Jesus Returns!

Everything can be seen in two ways, but what about mustaches?
Everything can be seen in two ways, but what about mustaches?

If there is any particular topic I receive record number of submissions for (more than cloud formations) – it would be “Jesus”. It appears people see Jesus everywhere. But if you think our savior returned by burning himself into your toast, that doesn’t automatically qualify it as regular optical illusion.

Still, some of these submissions DO qualify for Mighty Optical Illusions‘ “picture of the day”. For example, I have included three of them into this post. The third illusion is somehow unsafe (so I included it as link only). It still makes a nice resemblance, though. If you’re easily offended, please don’t click this link. The second one can be seen on your right. I like how the author made every part of the painting have double function; ie. “Big Jesus’s” eye can also represent a cloth hanging from the cross, torso of the Jesus on the cross may be seen as a nose of the Big Jesus as well, etc… Only thing I’m not really sure about is the left mustache of the Big Jesus. What does it represent on the small Jesus? Please help me.

Another interesting photo was submitted by Stals. He wrote the full background, so let’s give him opportunity him explain it:  “First off Let me give you a little background about this image. I live in Northeast Philadelphia. My mom’s house is on the 4100 block of Hellerman Street in the Mayfair section. When I was 13 years old, a local phenomenon happened! Two blocks from my house a tree had been recently trimmed by city workers to get the branches away from the telephone wires and other wires in the area. One night someone noticed that as the streetlight came on you could see a clear image of Jesus hanging from the cross! It isn’t there any more unfortunately. The sight brought people from all over the world and blocked off the block. The local people on the block decided it was best to have the tree trimmed again to eliminate the illusion. This was Sterling streets claim to fame. They even made headlines on MTV news! That was pretty exciting to a 13 year old. What do you guys think? There were thousands of pictures sold and thousands upon thousands came to see it. It’s a shame that it’s all but forgotten now.”

Northeast Philadelphia, Apparition of Jesus Christ
Northeast Philadelphia, Apparition of Jesus Christ
  • I think the left moustache is the loose end of small Jesus’ loin cloth blowing (slightly) in the wind.

    Great images. Took a while to figure out the third one – and I’m not sure I got it right, but I think that is the back end of a dog!

  • pineapple jo

    Jesus this is a boring illusion

  • michelle leonards

    I LOVE JESUS!!! this is a good illustion
    hhaha im the first one on this comment thingy!!

  • michelle leonards

    oh i just noticed the second one wow good lighting is all i can say.

  • Nebbit

    sorry, but this is poor. Moi illusions can do sooooo much better than this. All of the other illusions are great, but i feel this one is poor. Sorry.

  • cool left side of mustache represents jesus on cross’s legs and dont get why there are big eyes at top of first picture (on this page)

  • also i see two jesus and the big eyes

  • Looks like Jesus got wood in the last picture.

    By the way in the illusion of Big jesus, have you noticed the eyes above the closed eyes that are formed by the ‘cloth’ and Small jesus’ head.
    Don’t know where big Jesus’ lips come from though…

  • Padlock13

    I don’t get it. It’s a picture of a tree..?

    • vic

      i think its jesus on a cross in the middle brach

  • frogmtm

    I think the left mustache is His cloth blowing in the wind

  • No one,

    that is soo COOL!!! lol that’s sweet!

  • Burn On. ~Pyro~

    Ugh what happened to the hobo’s right leg? It looks horrible.

    Wait a minute, I don’t see Jesus anywhere. The only things that resemble humans look like battered hobos.

  • Spider

    Jesus Christ! It’s… Jesus.


    Unfortunately I couldn’t see the second one (or the third one on the thumbnails), you know, that you said “can be seen on the right.” No, it can’t. Not by me, anyway. But I think the problem is not on my part, but on yours, because I can see everything else, including the thumbnail of that image.

    The first one, the unsafe one, is hilarious! I’m laughing my a$$ off (pun definitely intended) seeing that one! But I also think it’s photoshopped.

    The third one is the coolest and creepiest. I loved this ones, Vurdlak! Great job!

    A comment for fellow fans, if you don’t mind: please STOP saying first! It’s moronic, meaningless (even if you were, which in most times you weren’t,) and definitely shows that you’re not using your brain! Here’s why:

    The comment you post isn’t instantly received and displayed on this page. Read the message after you post: “your post is waiting to be moderated” or something like that. It means your comment is received, but Vurdlak has to read it and approve it first, before it can be displayed (and mine would probably be disapproved, for being too long and off topic.) So…

    Even when you see no comment DISPLAYED when you post yours, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is no comment before yours. There could be tens of comments already received by Vurdlak that he hasn’t had the chance to read and approve yet at the moment you post your comment. You just don’t know it. And Vurdlak would display it according to the order of arrival time.

    One definitive clue is the rating stars. Because it IS instantly received, calculated and displayed. So even when there’s no comment displayed, yet you see the stars and there are voters already voted on the ratings, then you can bet your sorry a$$ that there are comments already sent to Vurdlak, waiting to be moderated.

