Julian Beever is Back… Again!

If you thought 3D chalk drawings were dead, then think again! They’re back baby, and they’re here to stay! It has passed so much time since we last talked about them, the irony is we probably need to re-introduce Julian Beever, a pioneer artist when it comes to anamorphic pavement art. Which of these few drawings you find the most realistic? Could any of them fool you if you encountered them in real life? Which one did you find the most interesting? Tell me, tell me…

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  1. D water one with the big-headed freak would have foled me preaty well! I fal really easily 4 dis kind of stuff.

  2. The covered image is great. Even knowing the illusions, I thought on first glance it was waiting to be uncovered to expose the image. All are great images.

  3. Nice set, this.

    The brilliance of the hidden Mona Lisa one is in how Julian made the sidewalk tiles work in the illusion. The tiles came of ‘natural’, as seen through the transparency of the film / plastic.

  4. The one with the bird landing in the water really had me there for a second. I think this type of art is awesome.

  5. I’ve seen better, and what the hell is wrong with that second picture? it looks like the wrong perspective to me.

  6. i like the one where it looks like they a pooring money into a drain XD, probably because it looks the most believeable.

  7. In the first one, the actual edging and tunnel part looked very realistic but the man looked too much like a drawing to be real. I liked them all, ecspecially the last 2!

  8. The last one gets my goat with the kid standing on the edge, I can’t hardly believe the others. The plastic covered Mona Lisa is very good, I’d probably look twice. Still, even tho I wasn’t fooled, what an artist!

  9. These are really good! We need some for tomorrow! The fly spray? The piles of gold? Redo them!!!!!!!!

  10. As always with Beaver – Like it!

    But it would be nice, if i is possible to see the paintings from other angles! How does it look from the other sides??
    Anyone know any links to pictures like that?

  11. As usual this guy is fantastic! I love them all but my favourite is the one with the baby peering over the side. Yes I know that it is not real but there is no way that would walk on any of them. Too SCARED!

  12. Is that kid about to jump of that building in the fifth one? I’m pretty sure she knows it’s fake because of the angle she’s at.

  13. Dang, all those are EXCELLENT. I think the pipe one is the most realistic but they all look real. But I think I like the water one the best. The water looks so real.

  14. whats with the fourth one? whos the man in the costume suppose to be? anyways i like the one about the underground pipes

  15. that one with the man and the girl about to jump off the building is creeping me out…im gonna have nightmares… oh and i really like this website :D

  16. The problem with the second question is the fact that you don’t know which side of the picture you will see first. The trick with these is that you have to come in at a certain side and angle to see the picture.

  17. I like the one on the bottom left cuz the little child really thinks it is 3D and looks like he/she is looking down which really adds to the 3D-ness of it.

  18. i see justin biebers name to lol omg int wtf fmb gyauh laghf out loud oh my gosh what the fuck fuck me baby get your ass up here thats what these all mean lol nice street drawing

  19. Man, I wish I had the talent to create this kind of art ! ! !

    This is another ” type ” of my favorite illusions ! ! !

    Well done to the artist(s). Excellent work ! !

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