John Van Straalen’s Purple Mountains Majesty


Julia King from England, UK submitted this spot the object illusion. You should try and see how many hidden animals can you find. Basically it’s really similar to our previous Hidden Eagles illusion. If this isn’t enough, you should also check: Horse’s Head, Mountain Heads, Machu Picchu, Many Faces, More Faces and much, much more in spot the object category.

Here’s what Julia wrote about her submission: “Firstly, just wanted to say – wicked site!! I love looking at optical illusions, as unobservant as I am :) Thought I’d submit an illusion I found, it’s pretty cool! See how many animals you can see in the mountain. I think I have 6, but that’s probably not a comprehensive list!! Bear, Eagle, 2 Goats, Puma, Wolf… The painting is called Purple Mountains Majesty and the artist is John Van Straalen. Hope you like it!”

  • Fumbledog

    i see four, a bear a horse, a tiger, and an antalope

  • ^_^

    coolio im the first to comment! this is awsome! i see alot of animals and stuff. the picture looks almost real!

  • scannersharkly

    bear, goat, ram, wolf, eagle

  • freefromdesign

    I see all six she did, though one of the two “goats” she saw is actually a big horn sheep.

  • speedyvick

    i see 7. i am 100% sure on 6 though. i found all the animals that julia found in the intro. im not a sure the one i see is actually an animal. there is a wolf all the way on the right, thats the one people are missing, i beleive, great pic though, i love this site!

  • Josué

    i see 6! and to ^_^…ur not the first to comment i’m sorry to break the news to you. :(

  • V

    bear, cougar, wolf, eagle, mountain goat, bighorn ram

  • bobo

    i c 7

  • Clay

    I see a crocodille. It’s made up of the moss sticking out close to the eagle.

  • me


  • lion_prnt

    i see 6 items, a bear, a wolf, a eagle, a antelope, a mountain lion, and a ram

  • kdawghomie

    Very cool! It’s hard to tell what some of them are, but I see quite a few animals (not just in the mountain), including: a bear, 2 eagles (one obvious, one hidden), 2 goats, a puma-like thing, an owl head, a wolf, an alligator (or crocodile?), a bobcat, and a fish-like thingy.

  • :)

    thats too easy

  • PERSON (and very random to boot)

    goat, bear, wolf, coyote, eagle, antelope(or that might be another goat), … uhh.. I can’t see anything else in the mountains…

    does that bit of green look like a snake? or is that just my imagination?

  • Sheridan

    I think I see 8

    lower 1/3 of snow – left to right–bird chick, goat, bear,hawk

    middle 1/3 of snow – left to right – goat, flying eagle, wolf, bear.

  • swimmers are so much better

    i see a wolf,an eagle(in the mountain not over the lake),a goat,a ram,a mountain lion i think it is,and a bear.thats really cool…i just thought i might add that!

  • delayed

    why are all comments delayed? people think they are first whern their second. Anyway, about the illiusion. I see 6 for sure, and mabye 7.

  • delayed

    Wait, now i see 9 mabye 10.

  • \m/

    i see 5… all in the mountain eagle, wolf, tiger, bear, horse, antalope… 6 including the eagle near the lake…

  • Zig

    Also a bobcat and a wolf- the wolf looks good

  • Me

    I got 6 too. ;^)

  • Halley

    What I see (besides the obvious eagle): wolf, cougar, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, vulture, and bear.

  • adam

    from left to right, bottom up, a goat, bear, cougar, ram eagle wolf

  • :-)

    i see six they are:
    bear, two goats, puma and a wolfjust like him

  • whoo!

    that was pretty easy.
    I see a ram, an eagle, a bear, a bobcat, a dog, a dophin, a horse, and some other things i dont know the names of.

  • hehe

    i see 6!!!

  • Sammy

    I SEE 13!!!!!

    Two eagles
    Two rans
    1 goat
    Two felines
    2 bears
    3 wolfs
    1 snake


    I’ve found at least 7 animals …

  • fun_stuff_yeah

    i see well the eagel obviously. and a ram, a goat, a wolf, a pig, another eagel, a bear, – 7

  • >.<

    There’s a goat, a ram, a bear, an eagle, a cougar, and a wolf in the mountain…and the eagle flyin in da front….

  • <3

    it looks like there is a human face toward the top of the mountain, like a mask, or its a dogs head… it looks a little like both… this is an AMAZING painting!!

  • Amanda

    I see a bear, an eagle, another eagle (the obvious one) a horse, a fox, a goat, a ram (I think that is what that is) A mountain lion or something, and that is it

  • katz

    wicked! i c six animals! mostly in mtn.

  • Cameron

    I see two fairly discrete rows, with (in no particular order) a bighorn sheep, wolf, eagle, and some kind of cat in the top row, and in the bottom row a bear, goat, and three I can’t figure out what they are. One kinda looks like a fox, one kinda looks like another goat in profile, and the other one would look like a cat if it didn’t have something sticking straight forward out of its forehead.

