Impolite Club Billboard Illusions

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For few months I’ve been debating within myself, whether I should publish these billboards or not. If you look at these 3 posters, they advertise some sort of clubbing. At first, you’ll notice nothing unusual except some young people having fun. Now look at the details more closely. Those of you with corrupt mind will immediately see some impolite scenes. If you ask me for the reason why have I decided to post this after all, the answer is simple – uncorrupted souls will see nothing devilish within these ads, while adults and pervs will see the illusion almost immediately. Remember, whining about these photos will get us nowhere, since everything you think you see is just a mere illusion. There is no-one to blame, except your brain ;)

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87 Replies to “Impolite Club Billboard Illusions”

  1. hahaha those are pretty funny. I also like how you say “adults and pervs will notice the illusion” insinuating that pervs are not adults, but children! lol!

  2. What’s an “uncorrupted sole”? I guess something a shoemaker won’t have to fix. ;-)

    I think “soul” is a so much more beautiful word.

  3. pretty funny illusions,but the only “uncorrupted souls” in the context used above would be kids in elementary school and below

  4. these billboards are disturbingly weird (somewhat cool), but i did have to try to LOOK for the ‘illusion’


  5. ha ha those are awesome when i read pervy thought i looked closly and saw them. just look around for ummm… people having a bit more fun then others you will see it eventually

  6. The last one…2 guys were playing ball…suddenly i saw it…of the 2 guys,one was playing a ball and another was holding on to 2 “balls” omg (sry thats my classmate’s version of breast)

  7. I can’t believe these “illusions” are not on purpose! Some are too explicit… and there’s lots in each pic. They have to have been thought of and planned, don’t you think?

  8. AH-AH… they’re just funny & silly. Whoever doesn’t like them can hit Next Random Illusion button rightaway….. so I don’t see any problem comin’….. Hops, I said comin’… these bilboard…


  9. Sorry, if you guys look at this as suitable entertainment then my family and I will not be joining your site any longer. Trash like this does not belong in what has been a great artist site. And any encouragement from others only degrades other artist work.

  10. Remember, whining about these photos will get us nowhere, since everything you think you see is just a mere illusion. There is no-one to blame, except your brain ;)

    You’ve got to do better than a comment of this sort to justify these pictures and how people see them. You seem to be trying to justify your own reasons for putting this up for all to see.

    Sorry, but saying that I am whining over these photo does not justify your position or reason for display them to the public.

  11. I love them! You don’t have them in a bigger size / better resolution? Yu can almost only GUESS the funnyness of it all!

  12. Yeah I feel a bit bad that I realized what was going on right off the bat (it was that guy with his head blocking the bottom half of that woman’s bikini on the beach picture). These are interesting illusions though. Reminds me off Austin Powers.

  13. these are from a UK company called club 18/30 rather than clubbing these are for holidays, and essentially the holidays involve all you see on the posters, they specialise in holidays on the party islands, ie Ibiza
    very funny posters

  14. i only see some things in the first, the rest im like “?????” Well wat do u expect, im 13

    P.s. u sould fix the outloud word verification thing. all i hear is gibarish in the backgroung and a lady sayin som numbers

  15. in the first picture i was like oh hes spanking the girl with a paddle board thing so wat then i looked left and right

  16. A friend showed this to me and I thought that I was supposed to see like a hidden fac or something and only realized what this was when he pointed it out.

  17. I’m not a pervert, just observative – but now I feel like a dirty perv.
    You should have gone with your conscience and left these off.

  18. David & fam, you’re getting upset about how you yourself interpret the pictures. These are honestly innocent pictures of people doing innocent things. An innocent mind might suspect there was a joke they were missing but they wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Someone already familiar with ‘less than innocent’ activities would think its funny. You don’t have to be upset that this is corrupting anyone. If they get the joke its too late to corrupt them.

  19. Stupid, stupid Americans. Why do you all think sex is so ‘dirty’? It’s as natural as rain.

    No wonder you have all these ‘priests’ molesting lil boys. If you prohibit something normal it just has to perv out somewhere.

    I love the pics, very funny.

  20. Don’t be hatin’ on Americans – there are stupid people all over the world – and most of them seem to frequent these types of message boards. The pictures are obviously done this way on purpose, please get a sense of humor and enjoy them or simply just move on.

