Invisible Tree Optical Illusion

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend, and are now rested and refreshed for a whole new week. The human eye is a remarkable thing, and when it comes across something like an optical illusion, the brain will fill in what may or may not be there. Take a look at today’s illusion, and at first you see the tree, and then you don’t!

Invisible Tree

Now, you are probably wondering how it was that the tree disappeared, well you aren’t the only one that is wondering! Taking a look at the picture, the woman uses what looks like plastic wrap and white paper, and could it really be that simple to make an entire tree disappear?  If there is one thing that this illusion will do is make you believe in the power of magic because it clearly does look as if the middle of the tree is gone, and the fact you can see the tree ring, does make it look like someone just came along and took the very center of the tree!

Illusions are always fascinating because they make people believe in things that are impossible, but they may actually be possible, and maybe there is something mystical and magical about the world.  Want to see more amazing illusions that play trick on the eyes and make us believe in the power of magic? Well check out these amazing sidewalk illusions!

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  1. She painted the stump top, some green hedge and blue background on on the white wrap. You can see the faintest outline of the tree where the wrap goes around the tree.

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