Irina Kuznetsova’s Impossible World

What the hell...?
What the hell...?

Posting each impossible object as a separate post was logical in the beginning. When I started this site, all of the impossible objects made a stand-alone unique experience for my audience. But over the time Mighty Optical Illusions website has built a database of over 10,000 optical illusions, hundreds of them representing some kind of impossible object in one way, or another. You probably realized by now, how it makes no sense posting each slight variation of Necker Cube, or Unity Triangle as a stand-alone article anymore. This is why I concentrated on posting bundles of illusions from same artist as one-post gallery. On the other hand, you may see me group similar illusions from various artists under one categorical title (ie. Ultimate Murals Gallery). I’m doing this to spare your time, while giving you extra shots wrapped with single background text. This is one of the reasons why today’s post would make no sense, would it be scattered in dozen of single-photo articles. I hope you share my view!

Irina and her Wonder Table
Irina and her Wonder Table

Irina Kuznetsova is an artist whose name I either spelled wrong, or there is not much info about her to be found on the web. Anyway, Irina is the artist behind these CG (Computer Generated) photos. Even though her pictures are produced digitally, and don’t exist in real world – it doesn’t make her art less worthy. We already proved how these can be produced in real-life (check this and this article).

Irina’s signature can be found in most of her works. She seamlessly integrates a “copy” of herself inside the photo, resulting her virtual interaction with the object. This adds additional complexity to her works, not to mention Sexiness. You can check more of her works in the gallery below. While all of the photos you see are CG, I have to admit I’m not exactly sure whether all of them were actually produced by Irina. Don’t forget to open above two photos in full-size to better experience the effect!

You can find more of Irina’s works in this gallery:

11 Replies to “Irina Kuznetsova’s Impossible World”

  1. I just want to say that the last six images are not Irina Kuznetsova’s works. As you can see at Impossible World site they were created by other artists.

    Also, it will be great if you place a link the Irina’s page at Impossible World site , because it’s just the source of these images. Irina sent to me her images directly and they were not published somewhere in the internet before. May be her page will be expanded by her new images.

  2. Am I the odd one out if I say that I like the galleries? I completely understand why you do it, and the next image is just a click away. Preferences, preferences…

  3. I really don’t like galleries much either, not because I don’t like galleries full stop but because the gallery on this site really sucks.

    Upgrade to a dynamic system please.

  4. the ast picture in the gallery isn’t really impossible to make…it’s smart how she photoshops herself into the illusions…

  5. That picture with two girls sitting is totally possible! Say she’s sitting here: _
    and she’s sitting here: –
    the step goes like this:_/-

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