Ice Age Sidewalk by Edgar Müller

Hope you noticed my little hack, where I added digg button inside each post (just next to the article title). You can help us spread the word about this website by submitting articles you think are worthy. When someone submits them, you can easily vote. If you are not fond of this, then simply continue stumbling them, like you did before. Back to main topic – since many of you liked Edgar’s Lava Burst illusion so much, I decided to share his second project. You probably notice the similarity, except this time there is no lava hole but ice instead. Edgar needed 5 days to compile this huge chalk drawing. With five of his assistants, he painted all day long from sunrise to sunset, which resulted with this incredibly realistic and 250 square meter painting. I would like to hear which one is your favorite – this one, or the previous lava one? Comment!

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  1. Wow…yeah, none of my comments are gonna do anything but mirror the jaw dropping being done by everyone else here on the board, but I have to agree, this one’s by far the most amazing out of all that I’ve seen! The single girl in the first picture looks like she’s even climbing up the side of the ice, when all shes’s doing is just walking! Freaiking NICELY done!!!

  2. this one definitively better and anonymous 8, that’s the side view of the illusion, as it can only be seen from one side (i guess it may make a mini illusion but it is probably unintentional

  3. This beats the lava! I also really appreciate the various photos of the work in progress, especially the last one from the “wrong” perspective.

    When I first saw the top photo, my immediate reaction was wondering whether the girl was real or chalk!

    Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed with this site. I look forward to the new images daily.

  4. Man I love these things.
    I prefer the ice one compared to the lava, but it might just be the ambiance and whats included around it.

  5. This is pretty nice. Gotta go with the fire one though a little better. Maybe im just a fan of fire but i like the job on both of them.

  6. Oh wow, this one’s even more stunning than the lava one, considering how much harder it is to represent ice on a two-dimensional plane than fire.

  7. I love both of the images, but if I have to pick a favourite one, I pick this one, I feel it is much higher quality and seems ‘more realistic’ when looking at it. Thanks again for sharing, I love this site!

  8. Straordinari artisti: meritano di essere nominati uno per uno.

    Extraordinary artists! I should like to see their names and photos.

    PS: Am I the only italian visitor?

  9. Awesome.

    Just one problem. Total Photoshop. I’m an expert in Photoshoppnessing, and have been doing it for about 85 years, and I have specialized knowledge (that you should take my word for) that proves these are fake.

  10. Fake.
    Look at the first one, notice the guy to the right, he has a shadow to the right of the picture.
    So where’s the girls shadow?

  11. Im super glad you included the side view and the pictures when he first started. I always want to see a different angle on these because you never see how they do them, and other angles are never included. But this one is amazing and I don’t know which one I like better, probably the lava one because there are more places to put people in the picture. Thanks and keep up the good work I love this site!

  12. WOW! I love this! This is my favourite, better than the lava (which was hot water not lava) illusion and basically all of the sidewalk drawings I’ve seen.

  13. this is a job well done way to go,,,,Now can you please draw this at all those peoples houses that are saying things about the green house effects so they shut up and we can deal with real problems like getting people jobs

  14. whaaaaaaaaa,
    it´s wonderful.
    first I thought that it was a real gorge and that you had photoshopped the people in the picture.
    but when I read the lines I thought whaa this man is a real fantastic and a great artist.

  15. For some reason I have not received new illusions since you added the digg button. Last illusion received through the yahoo widget was the 100 famous people in history. I love this site and have passed it on to many! Keep up the great work.

  16. I love to sidewalk chalk illusions. While there have been several examples of them, they are probably my favorite type of illusions on this site.

  17. wow. this is so cool! it looks absolutely amazing. @retard: yeah, right. that’s why you call yourself retard.

  18. The problem is :
    3D design of that size cannot be perceived by the human eye when you stand in front of them.
    It only works through a camera as human see in a stereoscopic way.
    3D floor decals only work at small sizes for the human eye, when you stand on the same ground level.

    1. i din saw the woman in the last picture, but i could say if you row your mouse down, you should say the picture is turning smaller, but it’s just the same size.

  19. Our art teacher was inspired by this and were makin really small ones oon card those rods are the for perspective.. but u alredy knew that :P its really fun but takes ages how long did he take to draw it :)
    Best artist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ahhhhhh

  20. this is abslutely amazing!!!!!!! i greatly appreciate art of this quality. I have been practicing my art skills too. im only thirteen but i know i can never be as incredible as who ever created this! hahaha

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