Lenticular Look At Steve Job’s Life

Months may have already passed since Steve Jobs passed away, but as long as Apple survives thanks to the man’s brilliant innovations, his memory lives on. Just in case there were any doubts about Mr. Jobs’ legacy though, fans have been working on their own ways to immortalize the late CEO. From action figures to a Facebook-organized holiday, people across the globe have been creating a variety of tributes.

While many of these are interesting, few are suitable for MoIllusions, but this great graffiti project spotted on Bond Street in New York City by Twitpic user Kennycity certainly is.

While any graffiti tribute would take some time and forethought (assuming the artist didn’t want to be arrested in the process), this lenticular portrait took even more time to put together as the creator had to figure out the angle his work would be viewed at and to ensure it went up straight in order for the illusion to work. In case you were curious what it looks like from the wrong angle, her is a side view:

As if all this weren’t impressive enough, the artist didn’t just stop with the face of the late Mr. Jobs, he also created the image to portray a young Steve Jobs when viewed from the opposite direction, giving the viewer a quick look at the aging process of the visionary.

While there are no indications as to who put up the artwork (one of the drawbacks of being a graffiti artist), they certainly live up to Apple’s slogan and “think different.”

16 Replies to “Lenticular Look At Steve Job’s Life”

  1. it be alot more impressive if it were actually drawn (see the edges to each piece) their cutouts… not hard to figure out the angle, its up to the viewer to position themselves – so as long as everything is lined up

  2. Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were the greatest opportunists of our time. They knew how to take an idea (not necessarily their own) and run with it. And they changed our lives forever.

  3. Nice, but I don’t entirely see what’s lenticular about these images. Lenticular means ‘lens shaped’ or ‘lens related’, so I fail to see the connection here.

  4. This is great, but it could be done much better with adjusting for depth perception. Instead of all equal segments, the ones closer to you should gradually get smaller. I am going to give it a try..

  5. This “illusion” has been done many times before and I believe many other better examples on this site. It’s an interesting effect but not the most brilliant.
    The content is getting a little tiring, same old photo, same old comments. yawwnnn! He’s dead! Move on!

  6. This is a monument to Nelson Mandela, in Howick, South Africa. From the correct angle, the 50 steel columns depict his face. It commemorates 50 years since Mandela was arrested and charged with treason at this location. Designed by Marco Cianfanelli. Unveiled 2012.


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