Impossible Table Stuff


Here’s a simple one for you. My question is how many impossible details can you find in this image below? There are many more than two. Be sure to observe the table with patience, and you will find many impossible and funny details. Enjoy!

  • Essie

    Five I think.

  • i count four


  • Max


  • Sam

    I found four

  • carboose

    there a 6

  • Captain Ron

    I’m pretty sure there are 4…

    1. The fork tongs

    2. The glasses

    3. The ashtray (notice the top rim, closer to you)

    4. The coffee cup handles

  • Patrick

    What about the shadow…

  • popcorn man

    i know there are 4…not sure whether that background should count as five

  • Static

    There are five the coffe is three different colors the coffe cup handle the fork tongs and the cigarrete holder

  • static

    And the CUps the closest one ends up behind the other

  • somethingtodo

    i got 4

  • Daft SPARTAN-117

    maybe 4… the ashstray didn’t pop out to me until i say everything else

  • urtx

    The three colour stripes on the surface of the coffee. Shouldn’t it be plain?

  • The Big Lebowski

    11. I’m not sure if the left wine glass reflection through the right one qualifies as number 12, and the oddly clean ashtray is number 13.

  • chris


    ashtray and mug can be real

  • MIMG Bruin/ (000RAH!)

    {Also}: The wine glasses are definitely different shapes; the gradient of red changes it’s spectrum of hue, there’s the odd red-red-green-red patern, and of course the rectangular geometries vary on the mat.

    Keep it up=) I wholeheartedly support & endorse this creative-thinking site! Bravo!

  • I found 32423099857


  • someone


  • Pandas

    i thought that the thing in the ashtray was a foot. : s oops

  • Mr…8

    i c 8


    ITs (*8*) I C

    you reder you

  • meeow =^_^=

    i can see 4 i think…..

  • Choco-Holic

    I counted 6

  • BurninRubber

    789……Not jokin’!

  • I get 11

    I get the fork tongs, that’s 01
    Then there’s the wine glasses that’s 10
    Then the coffee cup handle (which could be possible) is 11

    … Think binary :)

  • Anonymous

    3 only!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I see only 10
    I mean alot of people can see 4 but i see 10

    • chloe


  • Anonymous

    i found 9 the coffe cup has 2 the fork has 1 the wine cups have 3 the ash tray has 3

  • LSN

    I only see 4. The coffee cup colors don’t count for me because it could just be an artistic touch and not necissarily an imposibility. You’ve seen reflections on coffee make it look like there were shapers in it, haven’t you?

    wine glasses, cup handle, fork prongs, ashtray (although the ash tray and cup handle are not too impossible).

  • Anonymous


  • Tim

    I actually Know the artist who did this peice and I can tell you that their are 17 Impossible Details. I won’t tell you what they are,but the majority of them have to with how the light reflects off objects.

    P.S. The Coffee cup is not impossible to make. Sorry!

  • john

    Sure you do…

  • Bailey

    the fork, cup handle, glass 1, glass2,ash tray and the coffee itself.


  • Anonymous


  • Danger Machine

    But… there is a shado were the lite shud b… i countd 4… dus that count as 5???

  • Anonymous

    An ashtray can be diiferent levels if you make it that way, same with the coffee cup. There not “impossible”

  • Anonymous

    Somebody said something about the coffee being three different colors. DUH! Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that just shading so that the coffee looks more real? OR maybe I’m the stupid one, and I’m completely wrong. If I am, sorry… didn’t mean to offend anyone. :’/

  • Anonymous

    not all the things i will list are impossible, but i will point them out regardless.
    the right glass is smaller than the left glass.
    The top of the right glass and the bottom are in shadow, and the middle has lighting, the lighting of the glass is more than the left, however the left is lighter on the top, suggesting light distortion.
    The coffee is darker on the left, yet clearly the light is coming from the left as we can see in the glasses.
    the ashtray, there is the outside edge which clearly goes higher, yet the inside edge (the one on the left) clearly becomes SHORTER.

