John Lennon Optical Illusion

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Regarding illusion of the day, here we have what it seems a simple black and white striped block, while theres famous celebrity John Lennon (The Beatles) hiding somewhere inside it. Can you spot him? If not try to move away from our screen. You can also try and squint your eyes to see him. It’s really identical to Jesus in vodka cover. If you like these kind of illusions, you can also check Soulwax album cover, as well as our famous test, where you can see if you’re color blind.

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  1. It is simple..these lines are smaller to see the light parts en larger in the shadow parts.;not much..but enough..

  2. omg! at first i was like, wtf is this. then i looked from a distance and turned my head a little. wow. really amazing.

  3. preaty cool, i agree with omg! WTF is it ( the last commet. but then i looked from the distence! i love it! don’t you guys agree?!

  4. i am colorblind. Just mildly though. I have tried every which way other people have suggested. None worked… What did work was when i put my head lower than the screen then moved my head side to side… Cool illusion

  5. Thats awesome, how does it work? Just seems like a buncha straight lines. What worked for me was looking at it from about 45 degrees at a distance.

  6. It’s an easy illusion to make. The “white” lines look white but if you magnify them, they contain subtle shades of grey to form the hidden image.

    Very effective though………

  7. I asked my teacher of Semiotics of visual rappresentation about how this illusion might work.
    This is the answer:

    I can not say out of hand who first produced this image, but Nicholas Wade will eb able to tell you a good deal about it. For now, I can only say that there are two ways to produces this type of illusion. The first is to produce the image with fine variations in width of the black and white stripes. The image of Lennon would than appear with either distal viewing or peripheral viewing. Another way to produce this image – and it is the way in which this specific image has been created – is to take a low contrast binary image of lennon, and to superimpose a high contrast pattern of stripes over it. With proximal viewing, the stripes dominate perceptual grouping, whereas the lower spatial frequencies dominate for distal viewing (at greater viewing distances, the stripes constitute a higher spatial frequency component, and thus the stripes may tend to ‘cancel’ one another). The luminance contrast transfer function of the visual system by Campell and Roberts partly accounts for this.

    I think that this page could also be useful to start some research: Gestalt psychology.

  8. thats cool… you can also see it beter if you move the window back and forth.. not too fast but not too slow… try it

  9. This is awesome–I just turned my screen back and voila! I had it. I know that’s cheating, but it is still cool. How did the artist make it?

    –Willow, Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 9:06 PM

  10. I can see the “hidden” images easily if I remove my glasses. I have an astigmatism (at 90 degrees) in each eye. Pretty cool huh.

  11. Wow! I can’t see if i have my glasses on, but take them off and i can =D

    Very cool but i don’t like the beatles … at all :(

  12. At first it looked like Klaus Beaudulaire, but after staring for a minute, the face dissapeared & I started seeing chartruece colored jigsaw swirles where the face was, then the face reappeared but looked like George Washington, then I started seeing verticle lines all over the screen & was unable to read text for a few moments. The secong time I tried this, instead of seeing lines all over the sdreen, I saw multicolored static, like what you see on TV. I don’t think my brain liked this one.

  13. move back it actually helps you see him and getting really close makes it harder so don’t and it gives me a head ache and also wheels on the bus go orund and round i don’t care i fi spell some of this wong to bad

  14. Could someone tell me how to create this? Just point me to a website that could answer this question. I am searching myself, but in vain ! :(

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