Infinity Pool Floating Head Illusion

Infinity pools are pretty awesome additions to some houses and hotels. These pools are designed and built to make it appear as though the edge of the pool merges into the landscape in the background. Infinity pools are usually built near an ocean, which makes them look even more massive and impressive. However, infinity pools aren’t just illusions themselves. They can also create some interesting illusions as well. This guy with a floating head is a pretty awesome example of an infinity pool illusion!

infinity pool

It might look like this guy has a floating head, but this illusion is just caused by light refraction. Light passing through the water and the glass wall of the infinity pool bends before it reaches your eyes. This makes it look as though the man’s head is floating off to one side of his body.

This floating head illusion is a much larger example of the classic pencil in water illusion.

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