructions. So now I have half key stuck in lock and no obvious way to get it out. Will post when I get further.

  64. I have solved this puzzel. It took me about 1 and 1/2 hours to do it. Dan Felden did a very nice job of making this puzzel/ trick lock. It took me about 3 minutes to open the lock because of studying it and I did not realy want to put the 2 piece key in it without an obvious way of getting it back out. Once you overcome that fear it opens as any other lock would except now you have a piece of a key suck in it so you cant use the next key you just unlocked. You have to figure out how to get that piece of key back out without anything but what is included. This was my major hurdle that took alot of time playing with the lock and key’s until I found “something” wich enabled me to go on to the next step. From there was still more trickery and unusual thigs you had to do to finnish it. Very nice puzzel/trick lock.

  65. There’s a hole in the bag. The ‘broken’ bit of the key is off a third key and placed there to look like it’s broken off. Take the key out of the hole and open the lock. EASY!!!

  66. I would stick the broken half of the key in turn it with the handle of the key, open the lock. Then I’d use a magnet to get the piece that’s stuck, out of the magnet.

  67. this is very deceiving i have seen tons of these all th same and all of them r taken from the same view the end of the hoop thing is not joined at all so u just slide out key and u can use it

  68. the key isnt broken. theres two keys and a hole or two in the bag.

    one key is sticking out a hole.
    and the end of another key is going into a hole.

  69. the comment #23 has a point, there is a broken key and there is a whole key in the pouch that sticks out through the whole in it, however, the point is to open it and keep it still useful, if the broken key belongs to the lock, then the lock has a piece of key stuck inside and it is of course for good there, possible to open, impossible to get the broken piece out, unless of course, the broken key just doesn’t belong to the lock, then it’s a peace of cake.

  70. the lock isnt even locked i bet…i mean srsly its showing it from the angle of which it would hide the end of the lock.
    it would just slide of and on…

  71. the broken key is not the same key as the one on the padlock . which means the owner still has the spare key to open the lock ??? :)

  72. There is a hole in the broken off part of the key, tie a thin string in that, open the lock use the string to remove the second half of the broken key.

  73. duuuuh theres three keys idiots. ones IS broken ones poking out of the hole and the other is around the lock derrrr man you can see it easily since the smaller part is shinier than the twisting part

  74. this is a trick lock, not necessarily an illusion, and I have seen many trick locks in the past, most of which have a button somewhere, seamlessly blended into the lock itself, which you press to open it, ans is near impossible to find without knowing it’s location, as the “key that comes with it doesn’t work. in this case, the earlier description of Dan’s magic lock appears to take the cake… sometimes a lock like this is rigged to explode apart, giving you a puzzle to piece back together if you want someone else to try and solve it… I don’t particularly like those ones.

  75. Heres the solution from me, mail me if i m right.

    U can break the locked key and bring it out. Then use the key to open the lock.

  76. The broken key tip has a hole in it. Take a piece of fishing line (or equivalent) and stick the broken piece in. Use the rest of the broken key to turn the lock. After the lock is open, you can pull the string and get the broken piece out.

  77. this is soooooooo smiple,,just cut the key thats on the lock above the teeth, (cut the head in half), and up lock the lock.

  78. i have a gr8 suggestion just chuck both the damn key and lock into the bin and go get yourself a new lock from a local store

  79. i have a gr8 suggestion just chuck both the damn key and lock into the bin and go get yourself a new lock from a local store hahaha!!

  80. this is easy i got it just looking at it there is a small hole in the broken key you put a thread thru it put the piece into the lock and use the other part to push it in and turn, get the key off and pull the broken key out with the thread i dont understand what is so difficult about it you just need to use your mind

  81. As the key is breakable, cut the top portion of the good key held by the lock, and it will come out. Use the key to open the lock

  82. There isnt two keys, there is three!
    there is the one on the pad lock and ones got
    its bottom half coverd by the bag.
    then there’s a 3rd pointing at a slightly
    different angle with its top half coverd!
    I Hearby Rest My Case!

    (P.S My name is archie

  83. It don’t appear the key is completely cut. Bend it straight and use the key as normal. The part near the fingers will turn the cylinder and unlock it. Just a guess!

  84. the 2 keys are actually inserted into the material or are hidden by the folds of the purple material – use either to unlock it.

    1. I would assume that the key fragment could be inserted into the lock so that the lock tumblers are correctly positioned to free the lock’s rotation and then the second portion also gently inserted and used to rotate the lock, thus unlocking the assembly.

  85. Try putting in the top part of the key into the lock and turning. In other words backwards, don’t use the teeth part at all.

  86. facil… pode colocar as partes da chave quebrada no cadeado que abre…
    easy… just put the broken parts of the key in the lock that opens…

  87. maybe that “broken key” isn’t broken, there could be cuts in the material, since it’s a bag. and it could be two keys, both in tact.

  88. Es molt fàcil, simplement tallant un tros de la clau bona i obrin-tel.


    1. Take the whole thing to a place where they can make a copy of a key. It will still fit in the rig and then you have a brand new key to open it.

  89. Yep. Buy 2. Well thats the POINT! for you to buy two, and my sales up in no time-i think that is what business mean actually. I think they were thinking like this.

  90. the broken key is a fake. the head to the key really is broken but the teeth of the “broken key” is a different key altogether. There is a small cut in the velvet bag and the second key to the lock is pushed through the bag so the teeth look like the second half of the broken key.

    1. Exactly what i was looking at. You can see it though barely that the bag is ever so slightly concealing the teeth end of the “broken” Key. First clue was the teeth being completly different on the two keys

    2. ooooh i see it now the other key isnt actually broken!! Andrew and John you both have amazing eyes!

  91. The lock isn’t actually locked. Just pull the lock ringy bit and it will pop right out. How could they lock the lock if they key was locked to the lock?

  92. See the notch on the key on the lock. Take the other broken key and use it as a saw to cut the key off of the lock. Then open the lock. You cant put the lock back together the same way, because the key has already been cut!

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