Impossible Illusions Collection (…YAWN)

I have to be sincere with you. Dealing with so many optical illusions daily, has it’s negative side as well. I have really become selective, publishing only those I like visually and that bring something new to this optical illusion theme. Well, sometimes my duty is to share illusions I know you want, but that I don’t care much about. Impossible Object ones were really interesting at first, but after some time they’ve become variation of a variation of a variation. Rarely something new flies in. But to clean my illusion directory a little, I have collected rest of them i had on my disk, and posted them inside this post. Do what you will. Maybe you’ll even like some of them. You can comment, or don’t. It’s up to you. Try and enjoy this collection.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

32 Replies to “Impossible Illusions Collection (…YAWN)”

  1. I don’t mind seeing variations. Some of these are pretty cool. But some of them aren’t even variations; they’re just repeats of previous illusions. Try to find some new ones.

  2. Don’t apologize for being selective – if you just threw in anything, this site wouldn’t have the following it does. We know that when we come here, we’re going to get *good* illusions. :-)

    Oh, and bart simpson? Who is J.W. Bush?

  3. Hi there! I’ve visited this site for a while but this is the first time that I write to you… May be you’re right and the impossible object’s illusions are a little boring but, even now, even after a long time, I think they’re interesting… A kind of the Alice’s Wonderland, where everything can happen, where the logic is a joke and the nonsense is the everyday… That’s what I think…

    And, by the way, thanks for share all these illusions ^^

    Have a nice day!! ^^

  4. i agree, yawn.. although i don’t really get the last one it looks like a possible thing, or is it cause its suppose to be level?

  5. hi. 1st time commenter but i look at this site a lot. however, your igoogle widget doesn’t seem to be working. it could just be my computer but i just though i’d let you know because that’s what i use.

    i agree, these are cool but they do get repetitive and kind of boring. i love billboard illusions and chalk drawings.

    and i don’t get the last
    love the site!

  6. Isn’t the 6th one down Jerry Andrus? He’s created some brilliant optical illusions – mabye you should do a blog about him! The ‘Dragon Illusion’ (find it in the videos section) is dedicated to him.

    I have the 8th one down. It’s a make your own impossible triangle cut out thingy, but I can’t get it to work! Anyway, not the best illusions ever, but still pretty good.

  7. A good file cleansing exercise perhaps but I can see what you are saying Vurdlak, its those ‘find the wolves/horses/eagles’ that get kinda annoying though, how about Find the Aardvarks or maybe Find the Moray Eels, or How Many Terrorists? with a shot of the White House, USA (sorry, couldn’t resist that cheap shot!) – any artists out there willing to take this on?

    Alot of these are Escher, I counted more than three, although the one made from Geo Mag (TM – probably), is quite curious.

  8. I swear to God. Whenever I see the ones with the stairs in them, I always remember that movie, Labyrinth. Looks like they came right out of that movie.

  9. the illusion’s were not so scary can you please make them scarer. I though they were cool. y can make scarer illusion for the viewer ‘s. so do better.

  10. numba five ive seen on ROBLOX b4.if ya nevar heard of roblox,search it.itss called “The Endless River”

  11. These are the perfect example of the confusion, frustration and complete repetition of our lives each day. Especially those that work hard for their money

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