I Become My Resting Place

Alan M. Clark is an Oregon based artist, who drew all three of the beneath shown paintings. The first one, titled “I Become My Resting Place” inspired F. Paul Wilson in writing the story Anna. Later it was reused as cover art for Black October Magazine. I’ve never heard for any of them, but thought it would be worth mentioning. Anyway, first timers often misinterpret Alan’s images, only later to realize there is more to it than just some dead trees and branches. Actually, if you look closer you’ll notice not everything is as it seems. What I love about these pictures, is that you can easily imagine all kind of scary stories behind them. How would you interpret each?

As the technology exponentially progresses each year, sometimes we have hard time following it. Not to mention understanding new services. For example, in the beginning RSS feeds were so abstract to me, I didn’t even have a clue what to do with them. Same goes for Twitter and Google Wave. It made sense only after I had a practical need for a service of sort, later to learn was supported by mentioned products. Just recently I began understanding Twitter and potential behind it. Then the idea struck me, I could use our official Twitter account to directly post additional illusions, links, articles and photos that never made their way here to moillusions.com website. Even though we have millions of visitors here, it’s somehow hard to get followers for our Twitter account. Care to join our channel?

I Become My Resting Place - Alan M. Clark

I Become My Resting Place - Alan M. Clark

I Become My Resting Place - Alan M. Clark

58 Replies to “I Become My Resting Place”

  1. Not really an illusion. In all three pictures the skeleton is clearly evident. Actually, the skeleton was the very first thing I saw in each picture. Am I missing something else?

  2. Looks pretty comfortable, a nap in the woods. He might be there for a while. Death imitating art or art imitating death? I like it.

  3. strangely so i recognized those skeletons bfore i got to know these r trees!!!!!
    n i m a newcomer but i keep glued 2 d site for hours !!!!!!

    n it is cool

  4. Nice one! Noticed the hand in the lower left corner ? Creepy detail.Is it supposed to present a human corpse scattered around the picture ? Anyway,I noticed that you “lost will” to write about your personal life,probably because of the percent of people who doesn’t want to read that stuff.You shouldn’t let that percent discourages you.Don’t let this site lose its soul.Maybe I am wrong,and if it is the case,forgive me,please.Keep up the good work.

  5. ditto to samuel’s statement, in the 1st and last i saw the…. “things” before the scenery, however i can’t find the middle one yet.

  6. Which is a tad terse. I s’pose I don’t see the benefit of Twittering the excess content, since the excess content doesn’t strike me as having a real time need, rather it is something to grab as and when I feel like some. An RSS feed for it would be a better fit.

  7. I don’t know why these illusions takes me a long time, I got the 1st and 3rd one but not the 2nd one yet.

    I followed you on Twitter, I didn’t know you had an account XD

  8. Nice one, problem is that I saw the “thing” before I noticed it was actually a bunch of trees, plants and sticks xD

  9. As a newcomer myself i had voted for you to keep your personal comments to yourself because i had just wanted to know about the illusions, and i like your solution to seperate into two paragraphs. Don’t let the percentage of people who voted for no personal comments (including myself!) discourage you, i am beginning to enjoy the personal touch!

  10. i was confused at first but then i realized it was just clumps of trees then i saw the peeps. i was creeped out at first….then i saw how cool it was and wanted more. i installed this gadget on my igoogle page and im really glad i did. This site rocks, great job!

  11. the second picture down has a human arm bobbing out of the water at the bottom, i could think of alot of creepy stories from that.

  12. i think that it should be the othe way around that you see a skeleton only to quickly realize that they are just branches of a tree.

  13. Well these are certainly great illusions, but if u take the time u can see the subtle items, although I consider Escher(sic?)the grand-daddy of all optical illusionists Mr. Clark has his own ideas when creating illusions especially in the forests as I am a graduate Forestry Technician & know what should be in the trees(crown cover) to what plants grow on the ground around certain species of trees I still have to really look hard to see some of the hidden items, otherwise I have him on my MSN Home page, so over coffee I can look at them until I am fully awake. Keep up the drawings as I look forward to perussing them 1rst thing in the a.m. Sincerely, Perry N.

  14. I don’t know if many of you have read the book “Ender’s Game” but the first one reminds me of a giant becoming the land after he dies. This artist might be alluding to the same scene in a way.

  15. In the first picture… is the giant tree compensating for something?

    In the second… I see several things that look like a skeleton, including a human hand and arm in the water…

    The third… I would find it difficult to believe that could ever be a tree.

  16. They look really good in a creepy way but it’s rather obvious where the skeletons are. I think it might be their rib cages giving them away. Many of the good illusions are so hard to spot but the moment you see them, it’s hard not to see them again.
    Where’s the head of the 2nd skeleton anyway? Or is there no head?

  17. the second one is quite unique. so far, it would seem people have only noticed the hand in the water. look closely at the bottom right quarter of the picture, at the two trees with the hammock of branches. those branches have arms, legs, hands with five fingers, a human-like torso and no head. the head is speared through the torso. it’s an immitation of a human.

  18. I can imagine all sorts of scary,sad,and romantic stories behind these pictures…
    PS.The last pic is the most optical illusiony(Hey,I made a word! :D )

  19. look in the scond pic on the bottom in the water… there is a hand sticking out of the water that was FREAKY!!!

  20. mabey it’s the point to see the bodies first. at first you think ‘ok creepy but not weird’ but then ur like ‘omg there is no body…’ an ur freaked! its like nature is now dark and forboding… im scared to walk outside at night now. (thats a problem. thats my job)

    1. ok yh but like these aren’t creepy or weird and if there is something wrong with walking into the drkness o a cold night well ur emotions box is broken buy a new one. if u like it now that its broken u must become broken to fit ur emotions :(

  21. Read my previous comment BEFORE this one.

    Here’s a weird/scary thing.In the second picture,there is a hand that is sticking out of the water,that looks like a drowning person is trying to get help…

  22. looks like a horrible death to me the first one seems more like he was out of blood( he does look like a vampire or goblin or something…) the second one looks like he was or she was tied there to die, then the last one probably torture and thrown there to die by some sort of execution from the late 1500s

  23. It might be worth considering that these may be much more “touching” and “beautiful” than they are “creepy.” Death and decay don’t equal horror. There’s a lot of serenity that can be found in dying and melting into the environment.

  24. The human skeleton is an exquisite work of art to begin with, and what Mr. Clark did with those tree branches shows a brilliant imagination. It seems like a nice way to go out, too, just dissolving into the landscape like that. And the hand in the water in the second picture is probably the ghost of a drowning victim, doomed to haunt the lake that he drowned in, eternally reaching out for the help that never came…..

  25. In the third one, if you tilt your head to the left, there is a skeleton staring at you with an angry face. Gods, that’s creepy!

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