Illusion of Two Fists

So, do you see the two fists breaking the wall below? I sure did, but when I was told by the person who submitted this one, that the second fist is actually a mother holding her child, I was amazed. Look closely at the both figures, as identical as they may seem, in reality they represent something completely different! Anyone knows what is the name of the author of this interesting picture? Please share!

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  1. woah that’s nuts – It’s like the mother is protecting the baby from the fist – like a Domestic Violence awareness – I really like this one. Not only is it a good illusion but also very sentimental :)

  2. WOW, that´s an amazing illusion, it´s easy to see, especially when you notice that the other opening in the wall is actually a window in the stone.

    And those who think they see faces in the other fist as well- you´re seeig things, imagining, being stupid.

  3. WOW! I love this illusion, fave in a long time! When i first saw it in my widget i thort it was one of those two directional wall illusion thingies!if i hadn’t read the info i don’t think i’d have guessed the illusion!

  4. omg, thats sooo weird! at first u lok at it, its like a fist, then u REALLY i mean really look at it, and all of the sudden its like a mother and her child,, WEIRD!!!

  5. I think this picture is symbolic in the way that…in a world we live in today other places aren’t indulged in the benediction we have today, and in some places some parents have to resolve quandaries with violent or forceful solutions, in order to feed their kids.

    for comments message me @ [email protected]

  6. “the wall itself is also an illusion” -anonymous

    “the wall is interesting as well” -wieteke

    “thats cool, also the wall, you can see it 2 different ways” -chris

    “I thort it was one of those two directional wall illusion thingies” -**cara**

    “did u even notice the bricks?” -anonymous

    “i believe you missed the fact that the wall appears tilted” -the_wizard

    “it is similar to the two windows illusion where it looks like the windows face in different directions” -anonymous

    HONESTLY, doesn’t ANYONE read anyone else’s comment?

    Geez, the whole world must look like idiots when you assume they cant see what THEY HAVE ALREADY TALKED ABOUT.

    If you’re not careful people will start thinking you are just as dumb as you seem to think they are.


  7. If you look at the other fist, it will also look like a man holding his baby, It really does! Does anyone else see this? plz reply

  8. I agree with whoever said:

    ” what is the pinky finger supposed to be in the second fist? the baby’s blanket? or what?”

    I have no idea what that is either.
    If anyone knows, tell me pleeaase.

  9. This illusion is very complicated… The mother with her child are very hidden… It’s not easy.
    P.S. I’m sorry but my English is not so good. I’m not English!!!

  10. Its absolutely Perfect!
    It is possible that the artist is Oscar Reuterswärd, a Swedish bloke who mainly makes optical illusions.
    I even think his son is following his dads footsteps.

  11. One is a fist breaking through a wall and the other is a window with curtains. I do see the same image in both fists though.

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