The Invisible Prince

One person emailed me (or left a comment) about this awesome illusion called “The Invisible Price”. Unfortunately, I can’t retry his notes, but if I remember correctly this is the original illusion of this type. It was created 200 years ago and can be found painted on a wall of a nursery in some children hospital. If someone can find out who is the artist, and correct location, I would be more than grateful. If you noticed, many of our optical illusion were influenced by this artist (whose name I can’t recall). Most obvious similarity can be seen in the illusion poster for the movie “Premonition”, starring Sandra Bullock. I liked that image so much, I even placed it as default for our “Optical Illusion widgets“. Your assignment is to find the hidden prince inside this painting below. Another similar example can be seen here.

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  1. This one was difficult to see. It helps to know the falcon is resting on his wrist and the leaves make up greek crown.

  2. aah sweet. i like this one better that the premonition one. very nice. and the fact that its the first of its kind makes it even better.

    thanx mate

  3. The Falcon on his wrist represents his high ranking in society. The falcon is used to symbolize royalty and wealth. so by having it there we assume its a prince.

  4. I have been using the illusion widget for a while, and this one is one of the bests. I like this because it is difficult to spot the guy but I soon spotted it. i love the fact that it is old too and that the illusion is subtle.

  5. is the falcon really on his wrist? i see it kinda more on his chest. but, maybe because i can’t even find a wrist. i can see the head and shoulders and the outline of the arms, but anything beyond that is lost to me.

  6. I had a hard time figuring out the wrist thing too, but it is on his right wrist. His arm is the two twigs pointing to the falcon. It sort of looks like his arm is coming out of a robe.

  7. He is a prince firstly because the falcon symbolises royalty, and secondly because he is wearing a crown, albeit a leafy one. This is an excellent illusion.

  8. it took me FOREVER to find it, but in te end, I ended up finding his face and going from there, how is the falcon on his wrist?

  9. i cant actually see the prince, i even read other comments about the falcon sitting on his wrist. i like optical illusions but when i cant see them its frustrating!

  10. Ohhhhh, i thought it was a big face but its his body, cool, i only saw the whole thing when i suddenly saw his nose and face.

  11. is the falcon really on his wrist? i see it kinda more on his chest.

    I wouldn’t have been able to see it without that clue. It IS more like on his chest!

    The twigs right above the falcon’s head make the profile of the prince. He’s looking to the right

  12. It helps to look at the falcon being just below the chin. At first I thought the falcon was on the chest also, but after others mentioned the wrist I realized the right arm is bent across him. Then he has a laurel leaf crown on the top of the head.

  13. I love this one, it’s nice to see the old pictures. Took me about 10 min’s to see it.The mans head is just above the falcon and the falcon is on his wrist (Nearly)
    Now ive seen it i cant stop seeing it 10/10 very good

  14. to see the prince, look at the falcon’s beak. The line towards the leaves makes an outline of a face (nose). Appears the prince is wearing crown of leaves, robe. Arm comes out of robe and up to hold the falcon on the wrist.

  15. I see the prince with the falcon under his chin, but I thought I saw a different one. He’s in the trunk of the tree on the right. See his head just under the crook in the tree. It appears his face looks off to the right and down slightly.

  16. This is the first illusion I’ve tried. I saw it right off the bat, right down to his sleeve and the outlines of his calves. Still interesting.

  17. I finally found it, but I don’t get why people said the falcon’s on the wrist of the prince… because it’s not. The falcon is more in front of the prince. It’s a very nice illusion though.

  18. Found this for you ;)

    Cardiff Castle was first built (in a much reduced form) by the Romans and later modified by various people until it was finally remodeled by the Earl of Bute and the architect William Burges in the late 19th Century. A strange combination of Victorian extravagance and medieval austerity, it is certainly unique.

    Every room in the castle has a theme. For example, the theme of the Winter Smoking Room in the Clock Tower is time, with various decorations representing the seasons of the year, the days of the week, and so on. Above the fireplace is carved Virgil’s line, “Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori.” To prevent women from eavesdropping at the door while the men talked, Burges carved a devil’s head above it to scare them away. (He was in the 19th Century, so he was a fairly recent git.)

    The nursery has tiles painted by William Lonsdale from Shaker Heights, Ohio, which represented various figures from nursery rhymes and fairy tales. For one, he has the outline of the Invisible Prince between two trees shaped by the branches of the trees, but most are straightforward.

  19. “I finally found it, but I don’t get why people said the falcon’s on the wrist of the prince… because it’s not.”

    It is, it’s just very subtle, as are his legs. You have to look carefully. It’s on his right wrist, it really is!

  20. This is a cool one I have seen in days. Takes a while to realize the “Hidden Prince”, but once you do you always see the picture with him.
    For those who are not able to locate the hidden prince, try watching the line just coming out of top of Falcon’s head. The small buldge is his nose and the leaves right on top of Falcon’s head is his crown. The left tree branch of Falcon is his Right arm.

    Cool one!!!

  21. Uhh the falcon is not on his wrist. It is on his chest and he is resting his chin on it. It looks nothing like a prince though and you can barely make out the figure.

  22. The falcon IS on his wrist. That’s how falcons are held. If it was clinging to his chest I suspect he’d be in some pain… :) Also resting your chin on a falcon is probably not a good idea either. Think of the image in 3D, not just 2D.

  23. omg i finally found it !!!
    thats amazin
    i spents 23 mins and 43 secs trying 2 find it and comment 29 finally made it twig
    lol twig thats funny!!!
    thnx m8
    ps how do u do the hearts
    [[i copied them]]

    1. u press num lock, then u hold “alt” and then u press the number 3 in the num lock pad. then u get a heart, c: ♥

  24. it’s from the nursery at cardiff castle in wales. not sure if that was the orginal incarnation of it, but i remember seeing it on a trip there in the early nineties

  25. Everybody’s bragging that they saw in like, 5, seconds. Don’t believe them. It takes some time. If you really, really, want to know where it is, all I can say is look at the top of the trees. The first row of tiles.

  26. for some people it’s easier to find than others it’s all about perspective and how each individuals brain works. i remember in highschool one time we had done these optical illusions and one of the girls could not find the young lady in the Old Lady/Young Lady illusion..

  27. This is painted in the nursery at Cardiff Castle… (Possibly commissioned by 3rd Marquess of Bute) Can’t tell you who actually painted it but it may point you in the right direction.

    1. the bird in the tree is sitting just below the head of the prince & he has a crown of leaves.

  28. Man, I had to scroll down to the comments and still couldn’t find it for a long time, no help from you eejits! lol For the next ppl having a hard time finding him, he is in the verticle middle tiles and focus on the white background

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