iPod Shuffle in Google Earth – Easter Egg


Kevin Watson sent us this one. Here’s what he said: “Found this one on Google Maps near where I live. Not really an illusion, but still pretty cool”. Could this be one of those Easter-Eggs found in software or real-life situations? You decide! You can see the original finding, if you follow Google Maps link.

  • eCass

    haha, there are some really ODD things on google earth.

  • Kemuel

    Heh. Almost looks like a very small, very neat crop circle.

  • loser

    it looks like an ipod to me…what is it?…

    • MM

      its an ipod shuffle

  • Spença

    It’s just a coincidence, but it looks exactly like an iPod Shuffle

  • Pandas

    google can mess things up so bad, its not even funny

  • Smart Person

    CROP CIRCLE! Seriously though, An iPod shuffle is a bit random and all, but…
    A field (reletiavly small one) with a crop circle on it would be a VERY cool pic.
    I spotted this on google earth, and, to find out that it was a bit blurry, and how cool it would be to have an iPod crop circle showing a music video. Not moving, however rubbish the video is, it would be cool. Anyway, If I saw this damn pic without a damn title, I would say:
    Uh… A bit random… what was special about this, anyw- Oh! Hey! A crop circle! I like them!
    Yep. No noticing the iPod. But, Now I see it. Cool. Coo.

  • Ian

    When I looked the ring had moved…hmmmm…and the grass was a bit greener around it. I looked on 10/03/06………

  • pete

    your all loonatics!

    especially smart person????

  • frak

    I don’t get it when I looked the circle was OUTSIDE the rectangle and if you look at this one there is a rip or canyon in the ground to the upper left, it’s either photoshop, gimp, or the mistake has been fixed.

  • farmer_joe

    It’s a pivot. For those of you who aren’t farmers, a pivot is an automated sprinkler system for a field. It goes around in a circle and from the air it looks like a solid ring. The field is probably some type of grass, I’s guess alfalfa because in this picture the field is completely dead suggesting they just harvested it, and in other pictures the field is green.

    I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, more of catching the picture at the right time then an actual hoax or photoshop item.

  • Anonymous

    i love how you can totally see the easter egg

  • Ryan

    iits not an i-pod shuffle, its an i-pod nano. T.R.U.S.T M.E Anyway, good illusion!

  • Nat

    Ya, thats a nano, and if u look at the link, its not in the rite spot, the circle i mean… prob edited

  • Anonymous

    nanos don’t look like that. It’s a shuffle. I have one. That’s cool. What does an Easter egg have to do with it?

  • Danger Machine

    It’s fake. I went onto the link to it and the circle is seperate to the body of the ‘ipod’. Oh well.

  • Daisy

    The circle moves around, apparently. It was outside of the pale rectangle when I looked.

  • gomita

    hey, click the link again O_O why the circle isnt in the white bar now?

  • Anonymous

    The picture is old u dumbass

  • Anonymous

    I see a pokeball in the bottom of the pic! Wickie sweet!!

  • Anonymous

    i have an iPod shuffle i have an ipod shuffle!!!

  • Politikally Paranoid

    Everyone look at the link. This isn’t real. It’s edited. Great editing though…I give ya’ll props. ;^) But the circle on google earth is moved…so u may wanna check into that.

  • Anonymous

    maybe it’s the pivot thing farmer joe was was talking about, but then it was moved and the picture was updated

  • Anonymous

    These are some things i found on google earth. Enjoy:
    45 07’25.88″N 123 06’48.97″W
    43 38’42.77″N 115 59’35.00″W
    51 50’54.64″N 0 33’16.43″W
    The spaces are the degrees sign


    apparently aliens worship steve jobs and their products!

  • Anonymous

    Its fake…..!
    Go to google maps link!
    Tne circle do not existe!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s gone now since google updated their maps.

    Also i clicked random illusion and i udner 20 clicks i got this again argh

  • Anonymous

    Living in horse country, it looks like an overgrazed pasture or dry lot with a portable round corral in it. That would explain the green around it later and the circle being moved. You see lots of similar set-ups around here.

  • Anonymous

    lol it looks like a verizon juke

  • cash4clunkers

    thats an alien CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is i know… CAUSE IM AN ALIEN!!!!!!! We want 2 camunicate with humans since we have lived on earth 4 20 years1 its ok though you know if u think im wierd…. i get that alot. i dont know why though, DO YOU?!



    look at the upper right of the picture!

    if you look carefully u can see a guy facing to the right and wearing the same kind of glasses as harry potter!

    trust me!

  • lolipop101

    nice the shuffle is so cool probaly a crop circle

  • awesome girl

    fake… sad it really looked kewl…..
    succ a shame

  • Tina

    Ok I see the Ipod, but if you look closely at the top of the ipod there is a lil box and it looks like a FACE in that box, as well as in the area to the top left of the ipod, I zoomed in a lil I see faces. lol

  • Dolphin

    On google maps,it looks like it was a thing in a fence,and it looks like there was a circle at one point but they moved the thing.But that’s just what I think.

  • Suor de Sapo

    Besides the Nano, I can see a cat (upper-right), map of China (the upper ‘lake’), a mouse or tapir (lower-left) and next to it a baby Alien8. The trees at center resembles some kind of changed world map (due to enviromental issues, or so).

  • joseph ts.

    sorry,i must be blind…don’t see anything?!

  • Jazzi

    ya i just looked at it & the circle has moved over the left out of the box. lol

  • red

    Where was that?

  • red

    there was a circle with a weird design

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