Insane Iron Man Lego Illusion!

I’m pretty sure everyone here has played with LEGO blocks at some point in their lives. If you didn’t play with them when you were a child, well…you’re deprived and possibly a little strange. But, I digress! You’ve probably played with them since you’ve grown up at least, either with your own kids or someone else’s. Even if you don’t absolutely love LEGOs like I do, you still have to appreciate this awesome Iron Man LEGO illusion!

iron man lego illusion

This Iron man portrait was built completely out of LEGO bricks. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, it gets better, and I’m about to blow your mind…

How cool is THAT?! Somebody had the time and talent to put together quite the cool little LEGO illusion here. Start at one side of the portrait and you’ll see Iron Man, but the face morphs into his alter ego, Tony Stark!

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