Karate Kung-Fu Bunny Flyin at You!

One of our fans, Remy Porter just sent us these cool gif animations! It’s simmilar to our previous Christophere Walken Illusion, as well as Scary Illusion (no.4 I think). Both can be found in the sidebar, under Celebreties, or Scary Illusions. This “scary” bunny appears like he is growing forever, eventhough this animation is made out of four frames only, and loops forever. Chek it with Adobe Photoshop if you don’t beleive me! Thanks Remy! Also be sure to check out another illusion from Remy, second one, where the bunnies are forever approaching each other – Bunny War. Remy wrote:

“This cute kung-fu bunny comes a’flyin at you!”

28 Replies to “Karate Kung-Fu Bunny Flyin at You!”

  1. i hardly ever comment on these but i just had to comment on this one – i thought it was so cute!! hehe – another illusion i thought of, at the cinema when they have the light shining on the curtain before the morvie starts – has anyone ever thought that the light is getting bigger and oming towards you but when you look at it carefully its plain to see that it isn’t moving?

  2. Oh he’s ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! If you look about 15cm to the right of the bunny it really looks like he’s getting closer :o

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