India and Italy Flag Afterimage

Long time ago those afterimages were quite popular. To my best knowledge, it all started with the original Jesus afterimage. Then another cool example I stumbled upon was USA Flag afterimage. I asked my readers to submit afterimage flags of their own countries, and received much responses back then. You can find all sorts of them inside the afterimage category. Today I decided to post Ronno’s and Leonardo’s submission. Ronno Das sent in national flag of India, while Leonardo sent Italian flag.

Here’s Leonardo’s description: “Hi Mighty, I’m Leonardo, I discovered your site 3 days ago….and i have to say that it is very beautiful and interesting…so I’ve put your gadget on my Google homepage…yesterday I saw England and Brasil flag afterimage…so I’ve soon thought that the flag of the football world champion might be here… here it is…” You can find Italian flag, right after the jump inside. The proper way to see them, is to stare at the center dot for one minute, and then when the image “burns” in your brain, quickly look at the white piece of paper, or wall and after few seconds, the real colored flag will appear. It may help to blink a little. Did you manage to see them? Post your findings!

18 Replies to “India and Italy Flag Afterimage”

  1. That so called Italian flag is acutally the Irish flag with the orange on the end. Do a little more research next time :-) And for all those Mac users, you can just hit Apple,Option, and Control then hit 8 to invert the colors (The same effect as the afterimage) Peace out!

  2. these things are really cute… one time… I looked at one of the turkish flag… after looking at the american flag… big mistake. I didnt picture the turkish flag… but i saw the american flag…. (True story!!! absolutely no part made up!) (for real)

  3. These are easy to make all you do is copy n paste into paint then press all together control plus n ‘i’. It inverts the colours put a little black dot or summut in the centre and voila!

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