    the right glass should be tinted red, or pink, whatever colour that liquid is.
    the top of the liquid in the left glass is lighter toward the top, yet darker toward the bottom, wheras we already know the light is coming at a horizontal level…
    the rectangles in the background are lighter at the top left and darker bottom right, meaning the light is then in ANOTHER direction, we cannot see where the light truly is coming from because the only shadows are those present on the objects, and there are none on the surface.
    the cigarette in the tray, it is darker on the lower side of the filter, as you would expect, but the light to the ashtray appears to be heading left. meaning the light would be on the other side, and it would also mean the shadow on the outside of the coffee cup would NOT be there.

  • Anonymous

    i found 57

  • Anonymous

    I think there’s five i have no idea!

  • Anonymous

    There are 162739403624573865280647 things wrong with it in total.

  • My name?

    I know that lots of people say 4, but PLEASE tell us the answer!

  • Anonymous

    I love illusions!
    If you look carefully at the coffee
    you can see some dots that make up a face! please tell me if i’m wrong! these r the ones I saw: coffee cup,coffee liquid,3 wine glasses,ashtray,cigarrette in ashtray,fork type thing,but with the fork I think there might be something else with it ‘coz the second spiky bit doesn’t really end up anywhere! please tell me wat u think ’bout the fork.

  • Anonymous

    I found 7 (possibly 8)

    1. The fork
    2. The Glasses
    3. The wine is 2 different colors
    4.The Ashtray
    5.the coffee is 3 different colors
    6.One wine glass is inside the other
    and 7. The coffee cup handle
    *the possible 8th* the ashtray has many different colors

  • HUDA

    I SPOT 19

  • Erin

    i got ten. can the person with the highest finds plz publish them. i really want to no wat i didnt c. thanx. i luv ur site. :)

  • Kassidy

    eric i found 12:
    1.fork dots
    3.little shiny mark. on the cup. its gray
    4.cigarette looks like a foot
    5. ashtray at different levels
    6.the cups are bending! cup in the thinner cup!
    8.whats with the “floating” ashtray?!
    9.everythings floating!!(someones holding the fork!)
    10.whats with the handle of the cup?!?!
    11.same as #2:dots(on ashtray!)
    12.shiney marks on wine glasses-their gray!
    ha! umm whats my prize? wait…WHERES MY PRIZE?!?!?!?!?!

  • Pridhamz0r

    aushuahsuahsuhaushsau i found one… the filter in the cigarette would be heavier than the rest of the BURNT part so the cigarette would flip over

  • Anonymous

    i think i found 8…:

    1. the fork (it hurts my eyes LOL)
    2. the coffee holder, though it doesn’t seem impossible (???)
    3. the wine glasses
    4. the shadows on the foot of the wine glasses.
    5. the wine is 3 different colors
    6. the coffee is 3 different colors
    7. the ashtray holes are different lengths.
    8. the cigarette looks like a foot o.e

  • 5 the table cloth look carefully

  • I found seven.:(

  • I see 7. i think…….

  • Eric

    If you look carefuly there 2 illusions with the wine

  • The technogirl

    i see 5

  • Newly Wed

    I see only 5

  • shabbaayyy


  • you dont need to no

    i only see 5??

  • luvs ya boo

    i dont see any damn

  • piyu…sweet

    i can see 9

  • Slaven

    ive found five in about 30 sec. rest of deem i cant find any after couple of minutes

  • mackenzie

    5 i see 5

  • Anamaria

    Only 5… Where are the other 2?

  • Jadm14

    I found 7.. but there’s no wine.. there’s another glass

  • Hi

    I found 6.

  • Grace


    • Grace

      My name is Grace

  • David


  • leperchaun


  • leperchaun

    I mean 4

  • someone…

    the right answer IS … NONE, they r all possible u just have to think. if they were impossible none of that would be there would they ooooo. am i right? i dont think i am but i could be going somewhere with this

  • sage


  • 20


  • Grace


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