Impolite Fruit and Veggies

Every now and then an idea hits me, where I try to find logic reason for us not to have multiple illusions and articles posted each day. I never find a good reason against it, but somehow always let this thought slip me by. So I continue with my old routine – one article each day or two. Perhaps I orientate towards my own personal ramblings too much, and in fear of having nothing to say, keep the post count low. I think its necessary for me to finally understand, you guys are here because of illusions, and everything else should come in second. So I came up with a thought to post more often, but writing less text. How does this sound to you? Just like back in the old days. You think we should try it? Think the illusion quality will suffer? Will you be able to keep up with the quicker tempo? I’m eager to hear your thoughts. The posts would be little shorter, and go something like this:

Today’s illusion was submitted to our Facebook fanpage by David G. Wilson, with original title “Un Plat d’or Aux Poires Mûres”. Since I don’t speak French, I named it “Impolite Fruit and Veggies“. Do you primary see a plate with all kinds of fruit and vegetables, or do you see something little bit more sexy instead?

Sexy Fruit Optical Illusion

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  1. the caption above the picture is all you need. thats it. if you want to ramble, write a comment here. also why do u hyperlink every other phrase in your writings? it just looks too busy. keep it simple man.

  2. With the help of my horrible high school French and the Google translator for Poires Mure I think it means A Plate of Gold With Ripe Pears

  3. Wow, curvy lady. I guess I’ll have her for lunch.
    Interesting concept =P

    It’s hard to see the resemblance of a body when holding your hand in front och the face imo

  4. I too, would rather see less personal ramblings, and perhaps more history or facts about the Illusion.

    A quick search on Google can reveal a lot.

    Here’s how the artist of the above painting David G. Wilson describes it:
    “A golden plate with ripe pears.” The scene is completed with a surreal image of a view through an opened doorway looking onto a plaza with cars and houses. That scene is transformed into the face of a lady. The frame of the painting is transformed into the lady’s arms held over her head. The ripe pears, lemons, carrots and red beans are arranged in such a way as to create the reclining form of Goya’s “Maja desnuda.”

  5. keep it simple, one illusion every day or so is plenty, ive been folowing your site for a little over a year and a half and when ive been in the mood i could always use the next random illusion button. this lets me see all the illusions i want and i rarely see posts that ive already seen.

  6. don’t listen to joey. I like the hyperlinks, they allow me to see similar illusions with one click. As far as the rambling goes, I don’t mind it as long as you stay on topic. It’s only the tangents that are totally unrelated to illusions that I think are unnecessary. Generally, I think one illusion a day is a pretty good pace, becuase a lot of people tend to check their various blogs, newsletters and favorite sites about once a day, and I see Mighty Optical illusions as no exception. I think adding too many illusions might just be taking away from the value of each post

  7. I really enjoy reading your comments and getting links to other illusions, so I would really prefer to keep it the way it is! Also the speed is really good. Keep up the good work!

  8. I say keep it at one posts a day. It ensures that I won’t have to wade through a bunch of illusions if I don’t log on for a day. It also ensures that you won’t run out anytime soon!
    As for the comments, I enjoy hearing your personal thoughts. And the hyperlinks let me explore old illusions if I want.

  9. I like the short illusions.

    Also if you could have just the illusions in the post but have a second little chart somewhere where you could isolate your little commentary. Because the commentary is nice to read but as you said it should come second to the illusions.

    Also I like the hyperlinks it lets us look back on illusions we might have missed if we wish.

    But again if the personal story was seperated from the illusion I think that would be a great benefit because when you look back at old posts it is not really exciting to read what happened to Vurdlak 3 years ago.

    And just a little FYI ever since the engine change none of the old videos work anymore but not a big deal.

  10. Sexiest meal I’ve ever seen! I’m hungry now… *stomach growls* Uh oh… BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

  11. @ Joey:

    At least the author is capable of spelling out his words (like ‘YOU’) and uses proper capitalisation and punctuation. It looks to me like you could use another few years of schooling before you run around criticizing other people for their efforts at providing you with free web-based entertainment.

    Just based on the way you present yourself, I can see why an illiterate sloth like you would want to see the already simple presentation be even more simplified, but try to remember, not everyone is confused as easily as you are.

  12. I like it the way it is, personally :)

    I’d be worried that if there is more posts per day, the illusion quality will suffer. Plus, I like hearing your ramblings! It’s part of why I follow to blog.

    Nice illusion, by the way (isn’t that strange, the illusion has become the ‘by the way’ :P). Quite clever how they put the photograph there for the head!

