iHologram For Apple iPhone (iLlusion)

Those of you, who are into video optical illusions, will immediately try getting their hands on iHologram app for your iPhone. Unfortunately, after the video (posted below) made a big stir all over the web, it’s author David O’Reilly admitted it was actually fake. In reality it should work like this: the iHologram application for the iphone/ipod touch, gives the illusion of a 3D hologram jumping off the screen, reacting to the movement of the built-in gyroscope iphone is equipped with. Attached you can see a video of it in use, featuring the cat from David’s award-winning but unfinished cartoon. David admitted that the application wasn’t for real, making a public statement: “The iHologram was an illustration of an idea I had which I believe could work with the technology (combining anamorphosis and motion sensing) iPhone is equipped with. Unfortunately I’m just an ideas person, and I can show how things should look, but I’m no hardcore programmer.” So what do you think? Could it be done?

Regarding our previous post, and my suggestion regarding Google web gadgets, I haven’t had much response. Wouldn’t you like me to mention your site in my upcoming articles? Can the gadget even be found through Blogger’s gadget tab? I’m eager to find out!

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  1. If indeed the iphone has a sense of its direction, this would be fantastic, but i’m sure that it doesn’t.

    The motion sensor inside of an iphone is the same mechanism that is inside of a wii remote: a tiny metal comb. The teeth of the comb detect which way gravity is pulling. These sensors have no way of knowing if you turn the sensor (the phone in this case) the way you did because it doesn’t make a change in the object’s tilt. In short, your interaction design is something I yearn for, but it unfortunately shows where the iPhone fails.

    1. but you were able to see that he was using the touch feature, turning the cat around as he turned the phone. that was shown at the end and you can guess that he did the same thing when turning around the phone.

    2. or maybe u set it at a starting point then time it to where u can make it look like its turning…. idk wat im talking about, but maybe

  2. Good idea!
    I hope someone will do it.
    Since it’s not a hologram it should be possible.

    It’s just a perspective illusion.

  3. Great idea except its on an Apple product, most likely it will break within 6 months if it follows the trend of all other Apple products

  4. Apparently the above poster has never used an Apple product.

    I’ve been using Apple computers and products since 1991. Only ever had one virus, only ever had one laptop break (dead logic board). I’ve owned 10 Macs. The only reason (besides the one laptop) I’ve ever gotten rid of one of my computers is because I needed to update.

    Only had one iPod die on me, but that was it. Got it replaced and the new one still works great 3 years later.

  5. I believe that this is a vidio and he had memorized that much of it and turned it when the cat turns, he could also turn it when he touches it.

  6. @bmud
    sorry but you are mistaken, the first gen iphones are as you described but all of the other generations after that have a magnetized metal ring in the phone that is attached to a dial for the new compass app so this video is real.

  7. You can tell that the hologram is just a 3-D video because when he turned the iPhone, the cat’s ear got cut off.

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