I Don’t Wanna’ See a Spiral! – Part I

Am I the only one with a problem, seeing these two images (second one can be found inside) as one continuous spiral line? In reality, both of them are constructed out of many concentric circles, yet the pattern filling their background somehow prevents us from seeing the image in it’s true nature. I wouldn’t expected anything less from great optical illusions, like these two! There were many similar examples in the past, but these are my favorites for now. Which one worked better for you? I liked the first one better, but in my belief the illusion works better with second example. If you have few more minutes, I recommend you check the Spiral Tag, and see many more where these came from!

Update: In the first image, I was referring to pink line only.

Optical Illusion Spiral - Concentric Circles 1

Optical Illusion Spiral - Concentric Circles 2

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  1. I might just be tired, but I don’t see any concentric circles in the first picture – it looks like all spirals to me, following them with my finger. The second one is definitely made up of circles though.

  2. I’m not sure if the first one is really a group of concentric circles or a spiral with lines that fade from one colour into another. If you pick one colour and follow it as it crosses other colours it will go in a complete circle…sort of.

  3. Both of them are definitely circles. At first, I thought the first one consisted of rainbow spirals. However, I was able to shrink the first picture down in Microsoft Word and the more I shrunk the picture, the more it became apparent that it’s rainbow colored circles. It’s the way the colors are inside the circles as well as the green spiral going the opposite direction that creates the optical illusion.

  4. I took the top and copied into MS Word and drew a circle around the pink areas. I found that they are circles not spirals. Even after doing that, I still can’t look at it without seeing the spirals. And without the cheat from the drawing tools, I can’t see the circles as they get bigger. Awesome site.

  5. Love the spirals, love the colors, love the movement, love the second one; seems to have more movement the longer I stare at it.

  6. I think the top is either concentric circles or spirals depending on how you look at them. If you group hot colors together and cool colors together, then they are concentric circles. If you let orange blend into green and back and let pink blend into blue and back, then they are clearly spirals. I think it’s like the Einstein/Maryland Monroe illusion from way back. At the outside where you can see the blend from one color to the other, the eyes naturally follow that way. In the middle, those subtle details are no longer noticeable, and your eyes then group like colors together instead.

  7. Vurdlak, i’m sorry but the first one IS spiral(s), the only way it isn’t is it you count the colour fade/blend/change as part of the same line – and even then that means it forks off into both a spiral and back into the same circle aswell

    and yeah i remember when you’ve posted something very similar to the bottom one before :)

  8. wow. check this… I could only see spirals in the first. THEN! I soft focused my eyes and looked at it like I wasn’t focusing on any one part of the picture. Then, I saw circles in the center. Little rings. It dissappeared when I focused on the actual parts of the pic again. Just look blankly at the picture and let your mind go blank… don’t focus and you will see them in the center. It didn’t work as well with further out from the center.

  9. top one is very convincing, also had to copy to Word and use Formal Picture to convince myself. Can’t help but see spirals in the pic. Blue one is much easier but still good!

  10. If you see the centre ones in the first one – you can make out the circles- however will take it in word as suggested by someone here too…
    Love your site.

  11. For the first image I had to shrink it down in MS word, but I found out that if you ignore the blue part of the rainbow then you can see the circles.

  12. Top one are definitely circles. Black and blue circles and red and pink circles. As Louie mentioned, the colours in the circles are positioned so that you see a spiral.

  13. My Photoshop analysis reveals: The top image consists of a spiral that changes color from blue to pink every 120 degree or so. You also have red concentric circles which sort of melt into the blue/pink spiral and thus are hard to see. And then of course you have the green arched lines.

  14. The first one does have circles but they’re is a spiral (the blue) entertwined with the circles, i can only see like two circles in the center. if you ignore the blue spiral you can sort of see only circles but i think for the first one it kind of breaks the rules a little with that one entertwining it…

  15. Place your hand so that it covers one half of the image. You will then be able to discern a series of semi-circles in the exposed half. If you then move your hand away slowly, and concentrate the full circles will be revealed – no need for Photoshop – LOL.

  16. Neither of them really worked, the bottom one its completely obvious that they are circles an the top one has used spirals but not all the colours are spirals.

  17. This demonstrates one of the keys to the way nature operates between to states to create the hologram that we call “reality.” It’s like toggling a switch between two images to create a third dimension.

  18. Wow. they actually are circles. even the first one. you just have to pay close attention to the first one. the circles are in groupings: red and pink; blue and green. just follow it from the origin and you will find it ;)

  19. i have also found 2 other illusions in both pictures:

    If you stare at the center of the picture in the 1st picture, the the blue and pink lines disappear for a second, and then appear again.. Also, if you quickly switch between normal colour and negative, it looks like you are going through the circles, which looks like a spiral. `on the second picture, if you look near the the picture but not at it, and scroll up and down, it looks like the center of the picture is moving. Also, if you quickly switch between normal colour and negative, it looks like the whole picture is rotating.

    To quickly switch between normal colour and negative on a mac, press ctrl+alt+cmd.

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