  21. I don’t understand why David & Family is so upset… just looks like a few pictures of people having fun to me. Maybe he and his family could take a moment to explain what they saw that was so horrible.

    In the meantime, has anyone found a link to a bigger version of the pictures?

  22. Haha, funny. But also very childish, imagine the photographer making this pictures… hahaha (if not photo shopped together).
    @ david, you are definitely an American…, get a life. Or go whining in church.

  23. A Joke…
    Little Johnny was sitting in class doing math problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question.

    “Johnny, if there were five birds sitting on a fence and you shot one with your gun, how many would be left?” “None.”, replied Johnny,
    “cause the rest would fly away.”

    “Well, the answer is four,” said the teacher. “But I like the way you are thinking.”

    Little Johnny said, “I have a question for you now. If there were three women eating ice cream cones in a shop, one licking her cone, the second biting her cone and the third sucking the cone, which one is married?”

    “Well,” said the teacher nervously, “I guess the one sucking the cone?”

    “No,” said Little Johnny, “the one with the wedding ring on her finger,
    but I Like the way you are thinking.”

  24. I see something in every pic lol i am so corrupted, what do you expect anyway lol i’m almost 18, people have corrupted my mind plenty by now.

    1. lol me to but i thnik its there falt i read it and then saw it in the first pick and was looking for them form them on out

  25. warning: this gives away all pictures

    1st: look at black guy laying down close to water.
    look at guys holding bat thingy. what is he really hitting?
    look at guy closest to camera and girl in front of him. what are they doing??
    look at black girl and guy behind her
    llook at girl and guy closest to water

    2nd: look at girl with beer all the way to th right. is it really beer she is holding? (same idea with black dress girl on middle left)
    girl with black leather pants.. what are those guys hands doing? sure they just dancing?

    3rd:is that really sun tan lotion that girl is putting on on the left side?
    where is the other end f the guys playing pool’s stick?
    guy reaching out to catch beach ball. where are his hands?
    girl under umbrella. what is she doing??
    guy in pool. where is his head??

    if you dont understand these^^ i dont know what to tell you. hope i helpedd

  26. i didnt get these illusions at first all i saw where people then i read the top bit and bam i realized why everyone thought they were funny

  27. This is stupid, the pictures are freaking blatant. This article is written in a tone that is insulting you if you can see what the photographer was deliberately going for in these poses… if you don’t see anything sexual about these pictures you’re either naive or so young that you don’t even know what sex is yet.

    David and Family has a point though, you can’t say ‘hey these pictures are naughty if you look hard enough… oh but if you see what I mean then you’re a pervert’.

    David really needs to get the pole out of his ass, though.

  28. what about the black guy playing pool look between his legs. The leg of the guy in the background looks like the pool players body part.

  29. 1: 1. Look at black guy lying down close to water.
    2. Look at guys holding the ping pong. What is he really hitting?
    3. Look at guy closest to camera and girl in front of him. What are they doing??
    4. Look at black girl and guy behind her
    5. Look at girl and guy closest to water!

    2: 1. Look at girl with beer all the way to the right. Is it really beer she is holding? (Same idea with black dress girl on middle left)
    2. Girl with black leather pants… what are those guys’ hands doing? Sure they just dancing?
    3. Look at that guy with white sleeveless shirt, what’s he doing with the black girl?!?
    4. The guy with yellow shirt has something to do with the girl in front of him!

    3: 1. Is that really sun tan lotion that girl is putting on the left side?
    2. Where is the other end of the guys playing pool’s stick?
    3. Guy reaching out to catch beach ball. Where are his hands?
    4. Girl under umbrella. What is she doing??
    5. Guy in pool. Where is his head going?!?
    6. Why is there a bottle stuck in the girl’s a*s?!?
    7. What’s that guy doing with the girl at the pool?!? (Looking at her vagina!)

  30. I immediately saw the first ones, but the second two I can’t tell. Maybe it’s the all the people in skimpy bathing suits that makes me realize?

  31. im only 11 but i see lot of putting the weiner in the buns and girls about to suk the dudes thingies

  32. That’s just so gross and wrong in so many ways i just don’t want to think about it any more!);

  33. i don’t think anyone mentioned the guy sitting toward the left side of the 2nd picture. What is HE doing to the girl in the bikini top in front of him?! :) haha.

    I count 18 in total.

    good stuff.

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