Lego Land “Relativity” Inspired by MC Escher

Daniel Shiu and Andrew Lipson must have worked their butt off to construct these wonderfull Lego recreations of Escher’s work! They started this project after they finished rendition of Escher’s “Ascending and Descending”, making it 4th Escher picture rendered in LEGO. No camera magic tricks (like David Blaine uses ;), but the picture was taken from exactly the right place. Be sure first to view original Escher’s picture “Relativity” and then jump to Lipson’s original website, where he provided many amazing pictures of their creations! Enjoy!

26 Replies to “Lego Land “Relativity” Inspired by MC Escher”

  1. Awesome pic! My co-worker has a poster of the original hanging in her office, so I sent her a copy. Cool site!

  2. This is awesome! I love it!

    I really enjoyed browsing your site. Great compilation of really nifty things!

  3. Hi there. :)
    Just discored your great site last night.

    This Lego building caught my attention right away. I’ve been following David Bowie’s work for years now, and Escher’s Relativity was used in the movie “Labyrinth” he played a part in.
    They had a baby crawling the stairs, and with some tricks they made Bowie actualy “walk” around the corners and all.

    Hugz&Stuff, A12

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