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    1. Hhiii guys I no the trick what u have to do is look at the white to see the girl and black for the male jazz Thingy ps I’m 10 I go to Mackay west state school and I’m to cool for school hhhaaa hahaha and if u don’t get the picture by now then use r total lozers don’t be mad at me it’s UR dolt I’m putting in a comment Hahah

  1. i redrew this and made her right eye a bird flying by… and just below a tree lookin’ ting to make up her jaw and ear… anyway… wha’ever in’it!?

  2. I believe the Artist render’s the true meaning of jazz {or music in general) being a way of life. It is both the performer’s music as well as it’s a Lady. For example, my wife would say to people that she has to share her life with “The other woman”: my music [Jazz]. Dexter Gordon often would refer to his music as his “lady”. “Lucille” is the name of B.B. King’s Guitar, etc. There have been many parallels all throughout time with music being the “Lady” or the “other Woman”.
    I sawboth sides of the illusion almost immediately and this is one of my favorites, now.
    Later people,

  3. Isnt it if you see the woman first youre left brained (intellect dominates)and if you see the saxophone player, you are right brained (creativity and language dominates)?

  4. to "NELONEN": the right eye of the woman is the musician's chin…

    in rresponse to "ADRIAAAAAAAN": idk if u read CYRANO DE BERGERAC for school (aka:the storyline for the movie ROXANNE). but that musician is most definitely related to cyrano!!!:D

    i <3 the WORLD(feeling cray cray and HYPER-ACTIVE(!) right now!)

  5. I see:
    A Woman
    A Musician

    But does anyone see the rooster sighing?
    Focus on the black but look lower. The Sax and the hand make a slight open jaw , and look more up , you see a white eye with a black pupil looking upwards ,and you can see the sax players head looks like hair.

  6. I thought it was Great! And I saw both,a good one..as for those that are complaining,well,they need to see what they are typing,or look at what there doing..gee! I make mistakes, whatz the biggy! It’s O.K.

    Big Sis

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