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By on March 19, 2006, with 19 Comments

Which line is longer? Line AB or BC? They are actually the same length!

  • Mr. T

    Line AB is actually a few milimeters smaller.

    *Puts trusty ruler away*

  • Moonica

    lines….*^ reaches out to touch teh lines ^*

  • vivien

    if u dont actually look at the lines around it those 2 are the same

  • Bella

    there are no lines

  • Anonymous

    this is actually 3D. if you look at it as what’s closer to you and what’s further away…

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    they r exactly the same, rnt they?

  • Anonymous


  • i*is*awesome

    ugh BORING
    number 8

  • DeathTrail

    ABC is a triangle, if you pull down a vertical line from B to AC, it’ll be in the exact center of AC, meaning AB and BC are exactly the same size :)

  • Anonymous

    its equal because it makes a isoceles triangle if u take the lines away

  • Anonymous

    Deathtrail, you confuse me.

    Itz kwl still, line AB looks shorter….

  • Michelle

    they are all the same!!!

    *fells smart*

  • Delishia Harding

    eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh confusin AB still look a lil bit smaller (even though there the same size)

  • bharti

    i think bc is litle bit longer..

  • its all equall simple math

  • syna

    both the same…ac is also same lenght

  • Jeran Ruelo D.

    both the same lenght, the line in the center is the one made you confusing,;-)

  • boaz

    cover the horizontal lines across b and you will see!

  • Jenny

    its simple really
    it only looks like line ab is shorter because of the line in the middle which is leaning towards ab