    Why can you be sure? Because, on the last post (the bending line illusion), I posted my comment when there were NO votes on the ratings yet. Even then I wasn’t sure I’d be the first to comment. And it turned out that mine was the fifth comment. AND…

    Someone had the nerve to say first (with conviction) when his comment was actually the 20th. Count it yourself if you don’t believe me. It’s just on the previous illusion, the bending line illusion. Now isn’t that pathetic? Not to mention annoying.

    And what if you really ARE the first to comment? Does that give you pride? Does that make you special? GET a life and STOP saying first!


  • Lin

    It’s the loin cloth blowing in the wind

  • Anonymous

    Personally I find the image behind the link the best. I immediately saw Jesus and had to look again to identify what I actually was looking at. When I realised what it was it made me laugh!
    A good joke lies in the unexpected pun!

  • bas

    interesting illusion, as always :)
    i also have a wuestion, how can you post a suggestion for an next illusion, cause i’ve seen a cool one.

  • bas

    oops, nevermind, it was already posted. :$

  • Brian

    Sorry, I rated it only 2 stars after looking at the two front pictures…if I’d looked at the “unsafe” one first, I would have rated it 5 stars for sure, that one is great!!

  • S Lyle

    The left mustache (and mouth?) on ‘Big Jesus’ is probably supposed to represent some of the cloth that was wrapped around the waist of ‘Small Jesus’ that is blowing out away from him.

  • autumn

    I think the mustache of Jesus is part of his loin cloth. I may be wrong but just a thought.

  • Sam

    thats……… interesting :P

  • Lily

    awww truly a miracle
    and still people dont believe

  • Vulture Pulcher

    I love the dog jesus one

  • Detective Kitty

    i see the mustache as legs….

  • Cara

    These pics are amazing. The left mustache could be a leg or a tail. The confusing thing is the extra leg from knee down that isn’t connected to the small Jesus. The unsafe pic is of a dog’s rear end with tail and two legs. The head is his anus. You’re right. This one is actually disrespectful and definitely Photoshopped.

  • Resa

    maybe the mustach is part of little jesus’s cloth wrapped around his waist and part of it is just blowing to the side cuz its windy in the picture

  • the left moustache looks like that cloth he wore

  • Jeff

    “Saaave meee Jebus!!” -Homer Simpson

    I can’t see much of anything in the tree pic, sounds like a lot of fuss over a borderline illusion…

  • Oversword

    very good, the third (second on the page) is questionable but you can see how some of those crazed Christian extremist would assume it’s their long-lost saviour returning in tree form.

  • near

    left part of the moustache is a piee of cloth hanging from small jesus’ waits flowing in the breeze

  • The Mustaches represent the cloth around the groin of the small Jesus (on the crucifix) i guess… doesn’t it?!

  • Chad

    I Didn’t really get the second one but the first one is cool

  • Maura

    Have there really been no posts about this? These are really cool, love the tree in Philly

  • smileyface


  • Child of God (Hope)


  • Denise Cancie

    Where can I buy this picture

  • Donna

    Yes, the one of the tree is… just a tree!

  • Donna

    What’s with the “first” weirdo? When someone says “first”, it simply means they’re about to state their first point, followed by other points. Keep your hostilities and inner anger off the internet, please, so others can simply enjoy what they see.

  • Fifi

    What I don’t get the seconded one….i just don’t see it. Can someone please show me where he even is???

  • Superganj

    Jesus was a real dude he wasn’t gods son….. This isn’t Jesus. People who travel from far and wide to see crap like this are hopeless. People who believe this kind of thing is more than just imagination and coincidence are doomed to live a boring life, with nothing in the end but a box and some dirt. Or Fire if cremation is your way to go.

  • Superganj

    I agree with SPIDER! These stupid “first” things are everywhere!

  • robert

    Jesus is real, he is in the trees, the ocean, the sky, the earth, he is the centrality. Omnipresent, omniscient, and all that ever was, He is the WORD, the TRUTH and everything that ever was. He is my hope, my savior, my everything that ever was. Put your faith, trust and hope in Him and you will not be disappointed. We are all his family if only we allow it. Tha is ALL he asks. Sinner Robert…

  • Cool, redundent and boring at least!

  • The more and more I go through this site, the more I am fascinated by it all. For me I would say its a loin cloth that is around his body, but many people will maybe say otherwise, it all depends on what that person sees at that moment.

  • nobody

    for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whosoever beleives in him shall not perish but have everlasting life

    JOHN 3:16

  • ricardux XD

    In the second image as that Jesús’s head is dark and as that nothing any more one sees his hair.

  • Tammy

    Where can I buy this picture at?

  • David Byrnes

    The illusion at the top of the page is really incredible, IF you get to see the entire painting. This is just a small portion of the original, and not very good resolution

  • Moillusions lover

    Cool jesus is creating a picture of himself

  • Mathew Hayes

    I took the image to represent the father; son; and the holy ghost (the trinity). But I’m no Christian , what do I know?

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