Impossible Crate Box Video Illusion

I think many of our long time visitors have already seen this type of illusion on our website. This crate box the women is holding in her hands looks impossible to exist in real life, yet it isn’t. There has been no manipulation with the below photos, and to prove it, I also posted an interesting video you all should check. It doesn’t only include explanation to this impossible object, but explains many more interesting illusions, some of which never were posted to this website. For the first illusion with the woman holding the box, they had two rectangles supported by 2 beams and added two beams, one in the front and one in the back, but only attached to the front upper beam and the back lower one.Check the video, and comment.

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  1. omg omg omg

    Bill nye is the ****
    great memories.
    that old guy in there is pretty sweet though too. how sweet would it be to be retired and be able to make as many optical illusion things you want for the rest of your life? i like it.

  2. that was an awesome video, specilly the spiral-cloud thing, but as soon as you focus your sight on something on the photo the illusion is over

  3. I think that is cool! But when I started the video a couple seconds into it I knew what was going on! But it is still cool!

  4. Kkmaslow, you say after it started a few seconds into it you knew what was going on eh? What gave you that hint, the fact that this is an optical illusion site … so in general a video on this site would probably relate to that right.

    Congratulations for being so brilliant, and you know what. It was cool too, so you get 2 points!


  5. The video box wasn’t put together in quite the same way as the one the woman is holding in the photo. In both cases, if you had rotated the box a bit, you would have seen that two of the uprights didn’t quite line up anymore with the points they were supposedly attaching. Nevertheless, 3D versions of M.C. Escher’s 2D art are always amusing!

  6. omg i am sick of these kinds of illusions theyre like evrywhere I HATE IT
    but still…
    *sings song*

  7. I used to watch Bill Nye when I was little. This is really simple and easy, but cool all the same. The box simply has spaces in it. Voila.

  8. the first picture the red shirt women is clever they knew that someone might look at the shadow to see if it was even a box or not but the put some wood there to make it seem like it was a box

  9. that is a really cool video but it doesn’t explain the picture of the lady holding the box. if u look at the box’s its shadow is still a rectangle

  10. If the “box” used in the video is the same as the one on the picture, then I still don’t get why the shadow on the picture is a perfect rectangle…

  11. Wow–I love this guy! I did the same thing as the others…even though I stared at the “spinning” optical illusion, I was only able to see the movement of the clouds for a second. I love that box, though! I really did think he was standing inside the box–how strange that it was just a frame.

    Anyway, VERY cool!

  12. Thats awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome! I see how the picture on the top works now.

  13. cool video, I thought that I was only going to be watching one optical illusion!!!! I like to learn about our brains too!!!!

  14. For the first illusion with the woman holding the box, they had two rectangles supported by 2 beams and added two beams, one in the front and one in the back, but only attached to the frony upper beam and the back lower one.

  15. Surely the whole area of ‘real impossible objects’ has been well and truly exhausted by now, it’s still impressive but the same tricks are being done over and over again. Maybe some which aren’t the classical impossible shapes, or a whole impossible landscape, but not more impossibox or impossible triangle illusions. Please.

  16. The box this woman is holding is so simple and easy, and still impressive. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to understand how it is created, but you will still find it amusing.

  17. The man in the video is Jerry Andrus, a remarkable magician, optical illusionist, and critical thinker who passed in 2007. I had the great pleasure of meeting him on multiple occasions. He dedicated his life to explaining cognitive paradoxes that make us believe what isn’t so. You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

  18. i get the illusion, yes.
    But you guys (in the video) have to admit that you played with the illusion also than the rope was conected to a corner.
    (i know they are not actually going to see the comment, it is just for you to read it)

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