  13. Why change? I like the way things are. Most of the illusions good. You are not going to please all the people all the time.As for this “illusion”,I think it’s neat. A nice little piece of art illusion. Keep up the good work!

  14. Hey, I enjoy your ramblings, and it is your site remember! Don’t always read them, just when I have time, so if the illusion paragraph was seperate (as you have done above) it would be good. Love the links too, as when I have the time or really click with an illusion I can go to others similar.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for all the hard work you do!

  15. I agree with joe B – your ramblings about relatively on-topic things are fine. If people don’t want to read your ramblings they don’t have to. And one quality illusion per day or two would be better than more illusions that will probably be not as good.

  16. I so didn’t see the illusion until you mentioned it in your last sentence… I am okay with the pace you are posting by right now. ;)

  17. Keep the rambling. That’s part of why I check this everyday. I like the way you talk about the illusions. If people don’t want all the rambling, they don’t have to read it.

  18. I agree with Marty. I enjoy the reading as well. Leads you to more interesting things and points out things you might not initially see.

  19. The rambling is good. That’s half the reason for this site being so good. Maybe you could make the hyperlinks a different color.

  20. I love reading what you write. I read every single word before I read about the illusion. Keep up the good work!!!

  21. Whether you post one illusion a day or more, keeping the rambling to a minimum is better. I appreciate the man behind the illusions, but I prefer to read only about the illusion itself.

  22. I like it the way it is :) I’ve followed your site for a year or so, and I like to read your commentary, its amusing, and gives me something else to think about. The frequency of the illusions is good as is, and I think we would miss some of them, or end up seeing too many similar illusions if you did it more often. Keep it the way it is :)

  23. seriously people, its the human body.
    nobody cares about nude people other than perverted idiots. if you want to fill the need,
    dont do it in public (internet). if you do, you dont need to talk about it in an illusion website for gods sake! all it does is incurage people to keep posting this filth.

    about the change, i actually liked the long posts. but i understand how it can be hard to find a different topic every day. (ive written essays, trust me, i know.) so i think it should be short most of the time, and every once in a while long ones.

    i like the illusions that fool your eyes,
    not attract perverts.

  24. I love your comments, even if they have nothing to do with the illusion, its always good to have somehing to read. Keep it one per day ^^

  25. How about this:

    You have that short post directly above the illusion.
    Then you show the illusion.
    Then after the illusion you can elaborate on stuff.

    This way the people that only want the short writing and the illusion will have it up front and centre and can stop there. The people who like reading your input and elaborations can continue reading.

    That way, everyone is happy. :)

  26. First, I vote for posting as many illusions as meet Vurdlakian standards, as often as you can. Because while I’ve never seen you post too many, I’ve been often disappointed there’s nothing new. Second, I agree the hyperlinks are an unwelcome distraction from your ever-greater English; you offer links elsewhere. Third, ramble away! I like to read how you see things from an eastern European viewpoint. But give your essay a special place of its own, maybe boxed, with a heading like “VurdWord” or “Mighty Topical” [‘topical’ is an anagram of ‘optical’!].

  27. French, “Un Plat d’or Aux Poires Mûres.” The English translation, A plate of gold For pears and blackberries.

    Mûres =’s blackberries.

  28. seriously people, its the human body.
    nobody cares about nude people except perverted idiots. if you want to fill the need, dont do it on an illusion website for gods sake! at least go to a porn website. but even then, you’re incuraging people to post this filth.

    as for the change, i think the long descriptions are good, but i understand that writing a lot is hard work. (a new topic every day) i think it should be short posts most of the time, and long posts every now and then.

    “Illusions should attract people with lives, not perverts.”

  29. well, i think u can put the summary of the illusion on the first paragraph, following it with the picture, then finish the article with ur ramblings.

  30. It’s best as how we discussed this before:
    [explaining the illusion]
    blanc line
    [rambling personal life]
    Put the illusion on the side of the text or in between the two pieces of text.

    About the frequency, one every day or two is best. Because if you post more, people will not only have a hard time following all illusions, but people will most likely skip all the text you type, since there are too many posts a day.

    For those people who can’t read over hyperlinks, get used to it, this is how 99% of the internet will look like in a few years. Otherwhise, your browser enables you to change the colors. For FireFox: Tools -> Options -> Content -> (Fonts & Colors) Colors. Reading hyperlinks is a choice!

    And Vurdlak, about the comments, you approve every single comment before it shows at the site, right? Give yourself some slack, you don’t have to allow everything!!

  31. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh wat a work of art! im an aspiring artist so im not really put off by how vulgar it is! i think its cooooooooool!!!!!!!! pretty funny…..a naked woman made out of fruits and vegetables. hahahahahahahahahahah!! xD

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