  • nope

    i see six in the mountain, but no horses…

  • VillageIdiot

    I see a naked woman!

  • Sheridan

    I think I have seen 9

    Lower 1/3 of snow — left to right — bird chick, goat, bear, hawk, lizard,
    middle 1/3 – goat, eagle, wolf, bear.

  • Sheridan

    lower 1/3 of snow, left to right — bird chick, goat, bear, hawk, lizard
    middle 1/3 snow, seft to right — goat, eagle, wolf, bear…

  • Look closely

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed the big eagle above the lake in the foreground. Everyone is talking about the ones on the mountain but forgets the obvious.

  • d-_-b

    i see…

    kisses !

  • ;)

    I see a cow… amongst other things

  • Foxx

    There are so many! the eagle in the fore ground is not hidden, the post clearly says find the hidden creatures

  • M & M

    Top left to bottom right
    Big Horn Sheep, Cow, eagle, wolf
    Antelope, Bear, cougar
    I sure am glad someone else saw the cow, reading the comments, I started to think I was the only one

  • krystal with a "k"



  • Sweety Pie

    i found a Big horn Ram, a goat, a bear, an eagle, a wolf, and a cougar… that’s awesome…

  • Anonymous

    i also kinda se a buffalo or a bison right next to the ram

  • Anonymous

    is this photoshpped or real?!?

  • caro

    i see 10 animals

  • deveerei

    i see an ant at the top ,i used a electron microscope!

  • Anonymous

    wow this is awesome! i can see a…
    croc i think in the grass a goat a bear a wolf a ram a eagle like wo water a dowgy an summit else i cant make out XD

  • Chris

    I can see jesus! is this normal. in the mid-top right !!!?!?!?

  • Joseph

    behind the antelope is a train. don’t tell me where that came from. :7

  • Anonymous

    i see 13 animals

  • Anonymous

    anyone see the racoon?

  • Laura :) it just me or is there a rabbit in the trees just above the eagles wing?? and that clump of grass next to the eagle kinda looks like a crocodile??

  • Anonymous

    i see 8! (although one is the eagle that everyone proberbly ignors)

  • Anonymous

    does anybody see a porcupine by the eagles wing in the trees?

  • Anonymous

    I c 11.

  • Anonymous

    looking at the wolf follow the underside and you will see a little rat like thing sleeping.
    look at the eye of the wolf and you will see a tail for a rabbit leaping off the mountain or you could make it a chipmunk. the nose of the wolf is a leg of another animal kinda biting into the back of the rabbit.
    the rams horn is the underside of the antelope chin
    down in the left corner and you see a small tiger creeping forward it’s paw is touching a tree making a bird flying
    can you see something biting the ear of the bear?
    look at it long enough and you can see a whole bunch of things

  • Chaos

    I see a bear, ox, cougar thing, wolf, and an antelope.

  • Anonymous

    two goats, eagle, wolf, tiger, and bear

  • Suki

    A ram, a goat, a bear, a wolf, a cougar, and an eagle…I saw them all at first glance. But, I swear there’s a rat or some kind of small rodent in there under the wolf. I can’t tell…

  • samantha

    ive seen everything every1 else has seen but im pretty sure i c a tortoise bottom right of picture in the water what do u reckon?

  • Anonymous

    i found seven a bear,eagle,ram,goat,wolf,antalope, and a mountain lion

  • Anonymous

    im not sur if thats fotoshop or not

  • Anonymous

    I see Dead People

  • Anonymous

    an owl to the left of the 2 goats.
    3 eagles: one is obvious, one is flying facing the goat and a bit above the bear, one standing big eagle (the peak of the mountain is its shoulder, and it’s facing left)

    great picture.

  • cool!

  • me

    I can see a vivid looking angry chinese man

    • Tygerlair

      The Chinese man, if he’s above the Bear is a Hunter with a gun.

  • Random Freak

    I’ve seen something like this on a book cover… “the book of dreams” i think

  • Slaven

    yeah, eagle. is there anything between eagle and that capricorn- im not shore. whit that 7

  • ganjatoka

    weird..i see nothing but clowns

  • akustaur

    i see a shark

  • GODzilla

    Oh man I see it! It’s supposed to look like a eagle diving towards the water, right?

  • preson

    i c 9

  • i c a ram, antelope, eagle, bear, wolf, hippo, pig or bore, dog, otter, and a whale.

  • dave

    is this painting worth anything ???

  • Iroquois

    i see 2 eagles actually, look in the middle of the moutain but a little top rightish at the same time.

  • cometrudolph

    i see a bear, antelope, ram, mountain lion, wolf and the eagle right there

  • Holly Xiong

    I see a duck right on the bottom of the wolf’s chin….o-o

  • Nabeel

    Hello! there is a bear, ram, antelope, lion, wolf, dear, owl and eagle

    • Brittany

      I see a Bear, Ram, Mount. Goat, Mount. Lion, Wolf and Eagle.

  • Jamie

    Goat, Antelope, bear, eagle, wolf, cougar/puma, cardinal,

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