Liquor in Street Art

Today I learned about another talented pavement artist, called Manfred Stader. We had few of his works posted on Mighty Optical Illusions over the years, but I didn’t have a clue Manfred was the artist behind those. So I carefully went through our 3D Chalk Drawings category, and updated belonging posts with correct tag. As you see, 3d street art has been in the spotlight of marketing agencies as of late. Specially for those orientated towards liquors and soda drinks. Manfred has closed some pretty huge marketing deals with major brands, including Jack Daniel’s. Below you can see some of his newest drawings that were done on a flat surface. Many of you requested I should post additional photos, showing 3d chalk drawings from different angle. Because I listen to all of your suggestions, I have included additional gallery beneath these photos, where you can see some of the paintings from opposite angle. Enjoy!

3d street painting_grants1
3d street painting_jinro 2_2
3d street painting_jinro 1
3d street painting_asian paints4

See those Liquor ads from different angle:

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