July Full Moon Illusion

Did anyone catch the full moon the other night? It was big and bright and just plain beautiful! It was also theĀ first full moon of this month. That’s right, there’s not just one July full moon, but there are two this month! The second July full moon, known as a blue moon, will take place on July 31st. Did you know that the July full moon is also called the thunder moon, due to the increased thunderstorm activity during the month? It’s also called the full buck moon, because this is the time of year that male deer start getting their antlers.

In honor of our first July full moon of the month, I figured a little moon illusion was in order…


This moon illusion depicts a large bright full moon coming up behind two lovers that appear to be sitting on a balcony touching hands. Looking at the picture a little closer, though, do you see something a little more sinister?

Upon closer inspection, this full moon illusion looks like a skull. It definitely makes for a pretty creepy moon illusion, don’t you think?

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