Laser Lady Illusion

Obviously inspired by our previous post, David Kossin submitted his cool photos. He wrote: “Enclosed is my illusion of a laser-generated human, similar to “The Laser Cup” Illusion. Also is my version of a coffee mug. Enjoy! P.S. Love the site and the new Dashboard Widget, Gratz!” For the explanation how to do similar illusion photo, you can read Michaels explanation from our previous post. Another nice lady silhouette illusion can be found here. This laser things got really popular. Be sure to see another one inside this post! I’ve been seeing similar stuff all over the net lately! Here are few more silhouette illusions for you: silhouette in the dark, nose lady illusion… Don’t ask me why, but this illusion brings back memories of one of our first real-life illusion published on this site – The Invisible Cloak (plus its belonging video clips).

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