I Don’t Wanna’ See a Spiral! – Part II

Since there was Part I of Non-Existing Spirals posted exactly one month ago, you presumed logically the sequel would arrive soon. Once again you were right! I have so many new and interesting Spiral Illusions to share, it would be unproductive to post each one as separate post, but then again – it wouldn’t make much sense  to push them altogether through one single post, either. They would drive attention one from another, so I came up with a decision to group 2 or max 3 of them at once. Part III should follow soon! The question was asked on numerous occasions, and once again I ask you if you can believe all of them spirals below, are actually set of multiple concentric circles! Which one was hardest not to see as a spiral? You tell me! I would go with first one…

Optical Illusion Spiral - Concentric Circles 3
Optical Illusion Spiral - Concentric Circles 7
Optical Illusion Spiral - Concentric Circles 5

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  1. I agree that the first one was hardest to see as circles and not a spiral… I had to actually use my finger and trace around it several times to be convinced. The others i can see the separate circles if I look close enough. That is not the case with the first one. Good illusions. :)

  2. The first one is great. I find it very hard to even follow a circle all the way round.

    The second one just keeps fighting with my brain – if their where more circles, then I would probably see spirals, but as it is I get a headache looking at it so whilst I don’t see spirals,

    The last one just looks like bent circiles.

  3. Two and three are a series of circles that appear to spin when looked at long enough. I don’t know about number one. Is it a spiral or not? I don’ t think so. (Please forgive typing, having problems with my computer).

  4. The Circles in the top picture were the hardest by far. I had to print it out and connect the dots before i could believe it was a true illusion.
    Classically awesome!

  5. Uhm… major headache!
    This was still pretty amazing, though. I had to trace the first one with my fingers, and I finally had to believe that it was indeed an optical illusion! You see these all the time, yet they never get old. Thanks for sharing!

  6. uhh well 5/10 to me cause you dont do anything but look and look and boring. so ‘clever’.

    do not hate me this is wat i think.


  7. As with most of you, I cannot “adjust” my eyes to see concentric circles in number one. I can not get my eyes to see it as anything but a spirals no matter how long I stare at it and/or attempt to employ “tricks” such as intentionally blurring my eyes, looking at it from different distances, looking at it indirectly with peripheral field of vision (ie look at a point a few inches to one side or the other), looking at it directly but from the “corner” of my eye (ie turn your head as far away from it as possible while cutting your eyes back to look directly at it).

    Occasionally I even saw it as a spiral going in the opposite direction, but no circles. I too had to trace around one of the circles with my mouse/cursor to verify it was not spirals, and even this I found a bit challenging…seriously. It took me several tries to be sure I stayed on the same circle all the way around and didn’t let my eyes trick my hand into moving the cursor in to the next circle.

    What really makes this difficult is the shading of the circles. If you try to block out the circles themselves and concentrate only on the shading (blurring your eyes helps) you can see that the shading is what forms the spiral.

    Two and three were not nearly as intense as one, but they did have a nice little illusion factor, but for me they looked more like the circles were intertwined with one another than spirals. Its easier to “force” your eyes/mind to see they are concentric circles. Blurring of the eyes or looking from the corner of the eye works much better on these two than on number one.

  8. The first one was by far the most difficult to see the circle. I had to copy it to paint then draw circles over it to convince myself.

    Do you have any illusions that go the other way (i.e. spirals that don’t look like spirals)?

  9. I KNEW IT…!!!!!

    the first one is spiral…!!!!!

    not the dots or circles… but the color… the dark and light colors…

    try to blur the picture… the spirals are appearing…

    just like viewing a spiral image through a lot of circle holes…

  10. the first one really made me think it was a spiral but after some effective finger tracing i found out it wasn’t

  11. That second one is clearly a picture of some kind of Lovecraftian geometry. When you can understand it, you’ll be insane.

  12. A;right, well the first one you can tell it is a spiral because of how it starts.

    Second one, You look at it slightly at top right, it looks like it is Spiral.

    3rd one, Ah, it was alright but all the circle rows make it easy to see it’s not a spiral.

  13. none of them are actually spirals. they just look like it because of the image. follow the line with your mouse to see that they are circles that trick your eyes.

  14. I disagree… there ARE spirals. Two of them interwoven. One is convex and the other concave. Go ahead and trace the path in the order of the NEXT dots OF THE SAME TYPE (Convex or Concave). You will move towards the center (aka: a spiral) as you move counter clockwise. So it depends on how you want define which is the next dot in the sequence– proximity, size, or in my mind ‘type’. Of course, I match my socks by thickness but that’s just me.

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