Jenkins Animated Face Illusion


Just saw a fascinating TED talk the other day, titled “Is our Universe The Only Universe?” by Brian Greene. In fact, the speaker was so good with his presentational skills he was almost too good to be true. For a minute there I even doubted this guy was actually a theoretical physicist. I thought to myself: “he has to be some kind of phoney; an ordinary marketer, day-to-day philosopher throwing unsupported claims and phrases at us, whose whole purpose is to shock and make a spectacle”.

But then it hit me – I know this guy from before! I even read one of his books, The Elegant Universe. Brian Greene is truly a genius, one I have appreciated for a very long time. It takes a true genius to simplify such complex thematic, and present it in an appealing way so everyone can understand and enjoy it. I warmly recommend you to check his TED talk! Oh, and for the illusion – well, you’ll figure this one yourselves!

  • L

    well, it’s a… head, that goes farther away… and illusion?

    • Clayen19

      Her eyes are looking in the other direction as it gets farther away.

    • lebrone

      his right :D

  • Sam

    um? I don’t get this.

  • Izhar

    Moving of eye balls from Left to right (on screen).

  • Haha, first she is looking left, then crosses her eyes, then is looking right. Still it is the same photo. Good illusion!

    • Charnel

      Glad you said that, ’cause I didn’t see it until I read your comment.

  • Pseudonym

    That’s sorta creepy.

  • Josh

    Ooooh neat. Her point of focus switches sides once the image gets very small.

    Poor girl. I really hope those eyes are photoshopped.

  • Anonymous

    No, I DON’T get it!

  • Ace

    Is it supposed to look like he’s looking the other direction?

  • Pseudonym

    That’s sorta creepy…

  • eric

    i guess shes looking to right when its really small… but just shitty quality

    • eric

      right side shadow over powers left side faint iris (but it is there)

  • Care Bear

    I know someone who looks like this. I guess the eyes have it.

  • I

    shes looking to her left,instead of having no pupils or irises (first?)

  • Joe

    Great post!

    I got really mad when you (initially) said that you thought Brian Greene was a fake, an unsubstantial quack.

    The very thought!

    I’m glad you knew who he is though. In fact, everyone should know who his is, and watch his NOVA series ‘The Elegant Universe’, which is totally awesome, very informational, and just plain out-of-this-world.

    Neat illusion too. ;)

  • breandan

    I agree, I think Brian Greene is a genius too. I like him as much as I like Dr. Machio Kaku. I always felt S. Hawking, meaning no disrespect, was laughing at me.
    BTW- I got it

    PS Do theoretical physicists have fan clubs?

    • eric

      no but they have groupies ;)
      you’re so wrong though – hawkings is a great guy; better even than the former 2
      watch S.H. How the Universe Works (3 parter)

  • Yep

    Don’t see any illusion, just a blurry face.

  • Richard

    THe llusion is in the eye which actually do not change at all. What happens is that the shadow on the right corner as it gets smaller gets darker and appears to be the eye pupil. But if you look closely at the very light colored pupils they do not move they get lighter as the image gets smaller and eventuially ‘disappear’.

  • Magpiez

    Even after being told what the supposed illusion is, I still cant see it. Yes up close the subtle shadows could very very vaguely be construed as looking screen left then later when smaller the definition is lost and the darker shadows near the centre of the face could if you are desperate enough be construed as looking screen right, but jeez its one hell of a long stretch of the imagination even when you try.

    nice idea but not well executed

  • dan

    She is looking to the left all of the time; where do you focus your eyes to be able to see a shift of her eyes?

  • Tom

    watch her eyes, great illusion

  • marcy

    Warning! I am revealing the illusion
    Her eyes starts to look in the opposite direction!

  • Tonya

    I have watched this many times and though I know what I am suppose to see, I really don’t see it. I can force myself to imagine what is suppose to be there but when it gets smaller the eyes just seem to get blurry rather than move. IDK I guess just not one for me.

  • Patti

    I don’t get it either.

  • Dave

    boy or girl doesn’t matter….this one is LAME

  • klikmac

    the eyes are always looking lef, but the shadow on the right is very dark. it appears as the eyes.

  • minecaricature


  • Tony

    Should-A gone to Specsavers!

  • tienuien

    well.. this “illusion” pritty bad. Seen better ones here.

  • Bipin

    Eyes changed direction at very last moment. subsequently it started happening earlier.
    Good one

  • leslie

    I GET IT! there is a shadow on her eye and her real eyes blend a lot with the white and when it gets further away you cant see her real eye color so the shadow makes her eyes look the other way!

  • Pranjal

    waste o time…

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