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  1. Sorry no more pictures… acctually if you look closer, you can notice some ends aren’t touching, eventhough it appears they are. For example last pictures dark green side has a single 2D square bumping out…. it can’t be part of a blue hole.

  2. They aren’t drawings, unless someone took time to photoshop shadows in them too, would be a waste of time for nothing

  3. doy! i know the trick in this. the object is cut and set up in a certain way and the camera only takes the picture in a specific angle or else that would give away the trick.

  4. Even if some of you figured it out, it’s still amazingly clever the way it was set up! I couldn’t do it, and I’m sure it took a lot or work. Hats off to you Vurdlak! It’s INCREDIBLE work!!!

  5. its easy,hard to explain tho, theirs a cut out part you cant see 4 the first 3 and the 4th is indented on the left side,paper thin

  6. It is easy to explain.in most of the pictures the structures are not joined but they are arranged and photograph at such an angle that they seem jointed.
    last picture would not even be called an illusion as just a
    2-D green square flap has been added to arrangement.

  7. Did they think it was easy to keep the secret? They could have used Photoshop and SKETCHED the things!

  8. The triangle is actually an equilateral triangle waih 1 leg perpendicular to the ground. This becomes obvious if you put it in front of a mirror.

  9. Go to impossible-objects-in-real-life 2 and look at the 2nd one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I could do this myself in one hour per picture.
    They are simply “Escherish” 2D images added as a layer to the background of the paper & watch.
    All lighting effects can then be simply added in the Blending Options palette.


  11. Sorry jeromax, but you can make the triangle thing in the center if your “illusion”. Nice, but the unity triangle isn’t connected, but one side is behind the others

  12. jeromax, your “illusion” is fake, i can make that, just arrange sticks in that order. Unity triangle is easy, one sie is behind the others.

  13. 1:35:38sec


    1:39:07 sec

    10:55:35 sec

    I have a book that illustrates these figures and shows you how they work. It sais “its impossible to build these things no matter how feasible they seem to appear in real life”. Although the watch is there to show scale, it serves a more “shady” even sinister purpose. Just as they did with cut out shapes, they did with the watch.

    an illusion only brought to account by the placement of the “optical” device. In this case the audience, and although it’s easier to change the time on the watch, it’s harder to do the math.



    1:39:07 sec

    10:55:35 sec

    bring out a pen and paper!!! maybe a calculator.

  14. it IS REAL
    tho I realize that it is difficult for people to believe in it

    I have made the green and blue block myself (the last pic)
    please find it here:

    Please believe in meeeee, it is REAL,
    interesting enough, I show this pic to my friends, they keep saying it is Photoshop =___=;
    come on, that is my desk and my keyboard. I am now typing this comment with it…

    (do let me know if you have any suggestions to take the pics so that people would believe that the object exists in real life)

    Hi Vurdlak, thanks for the site. I’m one of the fans too. Keep going and I appreciate your site having well orgnization and catagorization of the illusions much too.

    Lastly, here’s my little contribution to your site (if nobody else have sent this to you before) if you wanna make the objects yourself, you can actually find the SOURCE here:
    click on the photos of the objects to load a Java 3D model and you can rotate them and you will immediately understand the trick behind. there’s pdf file you can print and make the model yourself.

  15. Aaahhh, they make me feel kind of ill xD And in the last one, it’s like impossible to look at both ends at the same time, for me at least.

  16. I can do the fourth one. Look closer. The blue looks like a bench, and I solved the other stuff. The third one is possible. I saw it at the museum near San Diego, where I live. I can’t remember the museum name, but there’s a special park near by.

  17. these are all about the camera angle. look at the shadows, notice they dont touch. its an optical illusion. the mind doesnt know what its seeing, so it fills in the pieces. its like when you look at the inside of a plastic halloween mask, the eyes seem to follow you but they really dont move. its all camera angles.

  18. “they are all just optical tricks”-chronicbliss

    NO! YA THINK???

    Honestly, all those people who just write comments to say “oh boo hoo, that’s not real, its just an illusion” should wake up and look around. Then MAYBE they’d see that THIS IS AN OPTICAL ILLUSIONS WEBSITE!!!!

    And no, the models are NOT photoshopped, and they are NOT flat paper pictures.

    They are all real objects, but the pictures have to be taken from exactly the right angle to make them seem possible.

    There are some revealing photos of that triangle on this site somewhere, but sorry I dont remember where… anyway if you find it youll see the trick.

    seriously, cant you find something better to do than try to prove everything is photoshopped?

  19. Thank you, Far Out… Baffled and argumentative after looking at an optical illusion… And these are tomorrow’s leaders? I’m fearful.

  20. Anyone Else Looking At The Shadows?
    It May Help Because Some Of Them Are At Different Angles
    There Are Different Objects Besides The Watch In The 1st And 3rd Picture
    The Watch Is In A Different Position In The 3rd Picture
    The Watch Has Different Times
    Just Trying To Prove Pictures Are Real
    Look At The Shadow On The First Picture
    Notice Anything?

  21. Vurdlak, this is amazing :D Whoever did it is awesome, but what is with the watch? I don’t get what is with the watch.

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